Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist, All 148 Songs Revealed [With Videos]

In this article, we reveal Taylor Swift's Eras Tour setlist. First, we list the core 42 songs played at most shows. Then we show videos of all the songs, so you can experience how the epic 3.5-hour concert feels from the comfort of your own home. Next, we do the same with the 106 additional songs Taylor picks from, depending on the show location. She does 3 of these per show, taking the set up to 45 songs total.

Here are Taylor Swift’s songs usually played for the Eras Tour.


Core Songs In The Eras Tour Setlist

1. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince2. Cruel Summer3. The Man
4. You Need To Calm Down5. Lover6. The Archer
7. Fearless8. You Belong With Me9. Love Story
10. tis the damn season11. willow12. marjorie
13. champagne problems14. tolerate it15. …Ready For It?
16. Delicate17. Don’t Blame Me18. Look What You Made Me Do
19. Enchanted20. 2221. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
22. I Knew You Were Trouble23. All Too Well24. the 1
25. betty26. the last great american dynasty27. august
28. illicit affairs29. my tears ricochet30. cardigan
31. Style32. Blank Space33. Shake It Off
34. Wildest Dreams35. Bad Blood36. Lavender Haze
37. Anti-Hero38. Midnight Rain39. Vigilante Shit
40. Bejeweled41. Mastermind42. Karma

Now let's enjoy the songs in order!

From The Album: Lover

1. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

This track made its concert debut on the tour’s opening night in Glendale, Arizona. Since then, it has consistently held the position as the show-opener throughout the tour.

Before we go any further, let me clarify that this and all of the following songs have been played 48 times or more throughout the initial US leg of the Eras Tour, with many being played at every show. The concerts are broken up into 10 different acts covering songs from different albums.

All of these acts will be covered here, with the exception of the 9th act, which is designated to hold performances of rare songs. These songs can be found in the following section.

2. Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer also made its debut on the opening night of the Eras Tour. This pop song takes a lyrical look at the challenges one faces upon reaching a certain level of fame. 

3. The Man

Taylor Swift keeps with the electropop vibe with the 3rd song in her setlist, The Man. This track is known for its criticism of gender inequalities, and for calling out actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. You Need To Calm Down

ou Need To Calm Down is famous for expressing Taylor’s pride in supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

5. Lover

At the 5th slot of Act 1, Taylor likes to switch the sound up a bit by often performing Lover. This song has been played at every show thus far.

6. The Archer

This downtempo electropop finds Taylor expressing some of her most humanistic insecurities. 

From Taylor Swift's Album: Fearless

7. Fearless

Taylor pivots the concert’s sound by switching to the pop-country stylings heard in Fearless. Lyrically, this song is all about getting over those nervous jitters that often hold people back from pursuing their heart’s desire. 

8. You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me is written from the perspective of somebody with feelings for someone who is already in a relationship, though massively underappreciated and often mistreated. 

You Belong With Me

9. Love Story

Taylor keeps on with the pop-country vibe with Love Story, which has been commonly used to close out the Fearless act. Love Story is famous for being Taylor’s personal twist on the tragic story of Romeo And Juliet.

From Her Album: Evermore

10. ’tis the damn season

In the next act, Taylor likes to switch it up with the folk-pop stylings of ’tis the damn season.

11. willow

Taylor keeps with the folk vibe on willow, which is a song about going the distance in the name of love.

12. marjorie

With marjorie, Taylor takes the time to pay homage to her grandmother, who was once a famous opera singer. 

13. champagne problems

The waltz-y song, champagne problems, finds Taylor examining feelings of being unprepared for commitment. 

14. tolerate it

Taylor Swift’s track, tolerate it, often closes out the Evermore act by touching on the imbalance of efforts that can exist in a relationship.

From Taylor's Album: Reputation

15. …Ready For It?

Swift normally begins the Reputation act with the album’s opening track, bringing an upbeat pace to the show.

16. Delicate

Taylor continues with the electropop vibe with Delicate, which considers how one’s reputation can affect the fragile beginnings of a relationship. 

17. Don’t Blame Me

Don’t Blame Me charges forward with an unapologetic vibe as Taylor writes from the perspective of someone who accepts their reputation. 

18. Look What You Made Me Do

The fan-favorite Look What You Made Me Do closes out this section on a high note.

Taken From The Album: Speak Now

19. Enchanted

Speak Now fans might be a little disappointed to find out that Enchanted is usually the only song featured from the album.

Performed From Taylor Swift's Album: Red

20. 22

Taylor returns to the softer side of pop-country with 22 kicking off the Red act.

21. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Fans have been enjoying group camaraderie as Taylor kicks into this longtime fan-favorite.

22. I Knew You Were Trouble

Taylor continues to keep the audience’s energy at a peak with the dubstep-infused I Knew You Were Trouble.

23. All Too Well

This hard-hitting ballad typically closes out the Red section on a powerful note, with performances sometimes lasting up to 10 minutes.

All Too Well

From The Album: Folklore

24. the 1

The Folklore section of the concert kicks off with the minimalistic first track on the album. 

25. betty

Taylor tells the story of a relationship with betty and its folk music influences.

26. the last great american dynasty

With this track, Taylor injects a hint of electronica to help bring the concert’s energy to a build yet again.

27. august

Swift then follows up with august, which has often been one of the highlights of the concert for many attendees. 

28. illicit affairs

Fans typically join in to sing along with illicit affairs, which features minimalistic instrumentation and heavy-hitting lyrics. 

29. my tears ricochet

With my tears ricochet, Taylor dials up the ballad meter to deliver a powerful moment every audience member will remember.

30. cardigan

Taylor Swift closes out this section with the stripped-down and nostalgic tone of the song, cardigan. 

From Taylor's Hit Album: 1989

31. Style

Swift kicks off the 1989 segment with Style, which injects an infectious energy into the crowd.

32. Blank Space

In keeping with the energy build, Taylor follows up with one of her biggest hits, Blank Space.

33. Shake It Off

With the dance-pop track, Shake It Off, Taylor provides an opportunity for all of her fans to cut the rug.

34. Wildest Dreams

Taylor then tapers off the energy slightly, delivering what many consider to be one of her most powerful ballads.

35. Bad Blood

Swift ties the 1989 section up to a close with Bad Blood. This is generally the last song heard before Taylor’s section of surprise songs.

Album Taken From: Midnights

36. Lavender Haze

The opening track of Midnights begins the album’s portion of the show with its pop-infused message about being yourself.

37. Anti-Hero

Taylor continues with the retro vibe with Anti-Hero, which touches on her personal insecurities. 


38. Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain usually follows up and maintains the audience’s energy level with its moody electropop sound.

39. Vigilante Shit

Taylor follows up with this minimalistic track that emphasizes her fiery message about being unapologetically vengeful. 

40. Bejeweled

Swifts Cinderella-influenced track, Bejeweled, follows up to serve some lighthearted dance vibes.

41. Mastermind

With this track, Taylor brings the audience’s energy to a focal point with its immersive sound of arpeggiated electronic effects.

42. Karma

Taylor has been closing out her concerts with Karma, which is a pretty straightforward pop song reminiscent of the early 2000s. 

The above is the core setlist for the Eras Tour. That said, Taylor Swift also plays more songs infrequently on this tour. Click below to go to the next page and see what those songs are.

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