All Taylor Swift Songs About Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas dated briefly as teenagers in 2008. While on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Swift described Jonas breaking up with her via a super-short phone call. She clearly had feelings about that, so it’s no surprise those feelings showed up in her songs. Let’s discuss all the Taylor Swift songs about Joe Jonas.

“Forever and Always”

“Forever and Always”

Song year: 2008

Taylor Swift’s “Forever and Always” appeared on her album Fearless, but it almost didn’t.

Swift didn’t write the song until after the breakup with Jonas; by then, Swift had already finished recording the album. Swift had to convince the president of her record label to let her add it.

While “Forever and Always” is a song about Swift and Jonas’s breakup, it’s more than that. The song starts at the beginning of their relationship and follows the course of its falling apart to the end.

The song describes a kind of emotional ghosting. One minute he was all into her, but then bit by bit, his attention and affection started fading away until it was gone.

In the song, she wonders what happened, if she did anything wrong, but concludes that his promises were empty from the start.

“Last Kiss”

“Last Kiss”

Song year: 2010

“Last Kiss” appeared on Swift’s album Speak Now. There are a couple of different ways to tell this one is about Joe Jonas.

First, in the printed lyrics for the songs on the album, random letters in each song were capitalized, which formed a coded message providing more context for the song. For the lyrics of “Last Kiss,” the message spelled out “Forever and Always,” the earlier piece about the breakup.

The lyrics of this one also reference a plane flight she was documented taking to see a Jonas Brothers show in Dallas.

As a breakup song, “Forever and Always” portrays the confusion and betrayal of a breakup. In contrast, “Last Kiss” is all about the sadness and grief of the lost relationship. She feels loss for him, the times they shared, and the future they’d never have.

“You All Over Me” ft. Maren Morris

“You All Over Me” ft

Song year: 2021

Swift originally recorded “You All Over Me” for 2008’s Fearless, but it was one of many that didn’t make it on the album. Some Swift fans had a chance to hear it when it leaked online in 2017.

Later Swift decided to record Fearless, an album which became Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and included songs like “You All Over Me” that didn’t make the cut the first time around.

Swift wrote this one around the same time she wrote the other songs about her breakup with Joe Jonas, and the emotions she expresses are very similar to those in the songs higher up on this list.

“You All Over Me” describes the aftermath of a breakup. All that’s left are the ruins of memory. Those pieces, though, keep bringing it back, and there’s nothing she can do about it. She’s still in pain from the loss. She still feels him.

Even the part of her that feels free still feels touched and affected by him.

“Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version)”

Song year: 2021

“Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version)” is another one written for Fearless that Swift pulled out of the vault for her re-recording of the album.

Some fans thought the lyrics of this song pointed to John Mayer. However, it’s important to note that it was written and first recorded before she dated Mayer in 2010.

Because it was written at the same time as the other Jonas breakup tunes and the fact that Jonas’s wife, Sophie Turner, made a big deal out of liking it, it strongly points to it being about Joe Jonas.

In other songs, Swift expressed her sadness, loss, and confusion over the breakup; in “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” it was anger’s turn. She accused him of being cruel, callous, and heartless, not caring about how he treated or hurt her.

“Better Than Revenge”

“Better Than Revenge”

Song year: 2010

In “Better Than Revenge” from Speak Now, Taylor moves her anger from Jonas to the woman he dated after the breakup, Camilla Belle.

Other than all of the details in the lyrics that lead directly to Belle, there is a reference to the Jonas Brothers’ song “Much Better.” In its turn, that song referenced Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar” and was about how much better his new girlfriend was than her.

Swift pulls out all the stops and all her fierceness here. She shifts the blame for the breakup from Jonas to the one she believes stole him from her. Swift consciously uses her song and platform here for revenge in a brilliant and revenge-filled move.

“Holy Ground”

“Holy Ground”

Song year: 2012

Swift’s “Holy Ground” from the album, Red, starts with a New York feeling that is the basis for the holy ground of the song, the long-lost relationship, and her good memories surrounding it.

The mystery of who this song was about led fans to two of Swift’s New York-based exes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Joe Jonas.

Many had settled on Jonas because of an early line that refers to when Taylor played on tour with The Jonas Brothers. The other clue is a reference to a San Diego show where Jonas came to see her perform.

Jonas and Swift dated and broke up in 2008. All of the earlier songs in this list were written around that time, so understandably, they are full of raw emotion as Swift was processing her feelings and cycling through the different phases of grief with the sudden loss of the relationship.

“Holy Ground” was released about four years after the breakup.

There is a distance here that isn’t found in the lyrics of the other Jonas-related songs. Her emotions have cooled, and she has long ago accepted and moved on from that breakup.

This song shows Swift reminiscing and thinking fondly of their good times and the good feelings they still stir up within her. She couldn’t do this earlier because she was in so much pain, but now, in “Holy Ground,” she can appreciate the relationship for what it was and what it had to offer.

Best Taylor Swift Songs About Joe Jonas, Final Thoughts

As it turns out, Taylor Swift wrote many songs about her relationship and breakup with Joe Jonas. Since she’s a public figure, some might say it’s tacky. Some might also say it’s fun to figure out who she’s talking about. Still, others could say that it’s beautiful. Through these songs about Joe Jonas, we can see Swift dealing with her emotions in a creative and ultimately productive way. We see her cycle through her feelings, and we see those feelings evolve. Now, let’s look at her songs with her other exes

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