23 Best Travis Scott Songs

Best Travis Scott Songs

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Berman Webster II, is a popular American rapper known for his collaborations with other artists and his signature autotuned sound. He has an impressive discography, so much good music to pick from. But here are some of Travis Scott‘s best songs.

1. “Antidote” 

Song year: 2015

Antidote was the song that put Scott on the map. It grew in popularity over the summer of 2015 with other hip-hop classics like Drake and Future’s collaboration album. The song has a slower beat, but the lyrics revolve around money, drugs, and partying. Scott sings and raps about typical subjects like women and late nights.

The singer and rapper reflect on the Hollywood life he is living using a variety of baritone sounds and strange hollering noises. The entire song has an underlying chill vibe that may not seem like it belongs at house parties or nightclubs, but it found its place there anyway.

2. “Escape Plan” 

Song year: 2021

ESCAPE PLAN has a much more upbeat sound than antidote, but Scott continues to write lyrics about his rapper lifestyle, both the good and bad parts. His lyrics discuss his plan to hide out in mansions and avoid all of the people grappling at him and his fame.

The lyrics show a change in the rapper as he moves away from a life of drugs, specifically marijuana, to become more clear-headed. He also expresses his disdain for material items in place of affection, support, and attention. There are also references to investigations, possibly relating to tax evasion and the I.R.S.

3. “Highest In The Room” 

Song year: 2019

HIGHEST IN THE ROOM was released less than two years before ESCAPE PLAN. These lyrics reference his love of marijuana and the euphoria of using drugs. So clearly, he hadn’t decided to opt for sobriety at this time.

The song has a hazy and slow vibe that many people say mimics the feeling of being super high when out in public. This track is also one of the first songs in which fans suspect he is singing about his girlfriend and baby mama Kylie Jenner.

4. “Butterfly Effect” 

Song year: 2017

BUTTERFLY EFFECT was Scott’s first solo release in 2017, coming out just before the start of summer. The song has an overall positive sound, with him boasting about his life, whether he can change his ways or not. A large theme of this song is how money changes people and makes them act differently.

Scott uses his staple autotuned voice as he sings about what the rich life is like and his continued drug use, specifically, referencing MDMA in this song. Boiled down, the song is about Scott’s new world and how he is, or isn’t, adapting to it.

5. “Mafia” 

Song year: 2021

Scott’s song MAFIA is all about the hustle. He sings and raps about the marijuana business that he began around the same time as well as his impressive collection of cars and the effort he puts into them.

In the song, he talks a lot about lean, meaning codeine mixed with Sprite, a popular drugged drink among musicians. Lean will make everything hazy and move slowly, like how the song sounds. Scott explains how he moves untouched through clubs and crowds and is rather carefree to his drugged state.

6. “Goosebumps” 

Song year: 2016

This song is possibly one of Scott’s most romantic tracks. He sings about getting goosebumps when his girl is around, pulling up beside her, and taking care of her. Kendrick Lamar has a feature on this track, and they both sing about their complex feelings when their girl isn’t around them.

The song has an eerie tone, but the lyrics are rather sweet when broken down. Both rappers sing about feeling off whenever their lover isn’t near them and how everything feels easier when that one person is around them.

7. “The Scotts” 

Song year: 2020

This rap duo consists of Travis Scott and Kid Cudi. The duo raps about their place in the industry, and specifically, how their music is often different compared to mainstream rap music. Scott experiments with autotune and psychedelic sounds, while Cudi is known for his deeply personal and emotional lyrics that many rappers wouldn’t broadcast.

This song features a lot of synthesizer sounds, common in Scott’s music, as well as deep bass that you can hear in many Cudi songs. They also both rap about the difficulties they have had with law enforcement and the general attitude of cops toward rappers and hip-hop artists.

8. “Wonderful”

Song year: 2015

Scott features famous singer The Weeknd on this song, utilizing his ethereal voice to create a sharp contrast with Scott’s attuned singing. The song has a generally cheerful tone in the lyrics. It essentially discusses what a wonderful time they’re having being rich, famous, and successful.

At the time, Scott was touring with famous singer Rihanna. There are rumors that they were in a brief relationship, and certain lyrics in this song hint at that. And the lyrics seem to poke fun at the people questioning who he’s sleeping beside. Both Scott and The Weeknd seem to dare their opponents to challenge their success and talent in this song.

9. “Franchise” 

Song year: 2020

FRANCHISE features both Young Thug and M.I.A., two prominent rappers in the industry. All three rap about their immense success and wealth. M.I.A. beings a unique pop sound to the music that is not usually present but adds another layer to the sound.

This song was released around the time that Travis Scott was collaborating with McDonald’s, hence the title of the song. The track expresses Scott’s ability to summon women to his house with ease and how he always has new contracts on the table.

10. “Sicko Mode” 

Song year: 2018

A song full of intense lyrics and harsh beats, SICKO MODE, reflects on Scott’s and Drake’s work ethic. Drak is featured on the song, rapping about the effort they both put into recording in the studio and running around making business deals. They explain that despite the drugs, alcohol, and women, they are still all about the grind to make new music and become more successful.

The song doesn’t call any opponents out specifically, but both Scott and Drake rap about people having to watch their backs. They talk about other rappers not measuring up to the legends that they will go down in history as. The track has an intense vibe that the lyrics pair well with, as Scott and Drake seem to be speaking to other rappers in an almost threatening manner.

11. “Pick Up The Phone” 

“Pick Up The Phone”

Song year: 2016

The song is partially Scott’s and partially Young Thug’s. Quavo from The Migos also raps on the track during some parts. However, this song did see some controversy around whose single it was. In the end, both Thug and Scott received full credit for the track. They sing about their woes of the girl they want not picking up the phone or calling them back.

The song has an air of romanticism, as well as possession. The rappers become angry that she won't give them the attention they feel they deserve. In the chorus, Thug sings that he would never cheat on his girl but he continues to express frustration over her ignoring his desires.

12. “Stargazing” 

Song year: 2018

One of Scott’s most interesting and artistic songs, STARGAZING, is about the unexpected path that a psychedelic, likely acid or ecstasy, trip takes him down. Interestingly, this trip makes him think about his daughter, Stormi, and how he wants to spare her from the public’s scrutiny.

He discusses his break from hard drugs because of the birth of his daughter, but obviously, this song shows that he stepped back into the world of drugs. The track alternates between his real voice and an autotuned one, exemplifying the tumult of his trip and his thought process.

13. “Beibs In The Trap” 

Song year: 2016

The song features and is produced by Canadian musician NAV. The song has an upbeat tone, featuring NAV’s voice. NAV's voice is a lighter and softer sound when compared with the ragged autotune of Scott’s voice.

The title likely refers to singer and pop artist Justin Bieber. ‘Biebs’ is probably a shortened version of the artist’s name, who has a known friendship and collaborative relationship with Scott. The song refers to their use of cocaine in the music industry to party. But they also use the drug to be creative and make music.

14. “The Plan” 

Song year: 2020

‘The Plan' is a departure from Scott’s typical sound and lyrics. The song was a soundtrack for the movie ‘Tenet’. ‘Tenet’ is an extremely trippy movie about bending the laws of time, space, and nature. The song features Scott’s staple autotune singing but is faster-paced than much of his other music.

While he still mentions drugs and raging concerts in the lyrics, he also reflects on himself and how he came to be where he is. He talks about going back on himself and disappointing his past self. These parts of the song are relevant to the time-warping that takes place in the film.

15. “No Bystanders” 

Song year: 2018

The song features Juice WRLD and Sheck Wes. The song is very fast-paced, with Scott rapping about how he is one of the most real people in the rap game and right now and how he always keeps it 200, not 100. The lyrics focus on how hard Scott parties as well as how hard he grinds.

He sings about messing the club up every night and then getting on a plane to fly off and record a new track. He gets no sleep between these events and feels he is on his own on this insane journey.

16. “Watch” 

Song year: 2018

The song ‘Watch’ features Lil Uzi Vert and Kanye West on the track, making it one star-studded song. And the three artists focus on rapping about their immense wealth and success. The song was released as a teaser to Scott’s album ASTROWORLD.

In the song, the rappers boast that they have the biggest watches, diamonds, and long chains. The entire song focuses on the incredible wealth they have amassed and how they spend it on high-end, luxury items like a Rolex or Patek. Scott talks about he takes medication to keep up with all the money he makes, and he also includes a spoken outro by his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

17. “Wake Up”

Song year: 2019

‘WAKE UP' is about how much Scott and featured artist The Weeknd love being with their girlfriends. At the time, they were both in relationships with celebrities and seemed to be insanely happy with their ladies. The music video, directed by actor Jonah Hill, shows Scott wandering around a dream-like black and white mansion.

The song is mostly about how sexually satisfied they are with their girlfriends and how they never want this love affair to end. In a bridge, The Weeknd sings that he loves his girl so much that his life is in her hands, and she can do whatever she wants with him.

18. “Upper Echelon”

Song year: 2013

Lenegandry rappers T.I. and 2Chainz are featured on this Travis Scott track, where all three boast about how amazing their lives are and how intoxicated they are all the time. The title of the song works as a double entendre, referring to their social and financial status, as well as their mental state on drugs.

Despite his blurry mental state, Scott warns people to leave him alone as he is too busy working and grinding to make more music. He sings about how rapping and music are like his calling, and he was always destined to do it. He has finally achieved his self-prophetic status and success, and wealth. 

19. “TKN” 

Song year: 2020

Scott and rapper ROSALIA collaborated on this Spanish-language song in 2020. They both sing and rap on the track to create an indie vibe, along with the spiciness of Latin music. He utilizes his autotune but more softly to compliment her voice.

He sings about how beautiful his girl is and how she inspires him in so many ways. Many compare this with similar lyrics in ‘HIGHEST IN THE ROOM’, where he credits Kylie Jenner for giving him so many wonderful and creative ideas just by being around him. ROSALIA revealed the song is about criminal organizations and how they operate with arrogance and stealth.

20. “90210” 

Song year: 2015

The song ‘90210’ features singer Kacy Hill in this track dedicated to the Beverly Hills area in California. Scott himself states this is his favorite song off his album ‘Rodeo’. Hill uses her high-pitched and sultry voice to sing the chorus about how 90210 can bring you down to a bad place despite its reputation for glitz and glam.

Scott raps and sings about how he wanders around the Hils looking for meaning and a feeling of contentment or worth. Even being a superstar, it’s hard to feel fulfilled when you live in such a shallow place like Beverly Hills. Scott even says his grandmother worries about him in a place like this.

21. “Don’t Play”

Song year: 2014

‘Don’t Play’ is an interesting collaboration that Scott did with the band The 1975 and rapper Big Sean. The song is all about how people should not mess with Scott because he won’t play around when it comes to his money and his music. On the other hand, the lyrics also show him supporting other black rappers that aspire to his level of success.

The purpose of the song is for Scott to express to other rappers that he is the best in the game because he’s in a completely different league. His music uses different beats and unique sounds that set him apart from mainstream rap music.

22. “Mamacita”

Song year: 2014

‘Mamacita’ features Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug on the track about loving Latina women and specifically the ones in Houston, Texas, where Scott is from. The song is quite sexually explicit, talking about women’s bodies and sex.

The parts of the song that aren’t focused on this topic have a cavalier attitude about playing loud music and bothering neighbors. The lyrics are very brash and aim at any haters that think these three rappers aren’t the best in the industry.

23. “Stop Trying To Be God”

Song year: 2018

One of the deeper cuts off of ASTROWORLD features Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi, and Stevie Wonder. The song is about all people, but also celebrities, thinking they are above other humans and acting like they know everything. Scott attempts to bring people down to earth with these lyrics and remind them of their humility.

A lot of the lyrics also explain how money is not important when compared to your family and loved ones. He also admits that he is not God, and people that use him as inspiration should still forge their own path.

Top Travis Scott Songs, Final Thoughts

Travis Scott’s discography is beloved by many, with all three of his first albums topping the charts. His automated singing and creative beats have reserved him a spot as one of the best rappers in the music industry today.

He has two children with Kylie Jenner, a daughter Stormi and a son. Scott seems to take pride in his family, incorporating them into his music as he moves away from rapping and singing about other women.

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