9 Best Singing Lessons In Houston 2024

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Houston, Texas has always played a significant role in almost every musical genre. The city was a hotbed haven for Texas blues and eventually became home to the chopped-and-screwed production style. 

Anyone living in the Houston area with an inclination toward singing would do well to take lessons from the following resources. There are some excellent options available for those who are complete beginners as well as those who have professional experience. 

Vivaldi Music Academy

Vivaldi Music Academy

Are you looking for classical singing lessons from one of the most professional resources in Houston? The Vivaldi Music Academy is sure to meet your needs.

Offering lessons 7 days a week, the Vivaldi Music Academy is a fantastic choice for both professionals and children. The school accepts students aged 8 and above and focuses its curriculum on classical styles alongside jazz and contemporary styles. 

The school even offers classes for toddlers and children in preschool, which means the entire family can gain a musical education. Parents can wait on their children in the academy’s comfortable waiting room lounge, which is complete with amenities. 

The Vivaldi Music Academy has a number of professionally-designed studio rooms which are all furnished with exquisite pianos. Technology has also been incorporated into the academy’s teachings for a more effective approach.

In general, this is one of the best places to prep for a career in the field of theater and its various offshoots. Even if these styles aren’t of personal importance, the Vivaldi Music Academy is prepared to teach you how to sing properly for any style. 

American Music Academy

American Music Academy

Are you wanting to take lessons from a reputable resource that offers both in-person and online lessons? The American Music Academy, located in the Meyerland area of Houston, is worth checking out.

In general, the American Music Academy seems like a great fit for both adults and younger students. This academy tailors its singing curriculum to meet each individual student’s skill level and focus on meeting their goals. 

At the time of this writing, the American Music Academy has 6 different voice teachers on its faculty. The location itself is extremely clean, with each practice space and studio being equipped with the finest of instruments and resources. 

While learning is the goal, the American Music Academy provides students with opportunities to perform, too. Twice a year, the academy hosts a recital, which provides performance experience while learning things that can only be learned on the stage. 

Not to mention, because of its other offerings, the American Music Academy is a great choice if the student wishes to learn other instruments alongside the voice.

30 Day Singer, An Alternative To Singing Lessons In Houston

30 Day Singer

Sometimes, taking in-person private lessons is not always a realistic possibility. Whether it be because of time constraints or logistical issues, 30 Day Singer provides an opportunity to take singing lessons at your leisurely convenience.

30 Day Singer is an online-only resource of pre-recorded singing lessons. The website has a number of courses for beginners as well as those who are looking for lessons with a specific focus on:

  • Ear training and harmony
  • Techniques
  • Performance style

30 Day Singer has a monthly subscription costing what 1 in-person private lesson could cost. Because of this, it’s a practical option for those who are just getting their toes wet in following their interest and passion for singing. 

Plus, 30 Day Singer allows each member to upload performance videos for instant feedback from its different instructors. If you need extra personal help, 30 Day Singer does provide online private lessons with some of these instructors, too. 

If you’re specifically looking for in-person lessons or instruction based in the Houston area, this probably won’t suit your needs exactly. Read on to see where you can receive some of the best Houston-based singing lessons.

 Cy-Fair Music and Arts

Cy-Fair Music and Arts

Cy-Fair Music and Arts has been serving the Houston area since 1993. Since then, the school has been widely regarded as one of the area’s best-ranking places for singing lessons and music lessons in general.

One of the aspects that make Cy-Fair Music and Arts so reputable is its facility of 19 lesson rooms and a large recital hall. Each of these rooms is furnished with a piano and other resources necessary for effective teaching.

Cy-Fair Music and Arts accepts students as young as 7 years old, though it can be a great choice for adults, too. Lessons are offered in person in both 30-minute and 60-minute durations.

Another nice thing about Cy-Fair Music and Arts is that they are open to helping each student follow their interests. Whether it's a child who is inspired by today’s pop artists, or aspiring stage professionals, Cy-Fair Music and Arts is prepared to help.

Taylor Robinson Music Lessons

Taylor Robinson Music Lessons

One thing that tends to stand in the way of someone taking in-person lessons is the required traveling distance. Taylor Robinson Music Lessons (known as TR Music) has multiple locations throughout Houston to serve students no matter where they may live.

At the time of this writing, TR Music has over 30 different locations in both Houston and its surrounding area. As a company, its faculty are employed by contract, allowing them to ensure each instructor meets certain criteria while providing instruction for diverse styles. 

And really, that is one of the things that makes singing lessons at TR Music so worthwhile. Many of its instructors are working professionals outside of the classroom and can help to provide real-world insights that can be crucial in meeting goals. 

Setting up a lesson is as easy as going to their website. You have the option to take lessons online, in your home, or at a TR Music location. 

Deborah Boily

Deborah Boily

Are you looking for some of the best musical theater singing lessons in the area? You’ll do well to enlist the help of Deborah Boily

Deborah is an internationally acclaimed stage performer and singer with a background in cabaret. When she’s not performing, she spends her time tutoring and coaching singers who are working toward their goals.

Whether you’re preparing for a college audition or looking to land a role on the stage, Deborah Boily has the wherewithal to assist you. Many of her past students have all gone on to meet their intended goals, some of which have been in some fairly significant productions. 

Deborah assesses each prospective student individually to determine the best course of action with regard to curriculum. What is guaranteed is that each student will develop confidence while employing the correct technique and form, building a repertoire of songs along the way. 

While much of the focus here is on cabaret and musical theater, all popular styles of music will be studied. 

BCC Music Houston

BCC Music Houston

Seeking a resource that has plenty of opportunities for younger student singers? BCC Music Houston has several different offerings to keep students engaged and learning.

Since 2015, BCC Music Houston has been serving the area with its range of private lessons and group music classes. For private singing lessons, BCC Music Houston accepts students aged 4 and older and accepts adult students as well.

BCC Music Houston’s group classes range from Mommy & Me classes to participating in a worship choir, or 3 different styles of bands. Plus, with BCC Music Houston’s lessons covering a fantastic range of different musical instruments, the whole family could take lessons from the same place. 

Lessons at BCC Music Houston are offered primarily in the afternoon and evenings during the weekdays. They are closed on Sundays but do offer morning and early afternoon lessons on Saturdays. 

Lessons In Your Home

Lessons In Your Home

It’s not always possible to travel to take in-person lessons at a studio. Sometimes, private lessons taken over the internet can leave a little to be desired.

The only other alternative is to have the instructor come to you. At Lessons In Your Home, that’s precisely what is being offered alongside the option of online lessons.

Lessons In Your Home connects students with a contracted instructor that best meets their needs and goals. At the time of this writing, Lessons In Your Home has 9 different instructors serving the Houston area.

Scheduling a lesson is pretty easy, with lessons being offered from 9 AM to 9 PM every day of the week. The first lesson is free, allowing each student to decide if their teacher is a right fit or if Lessons In Your Home’s services meet expectations. 

In addition to the convenience of in-home lessons, Lessons In Your Home does provide opportunities to get out of the house. At least 2 recitals are held each year so students can gain performance experience and build their confidence further.

Houston Voice Studio

Houston Voice Studio

If you’re looking for personalized singing lessons that encourage students to find their own unique voice, the Houston Voice Studio is worth exploring. While this studio does impart fundamental techniques, they encourage each student’s individual style and interests.

Many of Houston’s singing lessons specialize in one area or style of singing. The Houston Voice Studio offers instruction for all singers, no matter what their background or goal may be.

Its students range from musical theater singers to recording artists, to children singers, and everything between and beyond. No matter where you may be on your journey, the Houston Voice Studio opens its doors to you with welcome arms. 

Outside of providing singing lessons, the Houston Voice Studio provides 4 different recitals each year. Students will have plenty of opportunities to gain performance experience and become more comfortable in front of an audience. 

Lessons here are quite pricey, but considering everything that Houston Voice Studio provides in their package, it may be worth it for the singer with serious ambitions. 

Top Singing Lessons In Houston, Final Thoughts

Houston will likely continue to hold significant cultural relevance in just about every style of music. The city itself has a notable character that is formed by the diversity of its people, which can also be witnessed in Houston’s culinary fusion.

Any singer living in the Houston area can find voice lessons at an affordable price and with a focus that matches personal goals. Sometimes, just 1 lesson can make all the difference.

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