29 Rappers With Face Tattoos

Face tattoos weren’t popular until the early 2000s, with just a select few rappers displaying art on their mugs. These tattoos have the power to draw a gaze from onlookers while making a significant statement at the same time.

Face tattoos almost add a sense of identity to one’s face (especially when viewed at a distance) as if they were live-action characters from an anime. The following rappers are some of the most notable with face tattoos.


During his career, XXXTentacion was one of the most iconic rappers sporting a variety of different tattoos in various regions of his face. One that drew the most attention immediately was the word “Alone” which could be found above his left eyebrow, with a small broken heart below at the corner of his eye.

Underneath his opposite eye was the word “Numb” in red ink, along with a variety of dots that surround the eye. Both of his eyelids were tattooed with a word to spell the phrase “Bad Vibes,” and he had a pair of black and red lines on each side of the bridge of his nose, with one nostril bearing a small star. 

Along with these, he had the number 17 at the right corner of his forehead, a clock on his left cheek, and the phrase “Death Before Dishonor” on the opposite cheek. His chin also sported the word “Loyalty,” with the center of his forehead bearing the lines of a tree. 

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne might just be the rapper who started the entire trend, with his face becoming a canvas that has evolved over time. Some of his first tattoos included 4 teardrops on his face near his eyes and mouth, with “C” and a cross at the bridge of his eyebrows, and “Fear God” written with each singular word placed on a respective eyelid.

There were also 3 dots near his left eye, but these, along with that eye’s teardrops, were morphed into a tribal symbol. The left side of his face in particular has become filled with tattoos, including a number of stars; the number 17; a skull; an infinity symbol; “Mercy” and “Merci”; a vine; the outline of the African continent; a power button symbol; a cloud with a lightning bolt; an Arabic phrase; and a crack to pay homage to Frankenstein.

On the right side of his face, Lil Wayne has various tattoos such as the phrase “I Am Music” and the word “Baked”. There’s also a smiley face, a heart, and a fleur-de-lis on his cheek, with his chin sporting an eye that appears behind the illusion of torn skin.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa’s face tattoos are so iconic that people purchase temporary mockup kits of his tattoos for Halloween. His most notable include a small star, musical eighth-note, Marijuana leaf, anchor, and “T.O.” on his right eye.

The right side of his face also features the phrase “The Bash” at the top-right corner of his forehead, along with a dead spray paint can (with X ’d-out eyes), which is placed to look as if it is spraying his sideburn. 

The left side of his face features the name “Jimi” at the upper corner of his forehead. His left eye has “O.D” above the eyebrow, with a star, a feather, and a peace sign surrounding the rest of his eye. 

Lil Pump

Lil Pump’s collection of face tattoos consists of a large cross (which began as a frowning face with X’d-out eyes) on his forehead, with a large star outlined by a decorative tribal arc above it. He has an alien face on one side of his forehead, with a UFO on the opposite, along with the words “Fabio” and “Aida” above his eyebrows.

In addition to these, he has a number of smaller tattoos, including a 4-pointed star; an upside-down spade symbol; a rocket ship; the number 17; and Tom, the mouse from Tom & Jerry. 

Lil Pump


6ix9ine certainly has a number of colorful tattoos on his face, including an ornate rose at the top-left side of his forehead, which drifts down toward his ear. Opposite of this rose is a large 69, which is one of the first things the eye is drawn to when looking at 6ix9ine’s face.

In addition to these tattoos, 6ix9ine has spiderwebs on both sides of his face at his jawline, along with “Six Nine” tattooed twice, both above and below his left eye. On the right side of his face is the name “Oscar” and an image of the Jigsaw doll from the Saw movie franchise. 

Schoolboy Q

Compared to other rappers in this list, Schoolboy Q seems to prefer maintaining a cleaner look by having fewer tattoos that are simpler in design. On his face, Schoolboy Q only has 2 tattoos: a “Q” near his right eye, and a treble clef near his left. 

Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap has kept his face tattoos neatly organized around his face in both layout and design, adding definition and framing rather than standing out and individually drawing attention away from his actual human traits. 

His tattoos include 3 stars at the upper-right-hand corner of his forehead and 5 vertical stars on the right side of his face. He maintains the vertical orientation on the right side with 4 additional tattoos next to these stars, including the number “1738,” “King,” the name “Zaviera,” and the number 5-1-6 typecast in Roman numerals as “V I XI”.

The upper-left corner of his forehead says “Zoo Gang,” with “RGF,” “ZOO,” and “Aydin” in a vertical orientation on the left side of his face. A pair of crosses in different colors is located near his left eye area. 


Quavo keeps things fresh and simple by having only a few tattoos on his face, primarily near his eyes. These include a cross and a crown surrounding his right eyebrow, and “YRN” (standing for Young Rich Nation) above his left eyebrow. 

Near Quavo’s right ear, “Huncho” runs parallel to his jawline.

The Game

The Game is known for having many tattoos, but he’s only had 1 tattoo on his face near his right eye, which has evolved over the years. Originally, the tattoo reportedly began as a butterfly before morphing into the L.A. Dodgers logo, with a red star being added later to outline the logo.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is one of the few rappers who have actually had laser removal treatment over the years to remove tattoos from his face. Some of his most iconic face tattoos included the Gucci logo on his forehead, “4 Life” above his right eyebrow, and “SODMG” above his left eyebrow.

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