Who Is Marshmello? The Face Uncovered

Marshmello, also known as Christopher Comstock, rose to fame around 2015. His one-of-a-kind stage appearance and hard not to love electronic dance music helped him stick out amongst other upcoming artists.

For the longest time, the musician behind the mask was a mystery (and still is for many). But who is Marshmello, and why does he wear a mask? Let’s take off the disguise and discover Marshmello’s identity.

Marshmello’s Face Reveal

Marshmello’s Face Reveal


It is quite impressive how committed Marshmello is to staying anonymous. Not everyone would perform well while wearing a sauna-like helmet for hours on end.

The musician does everything he can to keep his identity private as he doesn’t desire all that comes with fame. The iconic headdress hides his appearance while giving the community something to connect with him through.

He believes that avoiding journalists and live interviews will help value his privacy. Journalists and paparazzi have tried every move in the book to be the source of Marshmello’s face reveal.

But to this date, there is very little footage or imagery of Christopher Comstock without his headgear. Some music producers have accidentally uploaded photos and videos of him to social media but later edited them to keep his identity hidden.

The Biggest Clue

The biggest piece of evidence involved a slip-up interview with the famous DJ Skrillex. In an interview, the musician’s phone rang, and out loud he told the host that Chris was calling him.

Then he followed it up with the name of Marshmello so the host would know who he was talking about. After that, the investigation began.

Using the BMI database, one magazine writer was able to make a connection. The BMI database lists all music and who is affiliated with the production. Everything from writer to mixer.

Christopher Comstock was labeled on all of Marshmello’s songs and as the sole owner of his label record. This clue seemed to propel the investigation further.

Even More Evidence

Now that writers and fans had a name, more evidence surfaced. Fans noticed how Christopher Comstock was a verified user on Instagram.

Multiple photos from both Marshmello and Chris Comstock showed similar leg tattoos. While the entire tattoo wasn’t visible, matching photos gave fans more confidence in who the artist was.

Marshmello Isn’t Denying the Evidence

Since such evidence has shown up over the years, Marshmello is constantly questioned about who he is. But he has never revealed his face in front of his audience and doesn’t plan on doing so.

In one video interview, a host asked Marshmello whether or not he would reveal his face one day. The musician responded with two thumbs down. Later on social media, he followed up with posts about his identity and the importance behind the mask. To this day, he hasn’t agreed that he is Chris Comstock, nor has he denied it.

Background Info

Background Info

As we all know, hiding one’s identity is nearly impossible these days, especially if you are famous. So, who is Marshmello? Where and when was he born? Was he always a musician? Let’s find out!


  • Birth name: Christopher Comstock
  • Also known as Dotcom

Birthplace & Birthdate

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
  • May 19th, 1992 (age: 30)


  • DJ, Record Producer, and Internet Personality

Rise to Fame

Rise to Fame

Marshmello’s rise in popularity was quicker than other artists. His sensational music attracted fans quickly, allowing him to achieve fame in just a few years.

To fully understand how he broke through the bubble and surpassed other rising musicians, let’s look at his career in three parts.


Marshmello’s career began to ignite when he was publishing music on Soundcloud. After a few hits were favored and his following grew, he began making mixes with other well-known musicians.

One of the biggest dubstep DJs shared his song “Find Me” with his followers. At that moment, his rise to fame got a big boost.

Before the end of 2015, he was already performing at big-name venues and other popular music festivals, such as Coachella. He was willing to perform at any live performance he could get his DJ table to.

In early 2016, he dropped his first solo album, Joytime. The album moved to the fifth spot on the Billboard Chart of Dance & Electronic Music. Also, one of the songs labeled “Keep it Mello” became gold certified.

Christopher Comstock continued to produce music and feature on other artists’ albums. His music continued to make the hot 100 billboard charts in both Canada and the U.S.


After about one and a half years in the public eye, fans were eager to know who was under the mask. It wasn’t long until the fans became investigators and made their assumptions about Marshmello’s identity.

From 2016 to 2017, Marshmello was on tour all over the world. He performed in North America, Asia, and South America. At this time, he established his international presence, collaborating with foreign artists. He even launched his record label, Joytime Collective.

It wasn’t until 2018 that he began collaborating with Billboard’s top artists, such as:

  • Blackbear
  • Demi Lovato
  • Khalid
  • Selena Gomez

His albums, singles, and featured songs were topping the chart everywhere.

Marshmello became an international sensation with his songs featuring in the top 200 in more than 25 countries. At this point, he knew he couldn’t hide for too much longer. It was a matter of time until someone uncovered the mystery.


During the closed world of COVID-19, the musician agreed to collaborate with the world’s most-played game, Fortnite Battle Royale. He performed an online concert for 10+ million fans from all around the world.

By the end of 2019, the DJ had already debuted his third album. Marshmello continued to show the world how to DJ.

As the world stayed mostly closed throughout 2020, he continued to feature with American artists and produce high-ranking singles.

When the world slowly began to reopen and life resumed, he was yet again pushing the limits. In 2021, Marshmello was allowed to headline one of the world’s most-known soccer events, the UEFA Champions League Final.

Later that summer, he released his fourth studio album, Shockwave. He finished the year off strong with a Grammy nominee for his album. His album had enough votes to be one of the best in Dance and Electronic Music.

Today, in 2022, Marshmello has been quieter than we know him. He is touring across different countries and performing at many live events, cementing him as a high-earning DJ.

At the same time, many of his songs still make the charts in different countries. We can be sure that wherever electronic dance music (EDM) is popular, Marshmello will be popular.

The Marshmello Mask

The Marshmello Mask

Due to the artist’s unique stage appearance, many people have the same question: what does Marshmello look like?

While there is no solid confirmation, fans have figured out the mystery. When you put two and two together, it is obvious. The speculation and deep dives only point to one person: Christopher Comstock.

Why Does He Still Wear the Disguise Even Though We Know Who He Is?

When fans figured out who he was, we knew that Marshmello’s face reveal would happen sooner or later. And now that it’s public, you might be asking: why does he still attempt to hide his identity?

There are a few reasons why Marshmello is still hiding behind the giant marshmallow head. Let’s highlight a few of the biggest reasons.

Marshmello Is the Brand Image

Now that his true identity is known, it doesn’t change who he is as a musician. Since the beginning, he has always performed under a mask. Without the mask, he isn’t Marshmello. He is Chris Comstock or DJ Dotcom.

The Marshmello helmet is all part of his brand image. If fans see him performing while wearing the iconic Marshmello mask, they will instantly recognize the Marshmello stage name.

Without the iconic costume, the crowd will feel like they are seeing a different performer. Think of it like the band Kiss performing without their makeup and in regular street clothes. It won’t feel the same.

Marshmello’s face reveal isn’t as important to the performer himself as it is to fans and journalists. Marshmello’s identity is unlikely to ever be revealed on purpose.


For Christopher Comstock, this is a good thing. When he goes out into public or isn’t performing his next show, he is more likely to enjoy public time without being noticed as much.

Hiding Marshmello’s identity as much as possible allows him to feel like any person in the world. Performing under the mask and keeping his face behind the curtain gives him more privacy than most artists.

Unlike other musicians, what Marshmello has done to protect his privacy is quite genius. Sure it keeps his audience more curious, but he’s less likely to catch the public eye.

As long as he continues to perform under the Marshmello mask, his identity will stay hidden. The helmet gives him a greater edge of privacy over other musicians.

Everybody Is Marshmello

Marshmello even said so himself on his Twitter profile: “The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello…we are all marshmello.”

If Marshmello was to perform without the headpiece, people would soon forget about the costume. The iconic Marshmello head would no longer be of importance.

As long as he presents himself with the marshmallow appearance, spectators will continue to remember it. This spectacle allows others to dress up as Marshmello.

Not only can a fan dress up like a musician, but other famous artists can wear the costume and trick fans during live performances.

Over the years, Marshmello has done many fake reveals, which keeps the public more curious and continuously laughing. One of Marshmello's reveals was witnessed at the 2018 MMVAs. Shawn Mendes pretended to accept an award on Marshmello’s behalf, shocking the viewers.

Big Collaborations

The electronic music producer has proven himself by featuring other big-name music artists. Since 2015, Marshmello has collaborated with more than ten different artists.

Here is a list naming some of his biggest collaborations to date:

  • Wolves with Selena Gomez (2017)
  • Silence with Khalid (2017)
  • Rescue Me with A Day To Remember (2019)
  • Be Kind with Halsey (2020)
  • Happier with Bastille (2018)
  • Come & Go and Hate the Other Side with Juice WRLD (2020)
  • Chasing Colors with Ookay and Noah Cyrus (2016)
  • Friends with Anne-Marie (2018)
  • Spotlight with Lil Peep (2018)
  • Project Dreams with Roddy Ricch (2018)
  • Here With Me with Chvrches (2019)
  • Tongue Tied with Blackbear (2019)

As you can see, Marshmello has partnered with many of the world’s most famous music artists. We will likely see more music collaborations with highly-recognized artists as he continues to tour and make his presence known.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have scoured the internet for the most commonly asked questions to answer your question: who is Marshmello?

How does Marshmello breathe with that helmet on?

Like any other mask or face covering, breathing isn’t the easiest, especially when you’re performing on a stage. The mask has some ventilation allowing the performer to control his breath.

How did Marshmello get so famous?

There isn’t one single time or point in his music career that made him famous. Many mini-steps added up together and gave him more attention over time. When Marshmello released a mix in collaboration with DJ Jack Ü and DJ Zedd, his fan base got a serious boost.

The iconic mask has also helped him propel his career since it adds intrigue and keeps fans interested.

Did we already see Marshmello’s face reveal?

Some people might argue that we have already seen Marshmello’s identity. Near the end of a few performances, a Marshmello-like figure has given a countdown to take off the mask.

Every time the countdown hit 1, the mask came off, and it was…not Christopher Comstock. Of the many performances where the musician took off the mask, one of the persons may be the true Marshmello.

Others still don’t believe he has revealed himself during a live performance. And who knows if we will ever see his true identity.

Who Is Marshmello? Final Thoughts

So, who is Marshmello? Marshmello isn’t just another electronic dance music producer. Marshmello is a brand, a symbol that brings the community together.

Yes, it is highly likely that the man under the mask is Christopher Comstock, also known as Dotcom. Whether we speculate who Marshmello is, we can be sure that his music and appearance are unlike any other musician. Musicians sacrifice privacy to provide their fans with a lifetime of music, and Marshmello might have found a way around it.

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