15 Sad Juice Wrld Songs

Sad Juice Wrld Songs

Not many people do sad songs better than Juice WRLD. For those that doubt, here are the saddest Juice WRLD songs ever.

“Hurt Me” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2018

“Hurt Me” is all about the complexities of love and relationships, focusing on the pain and struggles that can arise from past romances. The song touches on themes of betrayal, disappointment, and the toll that these emotions take on his well-being.

The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and honesty as Juice WRLD opens up about his emotional state and how the pain he's experiencing is affecting him. As with many of Juice WRLD's songs, “Hurt Me” captures the raw and unfiltered emotions that he often infuses into his music.

“Hurt Me” by Juice Wrld

“Long Gone” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2018

Also known as “Long Gone (Save You),” is a song that revolves around deep yearning to rescue someone Juice cares about from their struggles, but he recognizes that he might not have the power to do so.

The lyrics of the song convey a sense of helplessness, as he grapples with the idea that the person he cares about might be slipping away from him both emotionally and physically. While listening to it carefully, you get feelings of regret, longing, and helplessness.

“Can’t Die” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

“Still ain't did all the things that I need to do, but I'm still hopeful I got goals and I got soul, please don't strip it away from me”. This verse may be the most truthful example of the meaning of the song. “Can't Die” has Juice WRLD, and acknowledges his past mistakes and the challenges he's encountered, but he also expresses a sense of resilience and hope for a better future.

Even though the song has a somewhat hopeful message it also sees the artist talking about his fears of death and his need to overcome his inner battles, emphasizing his determination to continue living and making the most of his life despite the difficulties he's facing:

“Empty” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2019

“Empty” is a song deeply concerned with exploring emotional numbness, and the struggles of dealing with fame and success. In the lyrics of the song, Juice reflects on the toll that his rapid rise to stardom and the challenges of life in the public eye have taken on his mental and emotional well-being.

The song gives vibes of the protagonist feeling hollow and disconnected, despite achieving significant success.

“Righteous” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

Indeed, one of the most poignant tracks from Juice WRLD's discography is “Righteous,” the first posthumous single released following his untimely death. It powerfully encapsulates his fearless attitude toward confronting life's challenges and accepting mortality with an open heart.

The music video for “Righteous” adds another layer of emotion, featuring footage of Juice WRLD living daily life immersed in creativity. The hauntingly beautiful song comes from his posthumous album “Legends Never Die”, further solidifying his legacy as a fearless innovator in the music industry.

“Righteous” by Juice Wrld

“Dark Place” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2017

We are delving into the somber tunes of Juice WRLD's unreleased track, “Dark Place”. This song holds a special place in our hearts as it genuinely exhibits the emotional depth and introspection for which Juice was so well known.

The lyrics of “Dark Place” paint a vivid picture of being lost within oneself, resonating with fans who admire Juice WRLD's aptitude for expressing deep feelings through his music. More than just a song about sadness, it is an intimate reflection of feeling misplaced and desolate.

“Sleep Paralysis” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2017

Here’s another sad Juice Wrld song. As music fans, we cannot ignore Juice WRLD's “Sleep Paralysis”, a beat that resonates with the painful experience of feeling trapped in one's body. It dives into the struggles of heartbreak and mental health.

Notably, this song pairs well with Juice WRLD's “Lucid Dreams” hit single. In both songs, he uses his struggles with sleep paralysis as a metaphor for emotional pain. Sleep paralysis is a terrifying state where you can't move or speak while falling asleep or waking up; it feels like an awful dream, but you're awake.

“Robbery” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2019

“Robbery” is one of Juice Wrld's standout tracks that resonate with fans due to its raw emotion and heartfelt lyrics. Featured on his second album, Death Race for Love, this somber and reflective song explores themes of love and heartbreak.

In “Robbery,” Juice Wrld displays vulnerability as he delves into the pain of a failed relationship. The lyrics showcase his ability to capture complex emotions with honesty and authenticity.

“Wasted” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2018

“Wasted” is a powerful song by Juice WRLD featuring Lil Uzi Vert, released in 2018. This track has become one of Juice WRLD's most beloved and popular songs, and it's easy to see why.

The lyrics of “Wasted” vividly depict a toxic relationship filled with heartbreak and emotional pain. It taps into those feelings of vulnerability that so many people can relate to when hurt by someone they care about.

“Wishing Well” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

“Wishing Well” is a powerful and emotional song by Juice WRLD that delves deep into depression. The song was written in collaboration with producers ChopsquadDJ and Dr.

Luke is featured on Juice WRLD's posthumous album ‘Legends Never Die'. Released on July 10, 2020, “Wishing Well” quickly gained popularity and reached the top 10 of the Hot 100 chart.

“Wishing Well” by Juice Wrld

“My Fault” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2017

One of Juice WRLD's standout tracks that music fans should check out is “My Fault.” This song, released in 2017, showcases Juice WRLD's raw talent and ability to blend rap and emo influences in his music.

Produced by Nick Mira, “My Fault” delves into personal accountability and reflection themes. It explores feelings of blame, guilt, responsibility, and regret for one's actions. The catchy melodies and the emotional lyrics make this song a must-listen for any fan of Juice WRLD or emo rap.

“Inner Peace” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

“Inner Peace” is a powerful and emotionally charged song by Juice Wrld that has not been officially released. This unreleased track showcases the rapper's ability to convey raw feelings and introspection through his music.

In “Inner Peace,” Juice Wrld reflects on his struggles with being trapped in his mind and the constant betrayal he faces from those around him. The song delves into the fake nature of relationships and highlights his difficulties in finding true inner peace amidst these challenges.

“Percaholic/Life’s Not Fair” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

“Percaholic/Life’s Not Fair” is an emotional and reflective song by Juice WRLD. Although it hasn't been officially released, it has gained popularity among his fans. The song showcases Juice WRLD's lyrical talent as he explores dark and melancholic themes.

With its haunting tone, “Percaholic/Life’s Not Fair” allows listeners to delve into Juice WRLD's emotions. It's a reminder of his raw vulnerability and the complexities he wrestled with throughout his career.

“Denial” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2017

“Denial” is a captivating and emotional song by Juice WRLD that holds a special place in the list of sad Juice WRLD songs. Although described as a demo, this unfinished or unreleased track still captures the listener's attention with its heartfelt lyrics and haunting melody.

It tells the tale of unrequited love and denial, evoking sadness and longing. As we explore this playlist curated by a user, “Denial” stands out as one of those tracks that truly delves into the depths of human emotions.

“Meant To Be” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2018

Juice Wrld's song “Meant To Be” is a powerful and reflective track that delves into fate and destiny. It explores the idea that certain things are meant to happen while others are not.

In his lyrics, Juice Wrld expresses his struggles and emotions, providing a cathartic outlet for listeners who may be going through similar experiences. “Meant To Be” is often associated with Juice Wrld's music and reflects his authenticity as an artist.

“Fighting Demons” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2021

“Fighting Demons” is an impactful song from Juice WRLD's posthumous album of the same name. Released in 2021, this album showcases the artist's raw talent and emotional journey.

“Fighting Demons” perfectly reflects Juice WRLD's pain and fame, making it a must-listen for fans. The lyrics are deeply personal, allowing listeners to connect with his struggles profoundly.

“Fighting Demons” by Juice Wrld

“Life's A Mess” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2020

“Life's A Mess” is a collaboration between Juice WRLD and Halsey that has struck a chord with fans worldwide. Released as part of Juice WRLD's posthumous album, Legends Never Die, the song embodies tragedy, relatability, and raw emotion.

It has resonated deeply with listeners mourning the loss of Juice WRLD since his untimely passing. The lyrics explore themes of sadness, struggle, and the complexities of life.

“Bad Energy” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 1987

“Bad Energy” is a powerful and melancholic song by Juice WRLD that touches the hearts of listeners with its raw vulnerability. Featured on his posthumous album “Legends Never Die,” this song showcases Juice WRLD's ability to express his hardships through music.

The lyrics delve into themes of inner demons, emotional turmoil, and the negative vibes that surrounded his life. With expressive lyrics and an authentic musical impact, “Bad Energy” stands out as one of the saddest songs in Juice WRLD's discography.

“HeMotions” by Juice Wrld

Song year: 2019

“HeMotions” is a powerful and emotionally charged song by Juice WRLD that perfectly captures the melancholy and turmoil in his music. With raw lyrics and a depth of wisdom, this song showcases Juice WRLD's immense talent for channeling his struggles into impactful music.

The impact of “HeMotions” lies in its ability to resonate with listeners profoundly, offering a sense of solace for those who can relate to the themes of struggling emotions and depression.

“HeMotions” by Juice Wrld

Saddest Juice Wrld Songs, Final Thoughts

Juice WRLD's discography is filled with emotionally charged and heart-wrenching songs that resonate deeply with listeners. From the introspective “Righteous” to the hauntingly beautiful “Life's A Mess,” Juice WRLD's music captures themes of pain, sadness, and vulnerability like no other.

These 15 sad Juice WRLD songs offer a glimpse into his raw talent as a musician and storyteller, leaving a lasting impact on fans worldwide.

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