27 Best Beat Drops

Songs with beat drops make you go wild. The build-up leads to an epic instrumental crash, giving you goosebumps and a chill up your spine. If you enjoy listening to electronic or dubstep music, then this article is for you. We’ll review the best beat drops, so keep reading to see if you already know these songs or find a new artist to explore.

1. “Surface” by Aero Chord

Song year: 2014

The album “Monstercat 017 – Ascension” included 30 tracks; “Surface” took the second spot. The song has an exciting build-up, and you can enjoy the beat drop to the fullest. The song is instrumental, apart from the opening line.

“Surface” is one of Aero Chord’s best-known titles. “Surface” drew attention in 2015 after the Need For Speed E3 soundtrack included the song. Aero Chord wrote and produced the mix, often performing this song live for crowds to go crazy and shake the ground.

2. “Bangarang” by Skrillex ft. Sirah

Song year: 2011

“Bangarang” is the second track of the album with the same name. The album includes some other Skrillex hits, like Summit. “Bangarang” features a guitar intro, with the vocalist encouraging listeners to get rowdy. The following lyrics are repetitive, encouraging audiences to shout and feel the bangarang.

The song makes you lose your mind with heavy instrumental banging and an overall uncaring attitude at how loud the song gets. “Bangarang” was recorded at the studio, The Mothership. The song combines the glitch hop and rock genres.

3. “Raise Your Hands” by Ummet Ozcan

Song year: 2014

Ummet Ozcan also produced “Raise Your Hands.” The only lyrics are reminiscent of the title and a count of three. Spinnin’ Records released “Raise Your Hands” as an electro house and EDM (electronic dance music) song. “Raise Your Hands” encourages the crowd to dance and get excited as they enjoy the late night or weekend.

3. “Mammoth” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Song year: 2014

“Mammoth” features Julian Perretta for the vocals. The original track was instrumental with no lyrics. The song talks about using your voice and tapping into the passion inside of you. The song wants you to see the hidden messages, drink, and have fun. Turn off your mind for once and let your body bounce to the beat.

The song acts as a big room house track, featured on the EMPO Awards 2015 album.

4. “Tsunami” by Borgeous & DVBBS

Song year: 2014

“Tsunami,” also called “Jump,” is track 17 on “Demonstration.” The song features British rapper Tinie Tempah. The song describes being stuck in a daze and feeling like you’re on a roller coaster or wave. But he wants to break out and ride a tsunami.

He encourages those listening to get on his level and not kill his vibe. The song gets your blood pumping and wild with a good message of not settling and being unique.

Billboard Magazine claimed that “Tsunami” was the most played tune at the 2013 Tomorrowland event, a Belgian electronic music festival. The song topped the UK Singles Chart.

5. “Animals” by Martin Garrix

Song year: 2013

“Animals” is the second track on “Gold Skies.” Martin Garrix produced the album. The only lyrics are pre-drop. However, “Animals” remains the biggest hit of his career. His label, Spinnin’ Records, released the song, and “Animals” reached #21 on the Hot 100. It ranked #1 on electronic music store Beatport, making Garrix the youngest DJ to do so.

As of 2022, the official music video for “Animals” has over one billion views.

6. “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Song year: 2013

The album “NOW That’s What I Call Music 50” included “Turn Down For What” as the 9th track. The song encourages loud lyrics, beats, and another round of shots while refusing to lower the music. The tune was built for drinking, dancing, and pumping up the crowd.

Both artists co-produced the song, releasing the single in December. The music video went viral, and Furious 7 used “Turn Down For What” in the movie soundtrack.

7. “Boundless” by Aero Chord

Song year: 2014

Another Aero Chord song, “Boundless,” takes the seventh spot on this list and the album “Monstercat 019 – Endeavor.” The hook and intro include a few lines of lyrics, requesting to keep playing the addictive rhythm and knowing how badly you want to break free. The same lines then repeat throughout to compliment the other sounds.

8. “Bonfire” by Knife Party

Song year: 2012

“Bonfire” is the third track on the album “Rage Valley.” The lyrics are entirely up to interpretation; no fan can decipher the meaning. We think the song wants you to let go of your sanity and worries. Throw those all away like matches into a bonfire. The repetitive beat and lyrics get the crowd going.

The WWE 2K15 soundtrack featured “Bonfire.” The song has influences from the dance and drumstep genres.

9. “Cannonball” by Showtek & Justin Prime

Song year: 2012

“Cannonball” is on the album “Miami 2013.” The lyrics encourage listeners to get pumped when the beat drops. The singer describes losing yourself and the fear that haunts you. He wants you to escape and will provide support during the toughest times. Most importantly, he wants to make the ground shake with sick beats.

The song takes inspiration from the electro house and EDM genres. “Cannonball” is intense and has beautiful lyrics that mean more the more you listen.

10. “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion

Song year: 2010

Fans joke that they wonder, twelve years later, if the singer still can’t stop. “I Can’t Stop” takes the third track on “Lines in Wax.” The lyrics include the title and nothing else. The dubstep song has melodic, rap, and pop influences, creating a unique listen. “I Can’t Stop” has multiple labels with various records.

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