Dax Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.2 million

Date Of Birth: March 22, 1994

How He Makes Money: Rapping, Performing, Songwriting, Record Producing

Dax is a rapper and songwriter from St. Johns, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Canada. Dax's estimated net worth is around $1.2 million.

Daniel Nwoso Jr., otherwise known by his stage name Dax, is a Canadian-American artist famous for his diss tracks. He's been releasing songs since the young age of 23, including Dear Alcohol and Propaganda. Dax is currently one of the most successful independent hip-hop artists.

How Dax Makes Money – His Career

Dax's career has been exciting from the beginning. He's had many hit tracks, sold-out shows, and even a professional studio album.

In this section, you'll learn everything there is to know about how the rapper makes money, from his merchandise to his business ventures in the music industry. Read on to learn how Dax accumulated his net worth and more!

Music Career Earnings and History

Dax began his career in 2016 when he wrote a lyrical poem on the way to a basketball game. He didn't know it, but that moment would be career-defining.

The young rapper started a SoundCloud account and released his first mixtape in 2017. The tape was titled 2pac Reincarnation Vol 2: As Told By Dax and was an instant success.

Dax attended classes at Newman University and continued to write hip-hop lyrics in his spare time. He earned extra cash while working as a janitor for the school, and the rapper crafted some of his best verses between shifts.

The song, Cash Me Outside in 2017 gained Dax mainstream prominence. He produced a music video for the song and featured YouTube influencer Danielle Bregoli. The hit got over 22 million views.

In 2018, Dax took it up a notch and released an official extended play. It's Different Now was a success with fans and kicked off a headlining tour.

Dax started collaborating with other rappers, earning himself more money and gaining more fans. Some notable partnerships include Futuristic, Hopsin, and OT Genasis.

During quarantine, Dax worked harder than ever. He saw lockdown as an opportunity to flourish and produce music without distractions. In 2020, he released his second extended play.

The extended play I'll Say it For You didn't have any chart-topping hits. However, it still helped Dax advance his career. He sold merchandise, records, and CDs to promote the tape and earn money.

In 2021, Dax crafted many Eminem-inspired songs, including Killshot 3, Rap Demi-God, and The Next Rap God. He earned quite a bit of streaming revenue from these hit songs.

Soon, Dax was promoting a new project. For the first time, he prepared to release an official studio album. True to his independent style, the album was privately produced, without a record label.

He released Propaganda with Tom MacDonald and 40 Days 40 Nights to publicize the new album. The tracks did well on Spotify and other streaming services and earned Dax a hefty income.

2021 saw the release of Pain Paints Paintings, Dax's album, and he sold it as a digital download and a CD and promoted it on Spotify. The album did well and earned Dax money from merchandise and streaming.

In 2022, Dax followed up on his success with a new single, Dear Alcohol. The track earned over 27 million views in the first six months. Soon, he created a remix with Elle King that got tons of attention.

Dear Alcohol got Dax on the national charts and landed at the number nine spot on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles list. It also peaked at number 28 on the US Country chart.

Dax later moved to Los Angeles to further his career and make more connections in the music industry. He's friends with top rappers like G-Eazy, YG, and DJ Khaled, and his career continues to soar.

Concerts and Touring

The rapper earns a significant amount of money from ticket sales. Dax charges around $40 to $90 per ticket and regularly tours Canada and the United States.

In 2019, Dax began touring with major artists like Krizz Kaliko, Mayday, and UBI. Collaborating with these other top artists helped advance his career and gain national fame. He also earned a hefty sum from these prominent shows, even when he wasn't yet famous.

Dax's biggest concert earner has been the It Goes Up tour with Tech N9ne. The appearance of legendary rapper Tech N9ne drove ticket prices up, and Dax earned more income.

In 2021, Dax headlined his concerts to promote his album. He sold apparel, posters, and CDs of Pain Paints Paintings at the shows.

Streaming Revenue

Dax gets 2,302,711 monthly listeners from Spotify. He makes $2 for every thousand monthly listeners, earning a total of $4,605 per month from Spotify.

On YouTube, Dax earns a substantial income. He has over 4.5 million subscribers and nearly 800 million views and earns about $12k per video. Dax has made an estimated $2 million from YouTube.

Merchandise Earnings

Dax runs a merchandise store on his official website. His brand sells hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts for about $30 to $50. The rapper works with SCP Merchandising to craft his signature fashion items.

The Canadian hip-hop artist also sells CDs, including the album Pain Paints Paintings and the 2018 extended play It's Different Now. CDs average around $6 to $10.

Career Highlights

Check out this section, where we'll discuss some of Dax's top-earning and career-defining moments.

  • Dax started writing poetry and rap lyrics in 2016.
  • The rapper promoted his first big singles, Self Proclaimed and Snapchat, in 2017.
  • He released the hit mixtape, 2Pac Reincarnation Volume 2: As Told By Dax, in 2018.
  • Dax collaborated with Futuristic and Hopsin for his first extended play, It's Different Now, in 2018.
  • He self-released the extended play, I'll Say It For You, alongside Living Legends Entertainment in 2020.
  • Dax added more to his net worth with his studio album, Pain Paints Paintings, in 2021.
  • He hit the United States charts for the first time and earned massive streaming revenue from Dear Alcohol in 2022.

How Does Dax Spend His Money?

How Does Dax Spend His Money?

Now that we’ve covered Dax’s net worth, you might be wondering how Dax spends his hard-earned wealth. We'll break down everything he's bought, from fashionable hoodies to top-tier tattoo art.


The rapper is famous for his signature drippy fashion, and he's rarely without a brightly colored jacket or a torn pair of jeans. Dax has a high net worth and can afford the best, and some of his favorite brands include Champion and PSD.


There's no doubt that Dax loves to spend his money on diamonds. The hit rapper's collection includes a diamond nose piercing, earrings, and necklaces.

The musician also has a penchant for custom pieces. Dax has a custom silver necklace in the shape of his name and a silver elephant necklace that symbolizes the animal of his ancestral country.

Dax layers his jewelry with expensive silver chains, cross charms, and the occasional gold necklace. He's also famous for his diamond lightning bolt earrings.


Dax has a signature hair look and spends quite a bit of cash on its upkeep. He has his dreadlocks taken care of regularly and experiments with different styles.

In 2021, the rapper announced on social media that he had to chop off his dreadlocks due to hair damage, but he's spending more on his hair now that his income is increasing. Occasionally, Dax has his hair dyed at a salon.


Dax isn't afraid to drop cash on body modifications. He's covered in tattoo art commemorating his favorite songs, quotes, and family.

The rapper drops a significant chunk of money on tattoos every year, and his most prominent piece is a chest tattoo that says, “Speak Life Into Existence.” Dax also has tattoos celebrating his love for basketball, education, and religion.


Dax owns two houses. His primary residence is in Los Angeles, but he also possesses a luxury condo in Canada, near where he grew up.

How Dax Got on His Success Path

Dax was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, on March 22, 1994. His parents, who are of Igbo descent, were immigrants from Nigeria.

The future rapper spent his childhood in Ottawa, Canada, where he grew up with two older sisters, Rosen and Andrea. Dax attended Sunrise Christian Academy for high school, and the young artist soon became interested in sports.

Dax excelled at basketball and planned to pursue a career in the sport, winning an MVP award at Sunrise Christian Academy. He had little interest in hip-hop, preferring to shoot balls on the court in his free time. However, things would soon change.

He finished high school and accepted an offer to Casper College, a community college in Wyoming. Dax later transferred to the University of Montana, where he took a break from playing basketball.

Dax started writing poetry in his spare time, and his friend suggested he turn it into music. Soon, the persona of Dax the rapper was born, and he was producing tons of hit tracks.

In 2020, Dax graduated with a degree in communications. By then, he'd broken into the mainstream with songs like Cash Me Outside and, You Should've Known.

Dax's Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Dax is a hip-hop artist and record producer from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He proves an artist doesn't need a record deal to be successful, and he's famous for going out on his own.

The rapper's hard work has paid off, and he now has a best-selling studio album. Dax has earned a total net worth of around $1.2 million.

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