27 Best Young Thug Songs

Best Young Thug Songs

Jeffery Lamar Williams, a.k.a. Young Thug a.k.a. Thugger, is a famous rapper with several chart-topping hits and a Grammy for writing and background vocals on Childish Gambino's “This Is America.”

The best Young Thug songs highlight the artist's creative inflections, memorable adlibs, and catchy hooks.

1. “Best Friend” by Young Thug

Song year: 2015

“Best Friend” is one of the best Young Thug songs due to the beat, catchy inflections, comical adlibs, and overall hype feel.

The semi-holler “ayy!” he exclaims before the verses are particularly intriguing for listeners.

It's fun to dance to, bop to, drink to, and sing along with – especially with your best friend!

2. “Power” by Young Thug

Song year: 2015

Many of Young Thug's songs are meant for the party or club environment. Although “Power” can certainly be played at an event without people batting an eye, it's one of his more serious and slower songs.

He's rapping about his power, how his power has grown significantly with the amount of money he has, and the career success he's experienced. 

3. “Check” by Young Thug

Song year: 2015

The staccato-sounding flow in the chorus, the innovative vocals, and the frequent “sheesh!” adlibs are standout aspects of Young Thug's “Check.”

As the song title suggests, this is a bass-heavy song that focuses on money. He also talks about women, illicit recreational consumption, and expensive cars, such as Bentleys.

4. “With That” by Young Thug ft. Duke

Song year: 2015

The song “With That” is a timeless banger. Best listened to on loudspeakers or through subwoofers, and this song can make anyone feel ten times cooler.

The beauty of this song lies in the many vocal and instrumental shifts and changes. There's a consistency to the flow in the chorus, but other than that, all bets are off.

There are many surprising and innovative turns, so it's hard to know what to expect when listening for the first few times, but that's what makes people want to repeat it again and again.

5. “Digits” by Young Thug

Song year: 2016

Aligning with the visually striking song cover of Young Thug with a head bandage wrapped tightly around a bleeding eye, this song begins with an eerie and sinister instrumental.

Sooner than later, the beat drops, and the bass comes in to make it a little more lively and upbeat, similar to Young Thug's other hits.

In “Digits,” Young Thug raps about taking risks, spending money, and living to the fullest.

These lyrics might be controversial to some, but Thug questions why people wouldn't want to live fast and die young, especially because life continues on whether you're there or not, and more people will be born after you pass anyway.

6. “Wyclef Jean” by Young Thug

Song year: 2016

The song “Wyclef Jean” discusses Young Thug's common topics of choice, including money and sex.

The song's title references Wyclef Jean, a Haitian rapper from The Fugees and one of Young Thug's idols, which is why it has a Caribbean and reggae feel to the instrumentals.

This song is not as much of a club banger as some of Young Thug's other popular songs but is excellent to listen to while hanging out with friends or for a day party.

7. “Harambe” by Young Thug

Song year: 2016

Voice cracking, inflections, and scrambled words are three of the most prominent stylistic devices that Young Thug uses in his song “Harambe.”

The song is aggressive, loud, and violent. Young Thug sounds particularly wild in this song. That makes sense, as the song is titled “Harambe,” named after the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It was a controversial decision as to whether the gorilla deserved to die or not, and Thug is giving Harambe the praise and adoration he feels he deserves by honoring him and considering him as one of his idols.

It also seems that Young Thug's upbringing aligns with Harambe's life, feeling (or having the constant threat of being) locked up, being seen as dangerous, and feeling misunderstood.

8. “Pick Up The Phone” by Young Thug with Travis Scott, ft. Quavo

Song year: 2016

“Pick Up The Phone” has one of the best instrumentals of any Young Thug song. Somehow, this beat finds a way to be simultaneously crafty and classic, unique and familiar, fluid and heavy, light and hard-hitting.

Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Quavo depict a situation in which they wish to be loyal to their woman, but she is not picking up the phone.

This song was certified platinum by the RIAA in 2017.

9. “Go Crazy” by Young Thug with Chris Brown

Song year: 2020

Young Thug's high-pitched, auto-tuned sing-song rap in “Go Crazy” may be a bit strange to some but is highly appealing to others.

The song is about sex, specifically the freedom to “go crazy” behind closed doors because no one is watching.

The topic is familiar, which aligns with the familiar setting of the video – a large, luxurious pool party filled with tons of beautiful individuals.

10. “The London” by Young Thug ft. J. Cole and Travis Scott

Song year: 2019

Young Thug lets his rap peers take center stage in this hit, with J. Cole kicking things off with a fire first verse and Travis Scott running the catchy chorus.

The song asks a woman to meet at a luxury hotel, presumably for sex and partying. The song discusses their wealth, power, sexual appeal, and access.

11. “Hot” by Young Thug ft. Gunna and Travis Scott

Song year: 2019

Like “The London” above, Young Thug allows someone else to kick things off in “Hot,” with Gunna taking up a sizable portion of the song with a hook and extended verse.

This song's steady, heavy, and catchy beat is perfect for a long car ride, a Greek stroll off, or just jamming in the evening with a nightcap.

In terms of the lyrics, this is one of the most challenging songs to understand Young Thug in, which is a significant statement seeing as that vocal inflections and merging of words are common in his songs. But the three artists are essentially discussing their “hot” lifestyles.

12. “Guwop” by Young Thug ft. Quavo, Offset, and Young Scooter

Song year: 2017

“Guwop” is what trap music is all about. A hard-hitting beat, engrossing flows, and a collaboration of trap artists.

Its title even nods to an artist that set the path for trap music – Gucci Mane – as “Guwop” is his nickname.

Typical of many collaborative rap songs, each artist shines on their verse, bringing their A-game to the table with appealing references to their flashy lifestyles and impressive metaphors and similes to highlight their talents.

13. “Bubbly” by Young Thug ft. Drake and Travis Scott

Song year: 2021

“Bubbly” is from Young Thug's latest album titled “Punk” and features stars Drake and Travis Scott, two artists Thugger has collaborated with previously.

When Drake starts rapping on this song, the beat drops and changes significantly, which is a common effect for trap-style music.

The unexpected change is exciting and appealing, especially for those of us with shorter attention spans. It also makes the song feel shorter, which increases the likelihood of playing it repeatedly.

14. “Relationship” by Young Thug ft. Future

Song year: 2017

Yachts and other displays of wealth are featured in both the “Relationship” song and video.

The song is essentially about having a lot of money and thus having many “relationships” with money, so much so that you want to cut some of them off.

Future's line about the girls going crazy was a popular snippet used for Tik Tok dance videos, which made the song blow up even further.

15. “Chanel” by Young Thug ft. Gunna and Lil Baby

Chanel by Young Thug ft Gunna and Lil Baby

Song year: 2018

If you haven't realized by now, Young Thug likes to talk about how much money he has.

This is common for trap rap artists, especially since they typically come from impoverished neighborhoods and want to celebrate their wealth if they “make it out,” which is understandable.

This song is no different but talks explicitly about how these artists can buy a woman anything she wants, including name brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and, as the title suggests, Chanel.

16. “Halftime” by Young Thug

Song year: 2015

Young Thug refers to diamonds, racks (or stacks of money), sexual exploits, and going viral in “Halftime.”

Although there is a lot of similar themes, some of the lines in the song's verses are particularly clever, such as referring to sexual “neck” by mentioning giraffes, for example.

This song is also filled with the familiar and catchy “skrrt” adlibs he became known for.

17. “Solid” by Young Thug ft. Drake and Gunna

Song year: 2021

One of Thugger's more recent releases is “Solid,” with two of his usual choices for features, Drake and Gunna.

It's also one of his most underrated songs, perhaps because the beat is a bit softer and lighter than some of his other hits.

It's less of a club and party song and more of a nighttime jam-session or car ride song. Either way, the switching beats and compelling flows still make it one of the best Young Thug songs.

18. “Ski” by Young Thug

Song year: 2021

The song “Ski” is a classic DJ song. It has a great beat itself, but it also has a more constant and repetitive instrumental that's easy for DJs to play around with, edit, and mix with other tracks.

Plus, there are several moments when no real rap is happening, and it's all catchy adlibs. This allows listening to participate without having to know any of the more complicated verse lyrics.

An interesting line includes him saying that he came with food by referring to his Lamborghini car as a “lamb chop.”

19. “Old English” by Young Thug with A$AP Ferg and Freddie Gibbs

Song year: 2014

An earlier Young Thug song includes “Old English.” He was already well-known enough in the rap scene, but this was still before his mainstream prime.

“Old English” is one of the best Young Thug Songs in terms of instrumentals. The beat is gripping from start to finish, with heavy bass, unexpected twists, and multiple changing layers.

The verses, chorus, and hook are appealing, but the beat makes the song particularly addicting.

20. “With Them” by Young Thug

Song year: 2016

The instrumentals are almost as captivating as the flow in the song “With Them.”

It's a fun song to both dance to and rap along, as long as you can keep up with all the beat and flow switches.

This song is not as aggressive as some of his other songs, not so fast that you can't understand what he's saying, and not so slow that you can't play it at an event.

That said, it's perfect for a day party that's transitioning into a night party.

Featured Songs

The following songs are songs that Young Thug is featured in. We wanted to add them to this list of best Young Thug songs because he plays a pivotal role in these hits, either helping them blow up or introducing them to a larger audience.

21. “Lifestyle” by Rich Gang ft. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan

Song year: 2014

This 2014 banger set Young Thug up for an incredible, hit-after-hit year in 2015.

The song “Lifestyle” is like a trap version of “Started From The Bottom” by Drake. It talks about how far these three artists have come and how hard they've worked to get to where they are. It also discusses their why – feeding their families and living large.

They were surely right when they said it's “only the beginning,” they were surely right! Things got much bigger for these artists, especially Young Thug.

22. “Goodbyes” by Post Malone ft. Young Thug

 (Rated R – violent)

Song year: 2019

“Goodbyes” is Post Malone and Young Thug's first collaboration, which is surprising given their individual success in the rap game long before 2019.

It's a passionate song about wanting a romantic interest out of your life because they are causing too much trouble and pain, even though you may still want them deep down.

Young Thug demonstrates his artistic versatility by featuring in a more meaningful and deep song and does an inspiring job.

23. “Havana” by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

Song year: 2017

Racking up over one billion views on YouTube, Camila Cabello's “Havana” made a heavy splash in the pop scene.

Young Thug's rap verse helped expand the viewership even further, as well as guest appearances by social media stars LeLe Pons and LuJuan James.

Young Thug's verse starts slow, vibing well with the Latin-inspired pop background music. Then, he speeds it up as the instrumentals build up with him. His flow is familiar, but overall, this son was another step outside his norm, showing his diversification as an artist.

24. “Heatstroke” by Calvin Harris ft. Young Thug, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell Williams

Song year: 2017

Calvin Harris' Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 album featured an impressive collection of artists, including the three on this song – Young Thug, Ariana Grande, and Pharrell Williams – as well as Snoop Dogg, Future, Frank Ocean, Nicki Minaj, Kehlani, Jessie Reyez, and more.

Young Thug plays a significant role in this song, dominating all the verses. His high-pitched flow complements not only the jazzy, groovy instrumental but also Ariana and Pharrell's high-pitched vocals.

25. “Ice Melts” by Drake ft. Young Thug

Song year: 2017

In “Ice Melts,” Drake and Young Thug rap and sing about a woman who is unique in their eyes but has a lot of emotional damage, thus putting a wall up.

The woman comes off as cold or “icy,” which is why they want the ice to melt. They're asking this figurative woman to be more related and open up, and the song can be interpreted sexually as well.

26. “Mixtape” by Chance the Rapper ft. Young Thug and Lil Yachty

Song year: 2016

The instrumental on “Mixtape” hits hard, with heavy and deep bass that's best listening to loudly. This is a great song for a car with subwoofers if you want people to hear you before they see you.

Chance the Rapper mimics Young Thug's adlib style in this song, especially at the beginning of the first verse with his “AY” s.

Young Thug, of course, also adds many of his own adlibs, which significantly amplifies and excites this slower, heavier song. He also has a fast and thrilling verse that goes from medium to high pitched.

27. “Throw Some More” by Rae Sremmurd ft. Young Thug and Nicki Minaj

Song year: 2015

This song is about throwing money, particularly in the strip club. Rae Sremmurd talks about emptying the ATM, especially for the best, most fascinating strippers putting in a lot of work and executing impressive moves.

Nicki takes the role of a stripper in her chorus, alluding to shaking faster the more money they spend.

Finally, Young Thug comes in with a quick and dynamic flow that sticks with the song's theme.

Top Young Thug Songs, Final Thoughts

Young Thug has released catchy music that's great for car listening, house parties, and clubs. With multiple Youtube videos with over 100,000,000 views, he has made a mark on pop culture and modern rap.

If you like consistently meaningful raps, you might prefer Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole.

However, if you're looking for creative vocals, intriguing inflections, innovative flows, hype-inducing adlibs, then add Young Thug to your playlist.

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