11 Famous French Female Rappers You Need to Know

Famous French Female Rappers You Need to Know

They are females, they are French, they rap and they have new projects. From Diam, Liza Monet, to Sianna and A2N, France has given birth to a new generation of rappers. They shape their rhymes and their beats with a talent that gives us no reason to envy their cousins ​​from across the Atlantic. 

Here is a little tour of the French female rappers you must hear.


Diam’s was not born yesterday. Already in the 90s, the young woman, a little tomboy, had dropped a few titles and had been noticed by the insiders of rap. 

But it is the song “DJ” taken from the aptly named “Brut de femme” album which shaped Diam’s newly adopted birth certificate. The track DJ topped one million sales at a time when streaming and cheaters had yet to raise the stakes.

Despite her assumed tomboy style, Diam’s tracks are primarily aimed at female audiences. The song “DJ” is quite revealing in this regard. Diam's however represents much more “than a woman rapper”

With Diam's first, this is the first time in France that Rap is for women. On the other hand, the rapper is anti-conformist. She is not there to show off her voluptuous forms like most US rappers.

Her lyrics are sharp and virulent. And just because she's a tomboy doesn't mean she rejects her femininity. Diam's has truly paved the way for many artists.

The rapper will however find it extremely difficult to manage the celebrity life. She attacks the paparazzi, does not want to reveal too much about her private life.

Today, she has left the world of music, got married, and converted to Islam. Always so committed, she is an author. Maybe Diam’s was a bit too much of a “Brut de Femme (meaning “gross woman”)” for Rap. Her career, however, remains exceptional.


With an even more committed style, we find Casey. Even rawer than Diam’s in her words, the rapper shows exceptional composure from her beginnings to today. 

Recently, she participated in the Asocial Club together with her friends Raffand confers. They released an extraordinary eponymous album. This may not have been platinum, but it has been a real success, acclaimed by all the critics including the Inrockuptibles.

Casey's verse on the song “Anticlubbing” is a good illustration in this regard. She handles humor, rhymes, and words with the precision of a surgeon.

Casey has been in every fight. It is not surprising to find her in the documentary which followed the trial of the Zyed and Bouna case.

She frequently intervenes in the life of the city. Casey, however, does not write lyrics for women. She is a rapper that all men can listen to without blushing. And like Diam’s, she does not emphasize her femininity but her talent. A pure diamond!

Princess Aniès

The years 1990/2000 also saw the emergence of Princess Aniès in a fairly versatile profile similar to that of Diams. She was an important precursor for female rap!

Member of the group Les Spécialistes, she was already considered one of the best rappers of her time even before having released a single solo project.

She is also the first rapper to host a Generations 2000 radio show. Her first album “Conte de fait” will be the best independent sale of the year 2002. We find Oxmo Puccino on “Le Parcours d'une larme” but also a song that addresses a theme in which a more contemporary rapper recognized herself.

Liza Monet

Liza Monet is not a major artist in the Women's Game as she has not yet succeeded in establishing herself definitively. Her case, however, deserves to be observed. This is because Liza Monet tried to approach rap in a form of Nicki Minaj in the French style. Highlighting her voluptuous, often stripped, lines with ultra-crude lyrics, the former X actress tried to Americanize the style of female rap.

“Hi bitch” has not yet convinced the general public in France for several reasons but it still has hundreds of thousands of views. But it's a good attempt on the part of this rapper that is so subversive. Playing with the feminine shape and sex appeal is also a form of feminism.


Long before launching Remy, Mac Tyer had spotted a certain Sianna. The young rapper has also featured with her mentor on the song “Appel manqué” from her eponymous EP.

Sianna is the anti-Liza Monet. She does not play on her feminine shape at all, nor her sex appeal. She is however a great lyricist. 

In an environment supposed to belong to the male gender, she arrives as a kicker. The young rapper who released her album “Black Diamond” is perhaps the best hope of female rap in terms of pure talent.

She made a project from which is extracted the song “Négatif” which she unveiled in 2017. Sianna is using her talent to succeed. She doesn't play the woman, she is one.


The 92i of Booba had to have a female representative. And it was in the B2O crew that Shay started out. The ultra-hardcore rapper who had featured with her mentor left her “Cruella” clothes to become the bomb of female rap.

With a brand new slightly pink album as a sign of rebirth in the Rap Game, Shay combines sexual appeal, impertinence, provocation, raw but thoughtful lyrics, and a great sense of direction. Her aptly named “Jolie Garce” album is perhaps the best representation of the image of women in today's rap.

Shay is beautiful, but that's not all. Her past as an outright rapper also plays a big role in her lyrical construction. What characterizes Shay who made the rounds of women's newspapers at the time of the release of her album is the imagery that accompanies it. Shay is a kind of “inaccessible goddess” and she has “pretty” days ahead of her!



PunchLyn (pronounced PunchLeen) stood out in 2017 thanks to a freestyle posted on the Keakr application. This quickly recorded more than 17,000 views. A year later, the artist released a promising first EP which attests to her range of possibilities, mixing tonic flow and R&B vocals on acoustic or electro prods.

Fanny Polly

It was through dance and with the group Xpression Arts Corps that Fanny Polly first encountered hip hop. Originally from Mouans-Sartoux (06) and now based in Paris, she is the first rapper produced by Scred Connexion. Scred Connexion is a flagship group of the 1990s rap scene that became an independent label, a shop, and a festival.

The MC with an authentic, simple, and sensitive flow, has distilled several exciting ciphers throughout many summers. Her clip “Introduction”, which chronicles her career in rap since 2016 from her native south to the capital, is a foretaste of her first opus.

Mac Manu

You may have already heard of hip hop on Fréquence Paris Plurielle. But when she's not on the radio behind a microphone, Mac Manu is behind a music studio microphone.

The rapper from the south who now lives in Paris has come a long way since her song Magma, released seven years ago, and reveals her glam-burlesque-badass universe.

Having had an album with DJ Ditto, who produces most of her songs, Mac Manu released two consecutive clips, a duet with the rapper from Compton Big2DaBoy, and Marylin, which confirm her mastery. She has done so many traps, old school rap and dance hall.


Pumpkin raps and she produces. Faithful to the sounds and values ​​of old school hip hop, the Nantes MC, Pumpkin, and the beatmaker Vin'S da Cuero have been working together since 2006.

Astronaute, the pair's second album featuring (notably) the singer China Moses and the rapper JP Manova, plunges us once again in their boom-bap electro-soul universe. The album tackles themes ranging from migrants to attacks via gender stereotypes.


A woman who provides for herself the means can achieve her goals.  It is with this leitmotif that the Parisian rapper spent four years developing her new project La Tape Dans les étoiles (known as “Slap in the Stars”) which was released on November 28, 2018. 

If her new pieces draw as much from trap as boom bap or electro, the lyrics and the desire to convey messages remain central in her music with which she intends to “fight for equity”. Active since 2008 on the hip hop scene, A2N delivers her point of view as a woman and artist. She narrates her evolutions and slices of life, from the street to the studio.

Famous French Female Rappers, Conclusion                

At all times, women have contributed to the construction of the imagination and the history of rap. Confined to a role of choristers during the first breaths of French rap, they ended up arriving at the front of the stage, and then they have imposed their femininity. You no longer need to be a tomboy to rap, nor do you have to play the tearful widow, the French female rappers are the best representations of feminism. You can't have enough of their music especially when you consider sampling works of the ones we have recommended.                

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