Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist, All 148 Songs Revealed [With Videos]

Less Commonly-Played Songs & Cover Songs In Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Setlist

Unless stated otherwise, all of the following songs have only been played once throughout the initial leg of the Eras tour. At the time of this writing, only 2 cover songs have been played throughout the tour.

43. Long Live44. Nothing New45. no body, no crime
46. invisible string47. Clean48. Death by a Thousand Cuts
49. Maroon50. Our Song51. You’re On Your Own, Kid
52. A Place in This World53. All of the Girls You Loved Before54. All You Had to Do Was Stay
55. Back to December56. Begin Again57. Better Man
58. Breathe59. Call It What You Want60. Castles Crumbling
61. Cold as You62. Come Back… Be Here63. coney island
64. cowboy like me65. Daylight66. Dear John
67. dorothea68. Dress69. evermore
70. Everything Has Changed71. exile72. False God
73. Fifteen74. Forever & Always75. Getaway Car
76. gold rush77. Gorgeous78. Haunted
79. Hey Stephen80. High Infidelity81. Hits Different
82. Holy Ground83. How You Get the Girl84. I Almost Do
85. I Bet You Think About Me86. I Can See You87. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (cover)
88. I Know Places89. I miss you, I’m sorry (cover)90. I Think He Knows
91. I Wish You Would92. I’m Only Me When I’m With You93. If This Was a Movie
94. Invisible95. ivy96. Jump Then Fall
97. King of My Heart98. Last Kiss99. mad woman
100. Mean101. Message in a Bottle102. Mine
103. mirrorball104. Mr. Perfectly Fine105. Never Grow Up
106. New Romantics107. New Year’s Day108. Ours
109. Out of the Woods110. Paper Rings111. Picture to Burn
112. Question…?113. Red114. right where you left me
115. Sad Beautiful Tragic116. seven117. Should’ve Said No
118. Snow On The Beach119. Sparks Fly120. Speak Now
121. Starlight122. State of Grace123. Stay Stay Stay
124. Teardrops on My Guitar125. The Best Day126. The Great War
127. the lakes128. The Last Time129. The Lucky One
130. The Moment I Knew131. The Other Side of the Door132. The Story of Us
133. this is me trying134. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things135. This Love
136. Tied Together With a Smile137. Tim McGraw138. Timeless
139. Today Was a Fairytale140. Treacherous141. Welcome to New York
142. When Emma Falls in Love143. White Horse144. Wonderland
145. Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve146. You All Over Me147. You Are in Love
148. You’re Not Sorry

Long Live

Long Live has only been played 14 times thus far, commonly being included in the Speak Now act. 

Nothing New

Nothing New made its live performance debut on this tour in Nashville on May 5th. Since then, it has been played 12 times. The song was performed with Phoebe Bridgers.  

no body, no crime

Toward the end of the tour’s initial US run, no body, no crime found its way at the beginning of the Evermore act, and has been played 10 times. 

invisible string

On 5 different occasions so far, invisible string has opened the Folklore act.


Clean has been featured twice in the surprise song section of the concert. The song has been played on piano both times.

Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a Thousand Cuts has also been repeated twice in the surprise section, being played on acoustic guitar. 


Maroon has featured a piano performance twice in both May and August during the surprise song act.

Our Song

Our Song, one of Taylor Swift’s oldest songs, has been an acoustic surprise twice, in March and August.

You're on Your Own, Kid

This song made its debut in April and has only been played twice, featuring Taylor on the piano.

A Place in This World

April 22nd marked the first time Taylor played this song since 2018. 

All of the Girls You Loved Before

Taylor debuted this song on the piano on July 29th in Santa Clara, California. 

All You Had to Do Was Stay

Detroit was surprised with an acoustic guitar performance of this song in June. It had not been played since 2015.

Back to December

In July, Denver fans enjoyed a bust-out performance of Back To December, which hadn’t been played in 11 years.

Begin Again

This song about opening up to the possibility of love was played on April 23rd for the first time in 5 years.

Begin Again

Better Man

The only instance of Better Man so far took place with a piano performance on May 19th.


This song from Taylor’s Fearless album made its tour debut in Detroit with Taylor on the piano. 

Call It What You Want

Cincinnati enjoyed a 3-track surprise song set ending with Call It What You Want being played on the piano. 

Castles Crumbling

Castles Crumbling was performed on the piano for the very first (and only) time on July 28th.

Cold as You

After a decade on the shelf, Cold As You was finally performed on April 23rd in Houston, Texas.

Come Back… Be Here

Philly fans got to experience Come Back… Be Here at the sole request of Phoebe Bridgers. 

coney island

Evermore’s coney island had its only performance to date with a piano performance on April 28th. 

cowboy like me

Taylor Swift surprised her Las Vegas audience on March 25th by debuting cowboy like me as a duet with Marcus Mumford.


Daylight, which expresses Swift’s mature views on the concept of love, was played on June 24th. 

Dear John

June 24th also saw the bust-out performance of Dear John after over 11 years on the shelf. 


This narrative-perspective song from Evermore made its live debut in Kansas City on July 8th.


An acoustic version of this provocative song from Reputation was played on August 7th in Inglewood, California.


Despite playing songs from the album, the only time this title track was played was June 30th. 

Everything Has Changed

Seattle enjoyed the first performance of this Red album song in 10 years on July 22nd. 


The only time this Folklore song has made an appearance was August 7th in Inglewood, California.

False God

May 27th marked the first (and only) time that False God has been played at a concert.

False God


Taylor played a piano version of Fifteen on May 6th in Nashville. 

Forever & Always

Thanks to the request of actress, Lena Dunham, Forever & Always was played in Philadelphia on May 13th. 

Getaway Car

Jack Antonoff joined Taylor on stage for the only performance of Getaway Car on May 26th.

gold rush

This track was played for the first time on May 12th in Philadelphia. 


This fan favorite from Reputation was played on the piano on April 29th. 


Haunted has only been played sparingly since 2011, with June 9th being its first performance in 5 years. 

Hey Stephen

May 14th’s acoustic performance of Hey Stephen featured a spoken intro, marking its 3rd performance since 2010. 

High Infidelity

Atlanta’s April 29th show saw Taylor performing this Midnights track for the very first time.

Hits Different

Taylor debuted Hits Different on the acoustic guitar on June 4th.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground was performed for the 18th time since 2013 on May 27th.

How You Get the Girl

April 30th saw the 2nd performance of How You Get the Girl since 2015.

I Almost Do

Detroit fans were ecstatic with Taylor’s piano performance of I Almost Do, which hadn’t been played in 10 years.

I Bet You Think About Me

This track from Red made its concert debut in Atlanta on April 30th with an acoustic performance. 

I Can See You

On August 3rd, Inglewood fans caught the debut performance of Speak Now’s I Can See You. The song’s music video debuted at the July 7th concert in Kansas City.

I Don't Wanna Live Forever (ZAYN & Taylor Swift cover)

Chicago fans enjoyed a cover of this collaboration, making it only the 7th time it has been performed live since 2017.

I Don't Wanna Live Forever (ZAYN & Taylor Swift cover)

I Know Places

This song has only been played twice since 2015, with its August 8th performance being the most recent. 

I miss you, I'm sorry (Gracie Abrams cover)

Gracie Abrams joined Taylor Swift on stage to perform this cover song on July 1st. 

I Think He Knows

This Lover track made its official debut on May 21st with an acoustic guitar version.

I Wish You Would

On June 2nd after 8 years, Taylor played I Wish You Would on the acoustic guitar for the first time.

I'm Only Me When I'm With You

During the June 30th concert, this song made a bust-out appearance after 5 years on the shelf.

If This Was a Movie

Taylor had a sweeping performance of If This Was a Movie during its debut on June 23rd.


Invisible made its 12th overall appearance on May 20th with a version that featured Taylor on the piano.


Aaron Dessner joined Taylor on stage for the live debut of ivy on July 1st.

Jump Then Fall

Jump Then Fall made its 4th concert appearance in its history on April 2nd.

King of My Heart

August 8th saw Taylor busting out a piano-driven version of King of My Heart.

Last Kiss

Kansas City fans were treated to an acoustic version of Last Kiss, which hadn’t been played in 10 years. 

mad woman

Aaron Dessner joined Taylor on stage for a debut piano version of mad woman on April 15th in Tampa, Florida.


That same April 15th Tampa show also got to enjoy the first performance of Mean in 5 years.

Message in a Bottle

Taylor debuted Red’s Message in a Bottle in Seattle on July 23rd. 

Message in a Bottle


On May 7th, Taylor busted out a piano version of Mine, which has been played only sparingly since 2012. 


On the tour’s opening night, mirrorball made its live performance debut on the acoustic guitar. 

Mr. Perfectly Fine

Taylor took the opportunity to debut Mr. Perfectly Fine (from Fearless) in Pittsburgh on June 16th.

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up made its 8th total appearance since 2011 on July 7th.

New Romantics

August 9th’s Inglewood performance saw the bust-out of New Romantics after 6 years on the shelf.

New Year's Day

That same August 9th performance saw New Year’s Day being performed for its 6th time since 2017.


Arlington, Texas fans enjoyed a rare performance of Ours on March 31st. 

Out of the Woods

The May 6th Nashville show saw Taylor mess up the bridge lyrics on the 100th performance overall of Out of the Woods. 

Paper Rings

The punk-inspired song, Paper Rings, made its live debut on June 23rd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Picture to Burn

Denver fans enjoyed one of the biggest bust-outs of the tour on July 14th with Picture to Burn. It hadn’t been played since 2010.


This song from the Midnights album made its live performance debut on May 20th.


May 21st saw Taylor playing Red on an acoustic guitar after having technical issues with her piano.

right where you left me

Aaron Dessner joined Taylor on the stage for the debut of this track on July 28th. 

Sad Beautiful Tragic

St. Paul, Minnesota was gifted with the 10-year bust-out of Sad Beautiful Tragic on March 31st. This was the song’s 3rd performance in its history. 


Taylor had Aaron Dessner on the stage to help out with her performance of seven on June 17th.

Should've Said No

May 19th saw Taylor Swift busting out Should’ve Said No for the first time in 8 years.

Snow On The Beach

This song from the Midnights album made its debut with a piano performance in Las Vegas on March 24th.

Sparks Fly

Taylor followed up her announcement of the re-recording of the Speak Now album with Sparks Fly on May 5th.

Sparks Fly

Speak Now

Tampa enjoyed a guitar version of Speak Now on April 13th, which hadn’t been played in 5 years. 


On July 15th, Denver fans got to enjoy Starlight, which has only been played 5 times since 2012.

State of Grace

March 18th’s concert saw the rare performance of State of Grace being played on the piano.

Stay Stay Stay

Santa Clara, California fans were treated with a 10-year bust-out of this song on July 29th. 

Teardrops on My Guitar

This song has been increasingly rare since 2010, and was featured in a piano performance on May 5th.

The Best Day

Taylor dedicated the 7th overall performance of The Best Day to her mother for Mother’s Day in Philadelphia.

The Great War

This song made its concert debut on April 14th in Tampa with special guest, Aaron Dessner. 

the lakes

This song from Folklore was played for the 2nd time in its history on June 2nd in Chicago.

The Last Time

On June 16th, Pittsburgh fans were enamored with the first performance of The Last Time in 10 years. 

The Lucky One

Arlington, Texas fans enjoyed a rare piano version of The Lucky One on April 2nd.

The Moment I Knew

Taylor debuted The Moment I Knew in Chicago on June 4th with a piano version.

The Other Side of the Door

This song from the Fearless album made its concert debut in Atlanta on April 28th.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us made its 17th appearance since 2011 in Pittsburgh on June 17th.

this is me trying

Taylor played this is me trying for the 2nd time in the song’s history on March 18th in Glendale, Arizona.

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Taylor played an acoustic guitar version of This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things on July 22nd after a 5-year gap.

This Love

This Love made a rare appearance in a piano rendition during the May 13th Philadelphia show.

Tied Together With a Smile

Seattle fans enjoyed a rare piano performance of this track on July 23rd. It was the song’s 7th performance overall.

Tied Together With a Smile

Tim McGraw

Taylor busted out the old fan-favorite song, Tim McGraw, during the tour’s opening night on March 17th. 


Denver’s July 14th audience got to enjoy the very first performance of Timeless, which featured Taylor on the piano. 

Today Was a Fairytale

On April 22nd, Houston fans were gifted with the first Today Was a Fairytale in 10 years.


The increasingly rare Treacherous was performed on the piano during Tampa’s April 13th concert. 

Welcome to New York

This track from Taylor’s 1989 album was featured in an acoustic guitar performance on May 28th.

When Emma Falls in Love

Taylor took Kansas City’s July 7th performance as an opportunity to debut this song on the piano.

White Horse

Taylor played White Horse for the 5th time since 2013 during the March 25th Las Vegas concert.


Houston fans enjoyed a bust-out of Wonderland after a 10-year gap on April 21st.

Would've, Could've, Should've

Aaron Dessner helped Taylor to debut this Midnights track during Nashville’s May 7th performance.

You All Over Me

Maren Morris joined Taylor on stage for the live debut of You All Over Me on June 3rd.

You Are in Love

After an 8-year show gap, this song made its appearance during Inglewood’s August 4th concert.

You're Not Sorry

Houston’s April 21st performance saw the bust-out of You’re Not Sorry after 10 years on the shelf.

Eras Tour Setlist, Final Thoughts

The Eras Tour is set to run until November 2024, so it will be interesting to see if the common setlist changes during that time. Considering the sheer number of songs in Swift’s catalog, it’s anyone’s best guess as to what she may surprise her audiences with next.

Taylor Swift begins the international leg of her tour on August 24, 2023, and circumnavigates the globe in a westward direction before ending the tour in North America.  

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