Jack Harlow Net Worth

Net Worth: $5.5 million

Date Of Birth: March 13, 1998

How He Makes Money: Rapping, songwriting, record producing, acting, endorsements

Jack Harlow is a rapper and songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. Jack Harlow's estimated net worth is around $5.5 million.

In this article, we'll discuss Jack Harlow's beginnings and how he started making money in the music industry. You can learn about his career highlights, highest-paying gigs, and how he spends his money. Keep reading to discover everything there is to know about Jack Harlow's net worth!

How Jack Harlow Makes Money – His Career

In this section, we will delve deep into how Jack Harlow made his net worth. We'll take you from his first days earning streaming revenue to his sold-out music festival performances.

Music Career Earnings and History

Jack Harlow launched his musical career when he was only a teenager. Harlow released his first extended play when he was 17, with several years of amateur recording behind him.

The Handsome Harlow, the singer's first EP, came out in 2015 to instant success. He signed on with the Sonablast record label and started recording more songs.

Despite still being in high school, Harlow's career flourished and he frequently performed live. He headlined sold-out shows in his free time, performing at high-paying Louisville venues like the Haymarket Whiskey Bar and the legendary Mercury Ballroom.

In 2016, Jack Harlow's high school career reached a peak when he opened for the famous rapper Vince Staples. That performance earned the emerging rapper significant revenue from the show.

Hot off the heels of his last EP's success, Harlow released the mixtape 18 in 2016 to critical acclaim. Soon after, he launched the song “Dark Knight,” which was an instant sensation.

At this point in his career, revenue from concert performances was a significant part of Harlow's income. He appeared at major music festivals like Bonnaroo in 2016 and headlined a multi-city tour in 2017 to promote the album Gazebo.

Harlow moved to Atlanta to make more industry connections. His hard work soon came to fruition when he signed with Atlantic Records. This record deal increased Harlow's profile and earned him more money for his songs.

Jack Harlow's first gold-certified hit came in 2019. The track, “Thru the Night,” featured Bryson Tiller and brought Harlow a hefty sum from streaming revenue. His debut studio album, Thats What They All Say, went Platinum in the US and Canada.

In 2020, the single “Whats Poppin” earned Harlow international acclaim. It hit the number one spot on the US R&B charts and shot to the top of the charts in several countries.

“Whats Poppin” soon blew up on TikTok, and fans flocked to Harlow's website to buy merchandise and CDs. He increased prices for his concerts and experienced a surge in music video streams.

In July 2021, Harlow collaborated with hip-hop sensation Lil Nas X to craft the summer hit “Industry Baby.” It debuted in the number one Billboard spot and earned a Shots Award and a Billboard Music Award.

By the start of 2022, the rapper had a multi-million dollar net worth. Harlow built on that success with his second studio album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, released in May 2022. It included many chart-climbing hits and earned him several award nominations.

Harlow has massive popularity on Spotify, and his top song, “Industry Baby,” has amassed nearly 1.5 billion streams. In addition, he has 41,621,951 monthly listeners. Artists make $2 for every thousand monthly listeners, meaning that Jack Harlow gets an impressive $83,243 monthly from the streaming platform.

Concerts and Touring

Jack Harlow earns a significant portion of his money from touring. His ticket prices are about $60 to $150, and the singer often plays sold-out shows for thousands.

In 2022, Jack Harlow appeared as one of the headlining performers at Coachella Music Festival. Artists typically take home a few million dollars for this gig, but Harlow made even more as he participated in brand deals during the festival. In particular, he promoted the wellness brand Liquid IV alongside Saweetie and DJ MAAD.

Merchandise Earnings

Jack Harlow debuted a merchandise collection on his website to promote the release of Come Home the Kids Miss You. It included apparel, CDs, vinyl records, and cassette tapes.

Harlow also sells merchandise at concerts, earning revenue in the millions from fans buying his branded gear.


One of the most significant contributors to Jack Harlow's net worth is his brand endorsements. He took home a cool $5 million from brand deals in 2021.

Harlow's most lucrative contract is with KFC. In 2021, he signed a lucrative one-year contract with the restaurant chain to advertise the brand in commercials, social media, and merchandise.

In 2022, Jack Harlow promoted his new album and appeared at a KFC drive-thru, much to the surprise of fans and patrons. The Kentucky native even had a custom menu item, Jack Harlow's Meal, added to KFC’s lineup.

In 2021, Jack Harlow signed a deal with the shoe company New Balance. He often wears the company’s iconic footwear and hoodies in return for a nice sum. The following year, he announced a new basketball shoe for the brand and wore several New Balance styles in his music videos.

KFC isn't the only spicy chicken Jack Harlow makes an income from—he also promotes Buffalo Wild Wings. He launched a new sauce flavor and earned part of the proceeds.

Jack Harlow has several other high-paying brand deals, including Tommy Hilfiger, Cheetos, and Call of Duty. Additionally, he partners with Liquid IV and Venmo.


Jack Harlow knows how to be smart with his money and doesn't put all his eggs in one basket. He invests a portion of his earnings, slowly adding to his high worth.

In 2021, Harlow invested in the Southern California-based company The Plug. The business crafts unique recovery drinks and has a $1.5 million value. Their products contain a plant-based formula and have a high market demand.

While his music career thrives, Harlow has considered shifting his focus towards other investments, including real estate in Kentucky. Harlow says he draws inspiration from fellow musician Jay-Z and hopes to have an investment empire like the hip-hop star.

Other Business Ventures

Aside from his thriving music career, Harlow is a rising actor too. While his first significant screen performance was as a singer on Saturday Night Live, he signed onto the cast of White Men Can't Jump, a sports comedy, in 2022. As the lead role in the movie remake, Jack Harlow earned a hefty chunk of cash for this acting job.

In 2022, the NBA invited Harlow to perform at the annual All-Star game. He donned a basketball jersey and showed off his skills on the court. While he's not a professional basketball player, he was an instant sensation, and his moments on the court earned the NBA high streaming revenue.

Career Highlights

Check out this section, where we'll reveal some of the biggest highlights of Jack Harlow's career:

  • Jack Harlow produced his first EP and signed with Sonablast in 2015.
  • He released the chart-climbing hit, “Whats Poppin,” in 2020.
  • The number one hit “Industry Baby” earned Harlow a massive paycheck in 2021.
  • Embarked on a high-paying international tour in 2021.
  • Signed onto the remake of the movie White Men Can't Jump in 2022.
  • He headlined at Coachella in 2022.

How Does Jack Harlow Spend His Money?

How Does Jack Harlow Spend His Money?

Are you wondering how Jack Harlow spends his hard-earned wealth? We'll break down everything he's bought, from expensive tracksuits to custom jewelry.


The Kentucky-based rapper has an expensive fashion taste. Versace is one of his favorite brands, and he donned a $39k blue Versace suit for a photoshoot with Teen Vogue.

He also loves Givenchy and has worn their denim set worth $3180. In 2022, he bought a tailored coat from Alexander McQueen for $4790 and a striped Lucid set for $195.

Tracksuits are a central part of the rapper's look. He likes Lacoste tracksuits and anything from Adidas. A cozy Noname tracksuit set, including a hoodie and sweatshirt, set the rapper back $780.

As with tracksuits, Harlow has made sunglasses an essential accessory to his overall look. While he wears Prada shades almost exclusively, he occasionally wears other brands, including Versace.


Jack Harlow has an impressive jewelry collection. The Kentucky-based singer boasts a star-studded necklace in the shape of his home state. The chain has 560 grams of 14 carats of white gold, and 61 VVS diamonds, adding up to over 4,500 stones.

Another jewelry asset of Harlow's is his custom championship ring collection. The singer enlisted the help of designer Alex Moss to craft a set of rings that commemorate his music group, Private Garden. The overall value is $110,000 and 14k carats of white gold.


Jack Harlow may be one of the top musicians on the rap scene today, but he has also built a reputation for his philanthropy. Over the past few years, the hit rapper has raised or donated over $1 million for Louisianans in need.

In the fall of 2021, Harlow donated over $50k to charities in his home state of Kentucky. The aid recipients included The Center for Women and Families, Metro United Way, and Louisville Urban League.

On the back of his partnership with KFC, Harlow teamed up with his sponsor company to aid in tornado relief in Kentucky. Harlow and KFC donated a total of $250k to the Red Cross.

In 2022, he collaborated with Drake to benefit Janardo Laporte, a struggling musician in Turks and Caicos. The donation added up to $20k and helped the singer advance his career.


It may be surprising to learn that Jack Harlow doesn't own a vehicle. Although many expensive cars appear in his music videos and photoshoots, he only rents these and doesn't spend as much money on them.

However, one of Jack Harlow’s major transportation expenses goes to his use of chauffeurs. The star also spends a lot on travel, but his high-priced international performances make up for the cost.

How Jack Harlow Got on His Success Path

Jack Harlow was born in Louisville, Kentucky, on March 13, 1998. He lived in Shelbyville with his parents and younger brother before moving back to Louisville. Harlow showed musical talent early on and started rapping when he was only 12.

He started earning money when he launched a self-released CD in middle school. A hard-working young student at Highland Middle School, Harlow was hustling years before his first record contract.

His first mixtape was made with his friend, Copelan. They recruited a Guitar Hero microphone and used their laptop to mix sounds. The resulting mixtape, titled Rippin' and Rappin', sold well at their school.

Even though he was only in seventh grade, Jack Harlow wanted to go professional. He started a rap collective with his friends and titled it Moose Gang. Around this time, Harlow began going by the moniker Mr. Harlow.

Jack Harlow recorded some original solo songs and focused his efforts on transforming his ambition into a viable music career. Equipped with a real microphone, Harlow recorded songs in his bedroom and compiled the tracks into a mixtape titled Extra Credit.

However, his Moose Gang collective didn’t have a significant impact and many of their musical projects never came to fruition. The group quickly scrapped their self-titled album and soon abandoned Music For the Deaf, their third mixtape.

The future sensation wasn't making much money from music at this point. However, Harlow continued to produce material. He worked harder than ever and eventually earned a major record deal.

Jack Harlow's Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Jack Harlow is a wealthy and successful rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. From his lucrative brand deals to his chart-topping hits, merchandise, and investments, the rapper is a high earner with an ever-increasing net worth. Jack Harlow's years of hard work in the music industry have earned him a total net worth of $5.5 million.

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