57 Best Songs About Working Hard

It’s time to put the work in! If you’ve a big job coming up and want some motivation, here are the best songs about working hard. Some of these could also be good if you want a song about hard work being difficult.


9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

Song Year: 1980

The country music sensation Dolly Parton composed the song for a comedy film starring Jane Fonda. The song and film tell a story of a typical American office and capitalistic society. Though the lyrics highlight the struggles of a working woman, you can use the narrative to work harder to climb the corporate ladder of your organization despite any challenge thrown your way.

A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles

Song Year: 1964

The next song on this playlist is an iconic piece from The Beatles. It resonated well with the generation when the song was released as it describes the sacrifices of a man working hard for the woman he loves. In its own way, it is a love song, as its lyrics show the singer's devotion to his lover. The song was part of the soundtrack for the film of a similar name.

40-Hour Week by Alabama

Song Year: 1986

The classic song pays homage to the blue-collar worker instead of showing the frustration of working a manual job. The composer made the song to show appreciation to the underappreciated workforce of American society.

The anthem is the perfect piece to jam to while you push through your blue-collar job, as its lyrics are encouraging. It will surely get you in the mood to be productive, no matter how hard your work is.

High Cotton by Alabama

Song Year: 1989

High Cotton lyrics are about the flashback of the songwriter to his childhood days. It depicts the life of hardworking southern cotton farmers who took their jobs seriously. The singer also shows value in working hard for yourself as he looks back and realizes there were no effects on farmers when there was a market crash in 1987.

Morning Train (Nine To Five) by Sheena Easton

Song Year: 1980

Sheena's Song, Morning Train, is one of the best songs about working hard with a Nine To Five title. It is about the daily grind and the happiness that comes with it. They altered the title of the song not to be confused with Dolly Parton's track.

While we are familiar with the singer as a liberated woman, in her song, she takes the persona of a happy stay-at-home parent whose happiness is her husband working the whole day, then returning home to entertain her.

6 Inch by Beyoncé ft. The Weeknd

Song Year:

The Lemonade album is the epitome of Beyoncé's artistic and musical expression, and 6 Inch is a masterpiece to prove it. The artists in the song sing about all the hardworking women by using heels as the symbol of their success.

The empowering lyrics show respect for all women that worked hard to get to their position of success. The Weeknd's backup vocals add character to the marvelous and intoxicating sound of the song.

Assembly Line by Randy Montana

Song Year: 2010

The main character in Randy Montana's song is a factory assembly line worker who puts his heart and soul into his work. The story shows he loves providing for his family but hates the monotony of working that job.

Assembly Line lyrics are powerful as it shows the tension between the man’s need to provide and being stuck on employment that is not satisfactory to him.

Shiftwork by Kenny Chesney and George Strait

Song Year: 2007

Shiftwork is one of the best duet country songs as it describes the ordinary life of a blue-collar employee. It shows the challenges of working a shift through the reciprocating cycle of the same job that wears out a worker.

The lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of being tired, working hard, and happy as a day is coming when it will all be better.

Takin’ Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive

Song Year: 1973

The track by Bachman Turner Overdrive will definitely raise your spirit and motivate you to work harder at your job no matter what work challenges you are going through. The lead guitarist for the band sang the lead vocals for the track giving him the confidence and a voice to sing the rest of their songs.

Car Wash by Rose Royce

Song Year: 1976

Car Wash is among the best funky songs from the seventies that probably crossed your mind if you love the classic. It is part of the soundtrack of a comedy film with a similar name that centers on a family-run car wash business.

The disco hit has an entertaining solo bass and backing vocals that reflect working hard in a relaxed environment. Norman Whitfield, a Motown composer, wrote the song, which ended up winning a Grammy.

Manic Monday by The Bangles

Song Year: 1986

If you hate Mondays, this is a song for you. The song by The Bangles reflects the feeling of Monday by a working person who wishes the weekend would be longer. Prince wrote the song under the pseudonym “Christopher,” and it peaked at number two on the music charts, with his officially released song, “Kiss,” being number one.

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  1. I know Buck Owen’s sang a song about hard work. It was on an A long play record in early 60s but I haven’t heard it any were since.

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