All Taylor Swift Songs About Jordan Alford

We all know that Taylor Swift has a sharp way with words that leave Easter eggs about her past relationships and life experiences. But what about her old high school boyfriend, Jordan? Are there any Taylor Swift songs about Jordan Alford? Keep reading to find out!

“Picture To Burn”

Picture To Burn

Song Year: 2006

It’s obvious that Taylor didn’t wait long to introduce her ex, as this song about him made it onto her debut and self-titled album. Throughout the lyrics, Swift hints about the relationship's issues, hitting it hard in the chorus.

At the end of the song, you will know that Jordan Alford was a liar with a pickup truck that Swift hated (and that he never allowed her to drive). Additionally, you will find out that Alford told others that Taylor was crazy and obsessive.

Taylor gets her revenge by calling Alford out as a redneck heartbreak and telling him that he’s nothing to her now and is just a picture that she will burn with the strike of a match.

Fans later found out that Jordan cheated on Taylor Swift with one of her friends, who he ended up marrying. Did the song resonate with Alford or hit him deeply when it was released? Not according to his wife, who says they laughed it off, with Jordan insisting he’s not a redneck.

While this song became incredibly popular after its release (having a total of 20 weeks on the Billboard charts), many listeners and fans have since pointed out that it was written when Taylor was just 16 years old. The event itself took place when Taylor was 14.

Although this doesn’t dismiss the fact that Alford was wrong in cheating on Taylor and that her friend could have been more loyal to her, we do have to acknowledge that we all do things in our younger years we aren’t proud of.

Another element that brings people pause but also reminds them of her age at the time is the part of the song where Taylor tells Alford that she will just tell everyone that he’s gay since he has had no problem telling them all she’s obsessive and crazy.

Many people took issue with her use of the word. Therefore, between the single being released and the album's finalization, Swift changed the lyrics to omit that phrase. Some individuals felt Taylor was homophobic for carelessly using it.

Knowing Taylor and her music since that debut album, it’s clear that she doesn’t feel any negative feelings toward the demographic. However, it was a mistake that she made when she was young and just starting out, and has now learned from and been able to move on.

Best Taylor Swift Songs About Jordan Alford, Final Thoughts

Taylor Swift is a legend when it comes to revenge lyrics in her songs. She likes to include her past relationships and exes in her music, which fans have fun deciphering after they are released. But what about any Taylor Swift songs about Jordan Alford? While there’s only one, it’s a powerful one!

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