39 Best Drake Songs EVER

Best Drake Songs

Rap, hip-hop, and R&B fans everywhere may know dozens of Drake's top hits. Drake is well known, and when his albums hit the charts, many radio stations will play the singer's top hits back to back.

Drake has had dozens of hits over his nearly two decades of making music. Before beginning his musical career, Drake was most known for his role in Degrassi: The Next Generation. Since 2006, however, Drake has taken the musical world by storm with his thoughtful lyrics and intense beats.

Way 2 Sexy (feat. Future & Young Thug)

Song Year: 2021

This song's meaning is about being too sexy for basically anything. This song is the seventh track on Drake's most recent 2021 album entitled Certified Lover Boy.

Like most songs on this album, this track is all about being above the monotony of typical life and zeroing in on how extravagant and attractive Drake believes himself to be.

The video for this 2021 song is equal parts fun and artistic, complete with scenes in a gym where all actors – including Drake – hip thrust and make exaggerated sexual motions.

Anyone who needs a confidence boost should refer to this song!

Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby)

Song Year: 2021

Drake is no stranger to collaborating with Lil Baby, and the two came together on this track to create a masterpiece. This track is the third song on the Certified Lover Boy album that Drake released in 2021.

As with Way 2 Sexy, this song revolves around sex appeal and praises homosexual and bisexual women for their bravery and openness with attraction.

The video for this song is rife with attractive women, lavish jewelry, and Drake in dark, thought-provoking locations.

Take Care (feat. Rihanna)

Song Year: 2012

Rihanna and Drake came together for this 2012 song to discuss how romantic relationships can be hurt or destroyed by the pain of previous relationships.

Many believe that Rihanna used this song with Drake to help ease the pain of her relationship with an ex-partner, Chris Brown, who was physically abusive to the singer.

Drake acts as a caretaker in this song, stating that he will always protect her and care for her.

The video for this song uses grayscale tones to convey the emotional despair felt by the singers.


Song Year: 2018

In 2018, Drake released his album entitled Scorpion, which holds this song in the sixth spot. This song comments on Drake's skills in the music industry and how the competition is heavy.

However, the track discusses how Drake has thrived in an environment where many have withered.

The video for this song matches the hype of the beat, showing Drake on stages in stadiums where thousands are waiting to see him perform.

Laugh Now Cry Later (feat. Lil Durk)

Song Year: 2020

Anyone who has felt emotional pain will identify with this single. Released in 2020, Drake collaborated with Lil Durk to discuss emotional pain and how to handle it.

The gist of this song is to live within the present moment and deal with the emotional pain later. However, many fans were uncertain how to handle the message.

After all, if you are always putting off the pain, when do you handle it?

The music video for Laugh Now Cry Later depicts excessive drinking and despair in an attempt to leave the pain behind.

Chicago Freestyle

Song Year: 2020

Drake discusses heartache often, and in Chicago Freestyle, Drake reminisces on a previous flame he meets up with whenever he is in the windy city.

However, unlike some of the rapper's many songs, Chicago Freestyle is tender, and he asks his romantic partner if he will see her at his show on a cold night they are experiencing.

This track was released in 2020 but lacks a dedicated music video to watch. However, there is an audio-only listing with a picture of Drake as the visuals.

Started from the Bottom

Song Year: 2013

Drake is not a stranger to adversity and struggle, and this song is an ode to all the hardships Drake has faced on his way to climbing the music charts and gaining success.

Drake is adamant that his fortune and fame are well-deserved and were never handed to him by anyone. Instead, he states that he has worked hard, had difficult conversations, and had to make painful choices to achieve all of his success.

His music video for Started from the Bottom outlines his struggle getting to the top.

Under Ground Kings

Song Year: 2011

It is no secret that one of Drake's driving motivations for his work is success and riches. This song discusses how he has given his life to the pursuit of achieving all the riches, wealth, and success possible at a young age.

However, this song discusses how this pursuit could negatively impact somebody. Instead of praising this pursuit wholeheartedly, Drake talks about how damaging fame and fortune can be and how it can lead to burnout or death.

Best I Ever Had

Song Year: 2010

This song may be one of Drake's most infamous romance songs. This song is an ode to a woman he believes to be the best woman he has ever been with, dated, or spent quality time with. He discusses how he wants to spend time with the unnamed woman going forward.

There is no official music video for Best I Ever Had, although there is a video with an album cover image.

Wants and Needs (feat. Lil Baby)

Song Year: 2021

This song is the third track on Drake's 2021 album Scary Hours 2. Here, both Drake and Lil Baby discuss what they want from life and what they need from life.

This thought-provoking song discusses what both rappers dislike about how they are treated. This song also mentions the treatment they wish they had by the music industry.

While Drake wishes people would leave him alone sometimes, Lil Baby laments about the bad things he has done in his pursuit of success.

There is no music video for Wants and Needs, but there is a video with album cover art.

Marvins Room

Song Year: 2011

Marvins Room is a track that discusses a previous relationship Drake had. Drake's main point within this track is that he is not content with the person he feels he is becoming because of the relationship.

In this track, Drake is clear that he wants to go out and have a good time and feels he has to keep up with his girlfriend – something he is not interested in doing.

This track does not have a music video but does offer a video with album art imagery.

God's Plan

Song Year: 2018

This song lies within the trap genre and enables Drake to discuss his success and how he has been able to handle every struggle with grace. Drake claims that everything that has ever happened in his life is part of the plan by God.

Drake mentions that his success cannot be attributed only to him but to God since he would not have been able to do it on his own.

Drake takes time to praise his best friends and those who have been with him during his rise to fame. The music video for this song includes many of those close friends.


Song Year: 2011

All celebrities must fight rumors and lies about them, and Drake is no exception. This track addresses all the lies and news headlines that insist he is no longer at the top of his game and has fallen away from his talent.

This track is Drake directly contradicting this claim and showing that he is just as talented and musically expansive as he has always been.

The music video for Headlines shows Drake living his life in luxury and nonchalantly enjoying his daily activities without paying any mind to the rumors spread about him.

Trust Issues

Song Year: 2019

As the title may suggest, this song is about Drake's trust issues surrounding new people in his life. Because of his fame and fortune, he feels it is hard to find people to trust and confide in.

This song discusses his difficulty finding others he can befriend and trust, leading to his loneliness and inability to create emotionally safe connections with others.

There is no music video for Trust Issues, but a video with album art is available.

Nice For What

Song Year: 2018

This hip-hop song addresses women's empowerment and urges women that they do not have to be nice just because of gender roles.

Some fans speculate that Drake uses this song to pay homage to the dozens of women in his life who he cares about and wants the best for them – regardless of societal pressures.

Unlike many other songs, this track does not focus on the sexualization of women.

The video for Nice For What shows women getting what they want, being strong, and feeling confident.


Song Year: 2017

This song is about a romantic relationship that Drake had, discussing the unease he is feeling between the two. Drake mentions that the relationship is not without its problems and that he feels the relationship is falling apart.

Ultimately, this song is about heavy relationship issues, and Drake mentions forgoing commitment between himself and the woman involved.

There is no music video for this track, but you can listen to the song on a video of album art.

In My Feelings

Song Year: 2018

Within this track, Drake addresses multiple of his love interests from the past, potentially mourning the loss of those relationships.

This song may be one of Drake's most famous tracks, as it has also become a viral music choice for TikToks and other videos.

The music video for In My Feelings is more of a short film than a music video and has a comprehensive story. The video is impressive to many Drake fans, complete with dancing women and luxurious settings.


Song Year: 2016

The title of this song is a reference to a controller. Within this track, Drake asks whoever he is addressing to control him and do as they please with him. This song is likely about sexual gratification that Drake has previously had or wishes to have with the person he is addressing.

While there is no music video for this song, there is album artwork of an air traffic control tower, which appears to be symbolically linked to the song's title.

Money In The Grave (feat. Rick Ross)

Song Year: 2019

Along with Rick Ross, this song is one of Drake's top hits. This song is a comprehensive look at intense trust problems and what Drake will leave behind upon his death. It seems to be a critical look at Drake's life and pursuit of fame and fortune.

While Drake enjoys everything he has accomplished, this song looks at the belief in an afterlife and what it may look like.

This black and white music video is rife with themes of success and the cost of success.

The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne)

Song Year: 2012

Like much of Drake's music, this song is all about seizing the day and doing what makes you happy in life.

Within this track, Drake mentions a rapper who has previously passed away and mentions the phrase “you only live once,” indicating that life is short and should be lived as fully as possible.

The reflective nature of this music video creates an engaging and encouraging video, pleading the audience to reevaluate life.

Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan)

Song Year: 2013

This romance ballad is another track where Drake gets tender and serenades an unnamed woman he believes to be everything he desires.

This track explores themes of love, giving and receiving affection, and holding onto romance, although there may be turbulent fights along the way.

Drake also explores the theme of self-reflection and reevaluation, speculating that there is a reason his love interest behaves differently with him than other people.

The music video for this song offers a tender look into Drake and what he is looking for in a partner.

Teenage Fever

Song Year: 2017

Released in 2017, this song discusses young love and how badly it can hurt when that young love loses its warmth. Here, Drake comments on how hard it is to trust a new person after being hurt by someone you loved in the past.

In addition, this track declares heartache and emotional pain, but it does hold a measure of optimism when trying again.

There is no music video for this song, but a video is available with a still image of album art.

Toosie Slide

Toosie Slide

Song Year: 2020

This song is one of the happiest songs in recent years. In this track, Drake compares his dancing skills to pop icon Michael Jackson.

While Drake may not be Michael Jackson, the Toosie Slide is a fun dance and can offer even the worst dancers easy and entertaining moves to do to an upbeat song.

This music video is a lot of fun and offers a peek into his home and life.

Knife Talk (feat. 21 Savage & Project Pat)

Song Year: 2021

This collaborative project between Drake, 21 Savage, and Project Pat showcases how words have power and how those words can create words and fights.

Drake's verses are categorized as harsh and scalding, whereas 21 Savage has verses that are more self-reflective.

Some viewers may find this song and music video reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, showing how one person can be complex and harbor a kind and mean side.

Additionally, this song was released shortly after Halloween, adding fun and spooky elements to the video.


Song Year: 2015

This song is a unique collaborative campaign between Drake and Michael Jordan, who helped boost the song's popularity. This song was also used in an advertisement including Taylor Swift.

In usual Drake fashion, this song is all about the luxury and abundance that Drake has due to his hard work and fortune.

There is no official music video for this track, but there was plenty of advertisement and social media discussion for this song. Drake's official YouTube channel offers diamond imagery on a video with the song's audio.

Fake Love

Song Year: 2017

It is no secret that Drake has trust issues and has a deep dislike for those that only like him for the fortune and success he has achieved.

This song is Drake making it clear that he dislikes those who only pretend to be his friend but will leave the moment his fortune leaves.

There is no music video for this song, but there is audio on an official YouTube video with album art.

HYFR (Hell Ya F******g Right) (feat. Lil Wayne)

Song Year: 2012

Drake values authenticity, and this song is an ode to being authentic, honest, and trusting with those who matter.

The song's title is an acronym for what Drake and his mentor, Lil Wayne, would yell at reporters for what they perceived to be silly and dumb questions. As such, this song is all about remaining true to who you are and finding those who will stand by you.

The music video for this song was released in 2012 and shows young Drake at his first Bar Mitzvah.

Hotline Bling

Song Year: 2015

In usually Drake fashion, Hotline Bling is about an intimate and sexual relationship with a mystery woman. However, this woman doesn't call him back and does not reach out. Drake states that this person no longer calls him or seeks out his affections, which hurts him.

The beat for this track is very catchy, and upon its' release, this song dominated the radio and music charts. In addition, the music video allowed for many viral memes and other jokes that took internet forums like Reddit by storm.

One Dance (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

Song Year: 2016

As with many of Drake's songs, this track is about love, relationships, and heartache. Additionally, some sexually explicit lyrics point to intimate relationships that Drake held dear.

This song is mostly about one final foray into the relationship before things go sour, and Drake wants to have a good time before it's over.

Drake's official YouTube channel does not offer a music video for this track.

Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd)

Song Year: 2011

This track is about the love Drake has for his team, his friends, and all those who have helped him succeed in his life.

Additionally, The Weeknd chimes in to do the same, praising those who have been there for the singer to help him succeed in the music industry.

Initially, this song was not going to be on Drake's album, but the rapper enjoyed the song after hearing The Weeknd's verse and decided to add it to his Take Care album.

There is no music video for this song, but Drake's official YouTube channel offers a video with album art.


Song Year: 2015

As the title may suggest, this track discusses how Drake refuses to be brought down by the energy of those who hate him and spread lies about him.

In this song, Drake vows to continue living his life, providing for his family and friends, and enjoying the luxury he's learned regardless of what others think.

The music video for this song displays everything Drake has earned, showcases what is most important to him, and how he views life.

All Me (feat. 2 Chainz & Big Sean)

Song Year: 2013

This track on Drake's album entitled Nothing Was the Same is all about enjoying the life and luxury these rappers have earned throughout their time in the music industry.

Drake is a master of exuding his self-confidence, and on this track, Drake achieves much of the same.

Additionally, Big Sean and 2 Chainz match Drake's energy and discuss everything they have accomplished and their impact on the music industry.

There is no music video for All Me, but Drake's official YouTube Channel offers album art on a video with the song audio.

No Friends In The Industry

Song Year: 2021

Drake is notorious for drawing his trust issues into his work, and his most recent album is no exception. Drake makes it clear throughout this track that he has a tiny circle of people that he trusts, and anyone outside of that circle will have to work extremely hard to gain his trust.

On this track, Drake mentions fights he has had with other famous rappers but makes it clear that he will handle everything that comes his way with strength.

There is no official music video for this track, but there is an official YouTube video with the audio of this track and a still of the album art.

What's Next

Song Year: 2021

This track has several themes, including letting go of romantic interest to focus on his pursuits and needs.

He appears to tell a mystery person that he cannot be tied down to one person because he needs to be available for all the other amazing things his life will bring.

The music video for What's Next shows Drake and his backup dancers and friends in various beautiful landscapes – including what appears to be the surface of the moon. This moonscape indicates that Drake believes he is capable of the impossible.

How Bout Now

Song Year: 2014

This song is about the regrets that a previous flame may have now that Drake is famous. Within this track, he asks this woman multiple times if she now regrets not giving enough energy and affection to him when she had the chance.

Furthermore, Drake mentions that this woman did not appreciate Drake's energy and effort in their relationship, and he's confident that she regrets her actions during that time now that he is famous and wealthy.

How Bout Now does not have a dedicated music video, but Drake's official YouTube channel has a video that includes album imagery with the audio for this song.

Come Thru

Song Year: 2013

On this track, Drake comments on a past relationship or friendship with a woman from his hometown – or a town he is familiar with – that brings back memories. In this track, he remembers late nights spent together and how it felt to be with this mystery woman.

The lyrics in this track suggest that this woman is a common lover of his when he visits this particular town, as he asks her to “come through” – a phrase commonly meaning “come visit me” or “come see me.”

There is not a dedicated music video for Come Thru, but there is an image with audio available as a video on Drake's official YouTube channel.

Desires (feat. Future)

Song Year: 2020

This song is all about romantic connections and how much the rappers care about their partners.

However, while the rappers initially discuss how much they care about the needs of their female counterparts, they are also afraid of their partners' potential faithlessness.

These themes of trust issues and dissatisfaction are prevalent throughout Drake's work.

This song does not have a music video, but Drake's official YouTube channel does have a video with the Desires audio and album art.

Portland (feat. Quavo & Travis Scott)

Song Year: 2017

Drake came together with Quavo and Travis Scott to produce this track, which is an ode to themselves and their success. All three artists discuss how they will not let anyone else feed off their success since they worked from the bottom to make it in the music industry.

Interestingly, however, this song skyrocketed Travis Scott's popularity and enabled him to land in the Hot 100 for the first time.

The song is entitled Portland because Travis Scott named this city one of the most peaceful places in America.

Race My Mind

Song Year: 2021

This track was released on Drake's latest album entitled Certified Lover Boy and depicted Drake being intoxicated and reaching out to a previous lover. In the song, he wants this lover back in his life and is willing to do anything to have her back with him.

There is no official music video for this song, but Drake's official YouTube channel offers a video with album art and the audio for this track.

Big Rings

Song Year: 2015

In this track, Drake celebrates the fact that he and his team can afford everything they have ever wanted. During this song, Drake discusses how excited he was to sign his first deal and how thrilled he is to move forward with more success.

This track does not have a music video, but Drake's official YouTube channel offers album art and audio for the track.

Top Drake Songs, Final Thoughts

It is no secret that Drake is a titan of the rap and R&B industries. Drake has had dozens of hits over the various albums he has published since beginning his music career in 2006.

Although his initial musical offerings contained more R&B music, his more recent releases include trap music and rap hits.

Drake remains one of the best lyricists on the contemporary music charts regardless of genre. Alongside his inspiring beats and creative lyrical flow, Drake is one of the best pop-rap artists in today's music.

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