57 Best Songs About Working Hard


Beer On The Table by Josh Thompson

Song Year: 2009

Though the song's title has an alcoholic drink on it, it focuses on the life of a hard-working person rather than drinking. Josh Thompson wrote the song as the lead on his Way Out There album to celebrate time off from working hard.

The track shows it is good to appreciate the value of honest work, no matter the remuneration you make from it. The tempo and chorus make it a great song to drink along to after a hard working week.

Hands of a Working Man by Zane Williams

Song Year: 2013

Hands of a working man is a tribute song for hardworking people, and it is the perfect piece to listen to and appreciate what you do. The lyrics show hardworking people are the backbone of society. Zane Williams shows self-reliance and hard work are the characteristics of a good person in his rootsy anthem.

Life of a Working Man by Creed Fisher

Song Year: 2018

To truly understand the plight of a working man, you will have to experience what they go through. The lyrics urge those who want to tell the story of an ordinary working-class man to live in a world where they are paid for half their work. Creed Fisher's song got back to the roots of country music by expressing the life of an ordinary American.

Heigh Ho by The Seven Dwarfs

Song Year: 1937

This song is from Walt Disney's show Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, which shows the industrious nature of the dwarfs. The dwarfs sing it while they are at their work. It is a great educational song for children so they can learn the value of hard work at a very young age.

Sam Cooke by Chain Gang

Song Year: 1960

The song's inspiration came from Sam Cooke while he was on tour with his brother Charles Saw and witnessed a Chain Gang working by the road. He gave them a pack of cigarettes to show appreciation for the hard labor they were doing.

The song clinched the second position on The Billboard Charts, and there are many renditions of it from popular artists such as Otis Redding.

Dear Mama by Tupac Shakur

Song Year: 1995

Though most of Tupac Shakur's fans see the song as his dedication to his love for his mother, there is more to it. Part of his verses shows appreciation for the hard work his mother did throughout his childhood. Tupac shows that despite their poverty and many other circumstances, there was always a way that his mother made ends meet. It is among the best song from 1995.

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) by Styx.

Song Year: 1978

Blue Collar Man is a lament by a hardworking man who is tired of the mockery by society for being unemployed. Though he is denied several times, the lyrics show his determination to find a new job.

Though he is unsuccessful in persuading a couple of employers, we see that his satisfaction comes from a hard day, and he takes pride in blue-collar work.

Bell Boy by The Who

Song Year: 1973

The song centers around four personalities that represent each member of the band. The song starts by telling a story of a hardworking bellboy meeting the main character Jimmy.

Jimmy realizes the bellboy is a famous musician who has given up on music. The song warns the band that something could change and they could end up in the same situation.

Busy Man by Billy Ray Cyrus

Song Year: 1998

Busy Man is one of the best songs about working hard from the Shot Full of Love album. It centers on a hardworking man who is always busy and doesn't have time for his family. It is a reminder that despite our hard work to provide for our families, we should always take time to enjoy the beautiful moments so that we don't miss out.

Workin’ for a Livin’ by Huey Lewis & The News

Song Year: 1982

Hard work can be discouraging ‌as ‌it might seem you are not getting anywhere. Huey Lewis & The News perfectly captured the essence of the feeling in their song to motivate us to keep on with our work. The song has a rock-ability feel to it, and the lyrics are truer today than 50 years ago when it was released.

Working In the Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey

Song Year: 1966

Lee Dorsey's song is a blend of jazz and blues. It sounds like a record you would pass down from generation to generation for your descendants to experience the beauty of oldies. The song has memorable backup vocals that are harmonic. The song has several renditions, but Devo's cover in 1981 made it extremely popular.

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  1. I know Buck Owen’s sang a song about hard work. It was on an A long play record in early 60s but I haven’t heard it any were since.

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