ArrDee Net Worth


Net Worth: $2 million

Date Of Birth: 17th of September, 2002

How He Makes Money: Rapping, Songwriting

ArrDee is a rapper and songwriter from Brighton, England. ArrDee's estimated net worth is around $2 million.

Riley Davis, better known as ArrDee, is one of the most exciting new rappers on the UK drill scene. He rose from being relatively unknown to having five top-20 hits in just a year and hit the mainstream at just 19 years old. Read on to discover how ArrDee earned his net worth and how he got his start.

How ArrDee Makes Money – His Career

ArrDee began his career in April 2021 when he appeared on the Russ Millions Body remix. He collaborated with big names like Tion Wayne and Bugzy Malone and introduced himself to the drill scene.

The Body remix hit the number one spot on the UK and Australian charts. The remix is famously the first UK drill song to break into the international mainstream, and ArrDee made a significant income from the song's streams.

The song earned massive popularity on the Tik Tok video platform. With more than 200 million views, the Body remix was the top UK Tik Tok song of 2021, and ArrDee's part was one of the most replayed.

In August 2021, ArrDee appeared in another featured track, Wasted with Digga D. With over 47 million streams on Spotify, it hit the number six spot on the UK charts and earned a gold certification.

ArrDee created a YouTube channel and started producing music videos. The channel garners a high revenue from streams every month. With videos like Locker, Late Night Driving, and Early Hours, ArrDee's YouTube account contributes significantly to his success and helps him with media exposure.

ArrDee created his first solo track, Oliver Twist, in the summer of 2021. Oliver Twist was an instant success and shot ArrDee into popularity. The music video, produced by GRM Daily, garnered over 46 million views on YouTube. ArrDee also appeared on the Capital XTRA show Classical Kyle, where he broke down Oliver Twist with a classical music expert.

In February 2022, ArrDee collaborated with Manchester sensation Aitch to craft the track War. War and its accompanying music video earned ArrDee a lot of streaming revenue. The song was also instrumental in finding ArrDee a new fanbase. After the release of War, Aitch's northern England fans started listening to ArrDee, and his career advanced faster than ever.

ArrDee and Aitch soon became a loveable duo. The two appeared on many episodes of Capital XTRA together and teased upcoming collaborations. ArrDee's influence now had a hold on the entire UK, and he was starting to gain international exposure.

With the success of Oliver Twist and War, ArrDee became a household name. His rising popularity meant higher record sales, bigger performance venues, and more song streams.

ArrDee began teasing his upcoming album with a few more singles, including Flowers (Say My Name), which earned gold certification and more than 80k streams on Spotify. Flowers (Say My Name) marked a turning point for ArrDee, and he gained success purely from his hard work instead of collaborations.

YouTube Music featured his songs and named ArrDee an Artist on the Rise. Vevo also declared him an Artist to Watch Out For in 2022. ArrDee's critical success was through the roof, and he hadn't even launched an album yet.

ArrDee signed a contract with Island Records and agreed to create an album. This deal was a massive milestone for the young musician's career. At just 19 years of age, he was producing music with the same company as Ariana Grande, Drake, and Hozier.

The Brighton-based rapper hit a new high point in his career when he hosted a massive launch party for his new mixtape with YouTube music. He released the song Come and Go in anticipation of the party. ArrDee dropped his debut album, Pier Pressure, in March 2022 and earned income from record sales.

On his official website, ArrDee established a line of products for Pier Pressure. He started selling CDs, cassette tapes, signed editions, and merchandise sets.

In early 2022, ArrDee launched an exclusive brand deal with Arctic Army. With the clothing company, he sells outerwear and gear. In the iconic music video for War with his friend and colleague Aitch, ArrDee wore the brand's famous baby blue puffer jacket with a black gilet.

ArrDee was ready to hit the festivals with a successful album and an eager fanbase. He earned a high salary from his performances at Wireless in London, the Capital's Summertime Ball, and Parklife Festival in Manchester.

The rapper released a summer hit in July 2022, titled Hello Mate. He continues to earn revenue from record sales, streams, merchandise, clothing, and ticket sales from his concerts and festivals.

How Does ArrDee Spend His Money?

How Does ArrDee Spend His Money


ArrDee has earned a high net worth from his career as a rapper, but he always remembers to give back. The hip-hop artist made one of his first major purchases in 2021 when he bought his mum a car. He got her a Mini Cooper, her favorite car, and brought her to tears when he revealed the surprise.

His mother raised him by herself, and he credits her with his success. In the summer of 2022, ArrDee bought a secluded country house for his mum.

Whether he's sporting a tracksuit at a music awards event or pulling up in a tuxedo on the red carpet, ArrDee is always fashionably dressed. The rapper spends a lot on clothes and shows off his fresh new styles in his music videos.

ArrDee needs plenty of cozy outerwear to keep him warm on chilly English days, and he isn't afraid to drop plenty of cash on his fashion. He gravitates towards athletic gear like Arctic Army, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, and Nike.

ArrDee also likes to spend money on shoes. He has an impressive collection that includes Air Jordan 4s, Air Force 1s, and other Nike footwear.

How ArrDee Got on This Path

ArrDee was born Riley Davis in Brighton, England, on the 17th of September, 2002. His mother raised him, and his father wasn't present until ArrDee was nine.

The future rapper struggled in school but found solace in creating music. He would head down to the local pub and freestyle creative songs with his friends.

When he was 11, ArrDee uploaded his first songs to YouTube. He got his first job in a home recording studio. The job didn't pay much, but it fueled ArrDee's passion for music.

ArrDee became familiar with the UK drill and hip-hop scene and started making connections with top artists. He regularly took the bus to London to network with hip-hop producers and meet professionals in the music world. After finishing his education at Hove Park School, ArrDee began pursuing music professionally.

ArrDee's Net Worth, Final Thoughts

ArrDee is a highly successful rapper from Brighton, England. His career is a true rags-to-riches story, and he rose from poverty to a prosperous vocation in music.

ArrDee broke into the mainstream when he was only 19 and helped UK drill find an international audience. His hard work and perseverance have earned him a high net worth of $2 million.

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