31 Best Songs With Fruit In The Title

Fruit are delicious, as are many of the songs written about them.

From apples and oranges to watermelons and peaches, here are the best songs with fruit in the title.

Apples by Lily Allen

Song Year: 2017

The first song with fruits in the title is from Lily Allen. The somber song is about her failing marriage with her former husband, Sam Cooper, less than five years after their wedding. The piece finds the singer in a similar situation as their parents, who separated when she was young. She finally acknowledges the quote ‘apples don't fall far from the tree’.

Apples and Oranges by Pink Floyd

Song Year: 1967

Apples and Oranges is the final song composed by Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. Though the song’s lyrics are about a narrator meeting a woman at the supermarket while he follows and sings for hours, a deeper dive into its meaning reveals that it is just a phrase for an unfair comparison.

Its playful atmosphere makes it among the most light-hearted tracks on the band’s Shine On album and one of the best Pink Floyd songs.

Watermelon in Easter Hay by Frank Zappa

Song Year: 1979

The melancholy guitar solo by Frank Zappa defines how legendary the composer was as he concluded a story of an artist seeking freedom to express himself musically throughout the Joe’s Garage Act III album.

Its beautiful melody played over two chords, brings the heavens down in a way many artists will never accomplish. The track has no lyrics but only a spoken monologue introducing the listeners to an instrumental masterpiece.

Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

Song Year: 1967

John Lennon based the song on his childhood recollection of playing on strawberry fields. A look at the song's lyrics shows that the piece isn't as free and easy as the melody might sound.

It talks about John Lennon's insecurities because of his tough childhood upbringing in a Salvation Army Orphanage. The distorted voice at the song's conclusion sounding like John saying he buried Paul, fueled the long-running rumors that Paul McCartney was dead.

Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino

Song Year: 1956

Fats Domino made a rendition of one of the best songs with fruit in the title, making it more popular than it was when originally composed. Sammy Kaye Orchestra first recorded Blueberry Hill, and over the years, six other artists released a cover of the song. The version of Fats Domino made the song a rock and roll standard, becoming his biggest pop hit.

Peach by Kevin Abstract

Song Year: 2019

In the song, Kevin Abstract and his friends focus on ‌a romantic relationship that Kevin reminisces about. It becomes clear that the woman in question was someone the singer cared for, but she ultimately left him. The song's progression shows that Kevin is trying to appeal to his former girlfriend to be more receptive to his advances and love because ‌she is unwilling to.

Kiwi by Harry Styles

Song Year: 2017

Harry Styles wrote this next rock-fuelled song about a mystery girl that keeps turning his head and making him lose it altogether. It is among his beloved pieces that launched his solo career after his exit from One Direction.

Fans of the artist have been desperate to know who the mystery girl in question was, with the most popular theory being it is a song about his former girlfriend, Kendall Jenner.

Raspberry Beret by Prince & The Revolution

Song Year: 1985

While most of Prince's fans associate most of his lyrics with the euphemism of something dirty, that is not the case in this song. The memorable song is a love ballad because of its catchy chorus. It tells a story of a romantic encounter of a teenager with a girl wearing a raspberry beret.

Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

Song Year: 2020

Watermelon Sugar is one of the most popular songs with fruit in a title of recent years, as it has nearly 340 million views on YouTube alone. Harry Styles inspired the song from his initial buzz at the start of a new relationship. His lyrics also feature some hidden sexually explicit meanings. The song is the second single of his Fine Line album.

Cherry by Rina Sasayama

Song Year: 2018

The next piece is a coming-out song where the singer opens up about being pansexual. She does this by talking about her struggles and encouraging her fans to be expressive of the people they love. The song's inspiration came after her courage to overcome her internalized shame and bi-phobia. The music video expresses a celebration of queer expression and femininity.

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Song Year: 2005

Banana Pancakes is a plea to us to take life slow so we can indulge and enjoy beautiful moments with the people we love. Its lyrics encourage the listeners to hold off on responsibilities and obligations.

Throughout the verses, Jack Johnson lists the different things we can do for those we love, such as playing an instrument. The song's inspiration came when the singer noticed his wife being busy and wanted to distract her.

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