27 Best Mary J Blige Songs Ever

Mary J Blige is undeniably among the most iconic figures in the history of R&B music. Her raw, hearty lyrics and powerful vocals make her a darling artist among critics and fans alike. Here’s a collection of the best Mary J Blige songs of all time.

“Family Affair” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2001

Mary J. Blige was arguably the best R&B of the 90s, and Dr. Dre ruled West Coast at the time. Interestingly, neither had a Billboard #1 pop hit until “Family Affair.” The track went on to top the Billboard Hot 100 charts for six consecutive weeks.

Mary J. Blige successfully shakes off the ghosts of her well-documented previous traumas with this song. Dr. Dre comes in handy to add some funky vibe to this track with a bouncy, stomping dance beat.

“Be Without You” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2006

If you love R&B music of the 2000s, you’ve undoubtedly come across “Be Without You” by Mary J Blige. Billboard recently ranked the track as the most successful R&B come Hip-hop tune ever. It’s also among Blige’s most successful singles, peaking at #3 on the Billboard charts.

This tune continues to demonstrate Blige’s distinctive, soulful, and powerful vocal style while displaying all the sorrow of a sensitive diva she’s renowned for. The lyrics describe the sophistication of a woman who’s faced hardships, matured, and is still attempting to inspire and cling to love.

“Mr. Wrong” by Mary J Blige ft. Drake

Song Year: 2011

“Mr. Wrong” by Mary J. Blige is one of the most popular songs of the early 2010s. The melody is one of the strongest you’ll hear from a Mary tune. Blige released the track as the 2nd single off her 10th studio album, My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act 1).

Lyrically, this song is one that many girls will relate to. Blige talks about how she keeps being attracted to the wrong guy, despite her family’s warning against it. Toronto rapper Drake featured on the track with an impressive verse that compliments Blige’s emotional verses remarkably.

“Real Love” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 1992

“Real Love” is the 3rd single from Mary J Blige’s debut studio album, What’s the 411? The track became her inaugural Top 10 hit, peaking at #7 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It also topped the Billboard Hot R&B Songs and Rhythmic charts and received a Gold certification later that year.

Lyrically, the song borrows inspiration from the real-life experiences of female artists in the entertainment industry. Blige talks about the struggles she faces to find a genuine relationship.

“Just Fine” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2007

“Just Fine” is the lead single from Blige’s 8th studio album, Growing Pains. At first, listen, the track seems upbeat, but if you carefully listen to the lyrics, you’ll realize it holds a deeper meaning.

Blige composed the tune during her divorce experience. The track’s message of self-love and resilience resonated with fans, particularly women facing similar struggles. It quickly became an anthem for people who have overcome adversity and a testament that they can do better independently.

“My Life” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 1994

A recurring theme throughout Mary J Blige’s career is how frequently she felt misunderstood by the media, the public, and even her partners. Beneath all the anguish, Mary reminded fans on several occasions that she’s only human.

On the title track of her 2nd studio album, My Life, Blige delivers one of her most heartfelt tracks. You’ll marvel at her remarkable talent and vocal versatility as you listen through the lyrics.

“No More Drama” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2001

Since her 1992 debut with songs like “Real Love,” Blige’s music has provided candid accounts of her struggles. “No More Drama” is less turbulent and emotionally jarring than her previous work. The singer talks about her determination not to repeat her past mistakes.

Blige released this song as the 2nd single and title track of her 5th studio album. It’s a great listen for anybody moving on from a rocky relationship.

“Good Morning Gorgeous” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 2022

After nearly a 5-year hiatus from music, and since the release of her album, “Strength of a Woman, Mary J Blige blessed us with another jam. “Good Morning Gorgeous” is the 7th single and title track of her 14th album.

The track and album are a journey through the aftermath of her breakup. Blige dives deep into her life as a single woman, pondering on the lingering bittersweet memories of her previous relationship and newfound self-love.

“I’m the Only Woman” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 1994

Mary J Blige’s “I’m the Only Woman” is the 5th track from her 2nd studio album, My Life. The tune highlights her raw emotion and powerful vocals.

Lyrically, Blige talks of her hardships and struggles but has discovered the strength in herself and is determined to persevere. The instrumentation, with its soaring horns and driving beat, adds to the track’s energy and message of encouragement. If you’re a woman looking for a song to reassure you, this tune is a great listen.

“Mary Jane (All Night Long)” by Mary J Blige

Song Year: 1994

“Mary Jane (All Night Long)” is a classic R&B track by Mary J Blige, released as the 2nd single from her debut album, What’s the 411? The song displays Blige’s powerful vocals over a funky, smooth beat. With its infectious groove and catchy hook, the track became one of her fan favorites in the 90s era.

Lyrically, the track tells the tale of a woman enjoying a night of dancing and partying with her friends. Blige also expresses her passion for music in her raw lyrics. A great listen during an evening date.

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