27 Songs Starting With E

Songs Starting With E

Whether you're looking for songs starting with E to create an alphabetical playlist or want to feature the letter of the day, there are plenty to choose from. Here are some of the best.

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

Song year: 1982

“Eye of the “Tiger” is the most popular song by Survivor, with many fans remembering it from the movie Rocky. Not only was it the Rocky theme song, but Sylvester Stalone helped with the music. The third verse and louder drum mix was Stalone's suggestion.

Billboard named this song the number one of 1982 and held the number one spot for six consecutive weeks. VH1 rated this hit as the 63rd greatest hard-rock song.

“Eastside” by Benny Blanco Halsey & Khalid

Song year: 2018

The lyrics in this 2000s hit are about adults reminiscing about their teenage relationship. Now they're older, they look back at the relationship with happy memories.

Benny Blanco's single hit the Billboard Hot 100 at 56 before peaking at nine. This song was Blanco's first top-ten single.

“Everlong” by the Foo Fighters

Song year: 1997

The lyrics of “Everlong” evokes all the emotions that come with love—feeling shy when you first meet, excited, and enjoying all of the firsts. In the song, the narrator protects his girlfriend from anyone who tries to hurt her.

“Everlong” peaked at number three on the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Many believe this song is about drug addiction, precisely that of Kurt Cobain. However, Grohl wrote these lyrics during a low point in his life.

“Even Flow” by Pearl Jam

Song year: 1992

This song describes the experience of a homeless man who sleeps on concrete and panhandles for spare change. He's mentally ill and struggling to think coherently.

It peaked at number three on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. “Even Flow” also made Pearl Jam's greatest hit album.

“Enter Sandman” by Metallica

Song year: 1991

“Enter Sandman” is a metaphor for children who adults manipulate. Instead of the Sandman being a soothing character that helps lull you to sleep, he's someone who keeps you up at night.

This heavy metal song peaked at number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and received a platinum certification for selling more than a million copies in the US.

“Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.

Song year: 1992

“Everybody Hurts” is an anti-suicide song Berry wrote to help those who feel they have no hope. Specifically, his goal was to hit the hearts of struggling teenagers.

This hit landed at number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top ten charts in Canada, France, Australia, the UK, Ireland, Iceland, and the Netherlands.

“Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes

Song year: 1979

The beachy melody and upbeat chorus may make you miss the fact that this is a song about cheating. Its lyrics describe a man who gets bored in his relationship and seeks a woman's attention in the newspaper's ads.

“Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” does have a happy ending. The woman in the ad is his wife, allowing them to laugh it off and realize how much they have in common. This song became the number one song of the 70s.

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police

Song year: 1983

“Every Breath You Take” has lyrics that many listeners misunderstand. Even though this song is about an obsessive stalker, many look at it as a love song.

This hit topped the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for eight weeks, which is the Police's only number one song. It also landed among the top ten in various other countries.

“Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish

Song year: 2019

Eilish wrote this song after a nightmare about jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. After her demise, people in her life seemed not to care. She woke up feeling like, despite achieving her dreams, some view her as disposable.

“Everything I Wanted” won Record of the Year at the Grammy Awards, though Eilish stated that Megan Thee Stallion deserved the award during her speech.

“Everything You Want” by Vertical Horizon

Song year: 1999

“Everything You Want” is a song about unrequited love. Scannell got his inspiration from a girl he dated. She was in a hard place, and he wanted to be everything to her. However, she couldn't accept it, which inspired the song.

This song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 in July of 2000. It reached the top of the Billboard Adult Top 40 and is still Vertical Horizon's most successful single.

“Everywhere” by Michelle Branch

Song year: 2001

Michelle Branch wrote this song to be somewhat ambiguous, but many fans consider it an incredibly romantic tune. The narrator implies she is with the guy she likes, but then she questions if he even sees her.

Maverick Records released “Everywhere” as Michelle Branch's debut single. Billboard named this song's chorus the 77th greatest of the 21st century in 2017.

“E.T” by Katy Perry

Song year: 2010

This hip-hop ballad mixes techno, dubstep, and smaller parts with drums and bass. Lyrically, the song has a futuristic spin on falling in love with a foreigner.

“E.T.” would be Perry's fifth song to land at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and reach the top in several countries. Billboard stated that it was the fourth biggest song of 2011.

“Exodus” Bob Marley

Song year: 1977

“Exodus” is a Biblical song by Bob Marley, who flew to London after a Jamaican assassination, where he wrote and recorded it. This tune has a revolutionary theme within the chorus.

This single hit number 14 on the UK Singles Chart shortly after its release. It was Marley's first single to get widespread airplay on black radio stations in the United States.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison

Song year: 1988

Bret Michaels got the inspiration for this hit song while in a laundromat. He was in Dallas waiting for the dryer to finish and called his girlfriend, only to hear a male voice in the background. There, he penned the lyrics to this song.

This power ballad is Poison's signature song and is the only one to top the charts in the United States. It also landed at number 11 on the Mainstream Rock Chart and 13 in the UK.

“Electric Love” by BORNS

"Electric Love" by BORNS

Song year: 2015

This is a song about being in love with someone. The narrator discusses how he thinks about her all night with thoughts so loud that it's hard to ignore. “Electric” is a metaphor for intense, passionate love.

“Electric Love” is BORNS's debut single, though he originally recorded it for his play, Candy, which is referred to in the track. This song got Platinum certified by the RIAA in 2017.

“Electric Feel” by MGMT

Song year: 2007

Unlike “Electric Love” above, “Electric Feel” has a different metaphor. While many fans misinterpret this song as about sex or love, its lyrics are about drugs.

MGMT released this hit as the second single from their debut studio album in 2008. It was initially a CD single, though it came later as a vinyl. This song hit the radio in July of the same year.

“Every Morning” by Sugar Ray

Song year: 1999

This alternative rock and flamenco pop song is about a relationship gone wrong. However, you may not know that the “halo” referred to in the song is about a condom, and it's not the narrator's – implying the girlfriend cheated.

This song was Sugar Ray's first commercially available single in the US and topped the charts of the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and the Canadian RPM Top Singles charts. It also landed at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Easy On Me” by Adele

Song year: 2021

This piano-driven pop ballad with a mix of bass drum beats in the middle is about Adele's divorce. In the lyrics, Adele explains to her son why she decided to split from his father and hopes he'll understand and be kind to her.

“Easy On Me” was Adele's first song in nearly five years and became a huge hit. It topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it remained for ten weeks.

“Enchanted” by Taylor Swift

Song year: 2010

“Enchanted” is about a man Swift was infatuated with after meeting him in NYC and how she wanted to continue their relationship. She includes the term “wonderstruck” in her lyrics because he used it as a subject line in one of their emails.

This song landed at 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and 95 on the Canadian Hot 100. After her song went viral on TikTok, it rose to 47 on the Canadian Hot 100.

“Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

Song year: 2011

This song is about Gaga's grandmother standing over her grandfather while he was dying. Gaga stated he gave his wife a look like “Our love made us winners.” They were together for 60 years, and that intense moment inspired this hit.

Commercially, “Edge of Glory” gained worldwide success. It landed within the top ten in several countries, including Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In the US, it reached number three, Gaga's tenth consecutive top ten single.

“Everybody (Backstreet's Back)” by Backstreet Boys

Song year: 1997

“Everybody” is a famous song for 90s kids who listened to Backstreet Boys. Because Backstreet Boys were back home from Canada, some believe that's the meaning behind the music. However, I think most fans appreciate this song's catchy lyrics and tune.

This song peaked at number one in several countries, including Canada, Australia, Austria, and Germany. It landed at number four in the US on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Everybody Loves Somebody” by Dean Martin

Song year: 1964

“Everybody Loves Somebody” is a song that several artists previously recorded, including Frank Sinatra, without success. However, Dean Martin's version in 1964 garnered some attention.

This song topped the charts on the Billboard Hot 100. It remained number one on the Pop Standard Singles chart for eight weeks. At the time, Martin hadn't hit the top 40 in roughly six years.

“Earth” by Little Dicky

Song year: 2019

This song is a charity single recorded by Lil Dicky in 2019, three days before Earth Day. “Earth” features vocals from 30 well-known artists representing plants or animals, including Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lil Jon, and Leonardo Dicaprio.

The lyrics describe how humans are destroying the earth and how we must do things differently before we create irreversible damage.

“Everywhere” by Tim McGraw

Song year: 1997

“Everywhere” describes a couple ending their relationship after they disagree over their future as a couple. One wants to travel outside the small town, while the other wants to stay.

It reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks and two on the RPM Country Tracks in Canada.

“Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks

Song year: 1982

“Edge of Seventeen” is a story about Tom Petty and his first wife, Jane's first meeting. When Jane stated they met “at the age of seventeen,” her accent made it sound like “edge of seventeen.”

The lyrics express her grief after losing her uncle and John Lennon's murder within the same week. It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Endless Love” by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

Song year: 1981

Diana Ross and Lionel Richie recorded this hit for Motown, which was used for the theme of the film “Endless Love.” As the song title suggests, it's about a couple describing their endless love for one another.

Although the movie received moderate success, the song became a hit. It topped the US Hot 100 Charts and stayed there for nine weeks. It also hit number one on the Adult Contemporary chart and the Billboard R&B chart.

“Elvira” Oak Ridge Boys

Song year: 1981

Dallas Frazier originally penned the lyrics for “Elvira” in '66 and added it as the title track of an album he released the same year.

“Elvira” doesn't refer to a woman's name but a street in Nashville, Tennessee. Although Frazier didn't see much success, this song is one of the Oak Ridge Boys' signature songs.

Best Songs Starting With E, Final Thoughts

Song titles beginning with the letter E fall within several genres and themes. If you're creating a playlist by letters, you'll want to include the above songs starting with E.

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