What Equipment Do Singers Need To Make Better Songs?

Equipment For SingersIf you're relatively new to the whole singing thing, or even if you already know how to sing in tune, you may be wondering what kind of equipment you'll need as a singer. Is there anything specific you need to properly do what you want? Well, this is what we're going to look at today.

In all honesty, you may find you already have most of the equipment you need to use to get started with practicing and showcasing your singing. This is because most of our technology already has handy tools for singers already built it, and any it doesn't contain, you'll often need to go somewhere professional to get that side of things done anyway.

With that in mind, here are 4 pieces of equipment you need to become a better singer.

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Recording Equipment For Singers

One of the first pieces of equipment you need to use as a singer is some type of voice recording equipment. If you're only singing for your own enjoyment and don't want to make it as a singer, then you don't need this. But if you want to improve as a singer and make sure you're actually getting better, you need to know exactly how you sound.

Once you know this, you can determine which things you can work on. Maybe your voice breaks when you go too high, or maybe you don't hold your notes long enough. Whatever the case may be, recording equipment can help you identify these things and see where you currently are.

You don't need any specialist equipment for this, at least when you’re starting out. If you have a smart phone, you’ll find it probably has a build in recorder in there that should do the job just fine. If you haven't got a smart phone however, you can buy a Dictaphone (or other portable and digital voice recording equipment) which will do pretty much the same job. Or here's the free Dictaphone app.

Another good thing about having a recording device is that you can use it to learn lyrics. For example, you can record yourself performing the song how you want to sing it, then listen back to it a few times a day until all the lyrics and style of singing is in your head.

When it comes to recording equipment for singers, I don't really advice you get equipment with the aim of recording and releasing a song. Unless you invest a lot in this and really know what you're doing in terms of putting a track together, your songs aren't going to come out anywhere near as well as if you hired a professional studio and engineer for a hour or two and recorded a song there.

Equipment To Write Down Your Best Song Ideas

A second piece of equipment for singers is somewhere for you to write down any song and lyric ideas you may have. As you may know, lyrics could come to you at the most random times, but you want to be prepared to note them down so you don't forget them at a later date.

If you're somewhere you can record and you have your recording device, you may want to note it down like that. You won't always be somewhere where it's practical to record your ideas though, so you'll want to have the ability to write things down when needed.

Once again, if you have a smartphone, chances are it comes pre-installed with some kind of note pad app. If not, you should go to your relevant app store and download one for free. They usually also have more advanced text editing apps which is usually free or sometimes paid, although for most a basic notepad app will be able to do the job.

If you haven't got a smartphone, carrying around a pencil and paper might be your best option. Sometimes the old methods work just as well. 🙂

Ok, so below are two more pieces of equipment for singers, as well as a few other tools and resources which will also help.

A Microphone To Practice Your Stage Presence

If it's your aim to one day perform your singing on stage (or if you're already at that stage), it's a good idea to get a microphone which you can use at home.

When you play gigs, it's important you know how to hold the microphone correctly, so your voice doesn't come out too low or too distorted.

Alternatively, you can use a headset microphone as they won't restrict your movement; ideal if you're very active in your performance.

While it won't seem obvious to everyone when they're starting out, the way you hold a mic can dramatically change the way your singing voice appears to your audience. So it's important you get used to holding one properly before you start doing live shows.

While you don't have to get the more expensive microphone, I advise you don't go for a really budget one either. Most of these by nature will sound blurry and of a poor quality, even when you hold it as well as possible. If this is the case, you won't be able to tell when you're holding it correctly. So get one that will give you a clear sound but isn't too expensive.

A Camcorder To Record And Showcase Your Music

A final piece of equipment you could use as a singer is a video camcorder. If you're at the stage where your singing is good and you want to showcase your talents to the world, you may decide creating videos and putting them on Youtube is a good idea. If so, you'll need a camcorder.

As with a lot of the above, you might already have a video recorder available to you. Not necessarily on your smartphone mind, as most of the times these aren't good enough to give you a credible Youtube ready video. That said, some of the newer phones do have really good quality cameras, so if yours does, perhaps it can be used.

Other than that, you may have a camcorder lying around, owned by either yourself or a family member. If it's of a good quality, use it!

This piece of equipment isn't essential, and will more depend on what your aims as a singer are. I'd advice you get a camcorder even if it's just to see how you look when performing live, as you want to make sure you look good on stage rather than just going up and hoping for the best.


While the above are four pieces of equipment you need as a singer, there are other things which would also help which aren't technically ‘equipment'. For example, inspiration by listening to others, singing lessons and books on songwriting. All of those three will help you become a better singer songwriter.

Do you have any other equipment which could be helpful for singers? If so please let us know in the comments.

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