31 Best Songs With Fruit In The Title

Peaches and Cream by 112

Song Year: 2001

Peaches and Cream is a song from Bad Boy Entertainment R&B quartet 112, and P. Diddy Combs produced it. Upon the song's release, it peaked at number two on the Billboard 100 charts and remained for 25 weeks, making it one of their popular songs.

Though the track has fruit in its lyrics, its meaning is quite controversial, and it had to have a clean remix so that they could play it on the radio.

Bad Apples by Tribes

Song Year: 2012

Though Bad Apples are among the least popular songs with fruit in the title on this playlist, it has one of the most powerful meanings. The song is a less wholesome take on the fruit as it is about manipulation.

The lyrics are a warning about the corrupting influence of bad friends. It tells the story of women who take the singer to parties only to encourage him to consume too much alcohol.

Peaches and Creams by Snoop Dogg ft Charlie Wilson

Song Year: 2015

The hip-hop mid-tempo features some unique beats, drawing inspiration from funk. Popular music creator Pharrell Williams composed the laid-back instrumental. The lyrics are about a girl that has captivated the artist while they are at a party. They featured the song on the last episode of the first season of Empire, where Snoop played as an artist under the labels conglomerate.

Fresh Strawberries by Franz Ferdinand

Song Year: 2013

After a decade of dance rock and indie tracks that made Franz Ferdinand more visible in the Scottish mainstream music industry, this song shows they are at the pinnacle of their career.

The song is meditative and tries to make sense of life by asking heavy existential questions about religion and life. The heavy chorus is a reminder that, soon, a time is coming when we will all be forgotten and rotten.

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree by Andrews Sisters

Song Year: 1942

The next song debuted in 1939, but it became famous a few years later after the Andrews Sisters made a rendition. The core of the song's narration is about a woman being faithful when the man is not around.

The lyrics show it is from a man's perspective as he begs the woman not to sit under the apple tree with other men while he is serving in the war. The apple tree symbolizes trust to the couple, a place where only the two of them should share.

Second Bite of the Apple by Beady Eye

Second Bite of the Apple by Beady Eye

Song Year: 2013

The next track is among the fine songs with fruit in the title. The apple in the song is used to mean second chances, as its lyrics focus on overcoming tribulations that the world sends your way. Second Bit of the Apple is the first proper single in Beady Eye’s album that exemplifies the evolution of the band’s sound.

Cherry by Lana Del Rey

Song Year:

Through metaphors, Lana Del Ray expresses her deep devotion to being in love. She conveys that her love is powerful, causing havoc, overcoming danger, and removing fear. At the same time, it shows that she can be vulnerable to a point where she feels like breaking apart for the man she is in a relationship with.

Ultimately Lana's song shows when you are deeply in love, experiences, and memories can be tainted in one way or the other.

The Apple Tree by Nina Nesbitt

Song Year: 2012

Nina's song's inspiration is from an apple orchard she saw at the studio of Jake Gosling, the track's producer. Its melody is simple, with the lyrics clinching the familiar themes of heartbreak and love.

A deeper look into its meaning will show the song is about the progression from love to ultimately hate because of betrayal from someone close. We see the singer wishing she could go back to when she was naïve.

Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit by Jimmy Buffett

Song Year: 1973

This song with fruit in the title is about the symbolic life of a rock star. Its lyrics hint the artist committed infidelity with a groupie and is trying to make excuses for his mistakes. He lies to her by telling his lover that it is lonely on the road without her. He ends up repeating his mistakes on every tour he goes on. This Jimmy Buffet track is among the best songs from 1973.

Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

Song Year: 1995

A person's first love will be forever memorable, and this is the perfect song to show that through a coming of age story of a teenager from Wisconsin. In the track, the narrator compares her innocent youth to strawberry wine. As she ages, she returns to the place to see if anything has changed.

The song is Deana Carter's first single, and it became number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles.

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