27 Best Songs About Being Proud Of Someone

Whether it's pride in another or yourself, being proud of someone is an important emotion that lets you know the person is doing something right.

While it can be hard to express this pride in words, many artists have done so in the form of music. In this article, we'd like to share some of the best songs about being proud of someone.

“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

Song year: 2003

Often, when you're proud of someone, it's because they've changed your life for the better and have made you a more remarkable person overall. 

“You Raise Me Up” encapsulates this feeling as Josh Groban sings about how he is much stronger when he has that special someone by his side. With his robust yet angelic voice, Groban captures our minds and hearts with a symphony of incredible singing and emotionally moving lyrics.

“Proud” Marshmallow

Song year: 2019

As always, Marshmallow's music is poppy, energetic, and full of vibrant beats. If you're looking for a song about being proud of someone with a modern twist, look no further than the eccentric DJ's hit, “Pride.”

What we love about this one is that it has a straightforward message you can take in several ways. It's up to the listener to determine to whom this pride is addressed and thus applies to various situations.

“Hall of Fame” by The Script

Song year: 2012

Pride in potential. The measure of a person isn't defined by who they are in the beginning but by who they become in the end. 

“Hall of Fame” is an anthem tailored towards those who have yet to meet their full potential yet takes pride in everyone with aspirations. Its lyrics don’t get addressed to one person in particular but to all of civilization, and that's beautiful.

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2017

Being proud of your lover is one of the purest, most abundant forms of pride and has outlasted many passing centuries.

With that, we've got musicians that capture our prideful love in the form of songs from several different genres. A prime example is Ed Sheeran's “Perfect,” a heartwarming symphony full of pleasant quips and calming instrumentals.

It's the perfect comfort song to listen to when you want to show that special someone how proud you are of them.

“I'm So Proud of You” by Shane Ward

Song year: 2015

Shane Ward's “I'm So Proud of You” is a bit underrated but a hidden gem nonetheless. Like the previous entry, it's about being proud of a lover but has a much more energetic pace and a funky vibe to go along with it.

While it sounds like a song that predates 2010, you'll be surprised to know it came out in 2015 (which isn't a bad thing!)

“Nada Es Como Tu” by Ricardo Arjona

Song year: 2016

“Nada Es Como Tu,” which translates to “Nothing is Like You,” is a beautifully arranged acoustic song by Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona.

Even if you don't speak Spanish, you can still enjoy the soothing voice of Arjona as he sings about his child, to which he believes nothing compares and also to which he has overwhelming pride.

“Something To Be Proud Of” by Montgomery Gentry

Song year: 2004

The country has somewhat of a niche following but one that is highly dedicated. And we can confidently say they're dedicated for many good reasons.

See, many country songs tell a story. In this instance, it's a story of learning to be proud, as taught by the singer's father. Lyrically, it's well put together, and the country style is always a treat to hear.

Even if you're not a fan of country music, we still recommend giving this one a try!

“Somebody I'm Proud Of” by Sarah Barrios

Song year: 2021

Unlike many of the entries on this list, Sarah Barrios' “Somebody I'm Proud Of” is about wanting to be proud of someone in the future, specifically the singer's self.

The message may seem self-deprecating at first, but once you listen to the lyrics closely, you'll quickly realize that the song is inspiring and all about personal growth. Rather than describing someone they're already proud of, they're singing about becoming a person they CAN be proud of.

“Forever Now” by Michael Buble

Song year: 2018

For those of you who weren't satisfied with “Nada Es Como Tu,” then we've got a song that's just as moving in “Forever Now” by Michael Buble.

It's a piano-accompanied melody dedicated to a parent's eternal pride in their son/daughter and shows how love is unconditional and undefined by any trivial boundaries. 

“Superman” by Rachel Platten

Song year: 2016

When you're proud of someone, it's often because they've earned your respect. As Platten sings about in her pop ballet, this pride you feel in a person comes specifically from a burden they've undertaken and ultimately overcome.

In this case, the singer wishes to take the pain of the recipient of the song as they have already proven they can be “Superman” to them.

It's one of Platten's lesser-known songs, but a pleasant listen for when you just want to get into the “feels.”

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