57 Best Songs About Working Hard


Working Class Hero by Green Day

Song Year: 2007

John Lennon originally wrote Working Class Hero for their debut solo album after The Beatles broke up Plastic Ono Band. Green Day's rendition has a heavy political message and commentary on social issues. The band credits the original song's composer by using John Lennon's vocals on the last line.

Cat’s In the Cradle by Harry Chapin

Song Year: 1974

In this song, Harry Chapin tells a heartbreaking story of a hardworking man who doesn't make time for his son because he is always busy working hard. It is a warning to the listeners not to put careers ahead of family.

The son grows to admire his father and wants to be like him. By the time the father is old with time to spare, the roles have switched as the son is ambitious and has no time to spend with him.

Work from Home by Fifth Harmony

Song Year: 2016

Before the pandemic and working from home was that relevant, Fifth Harmony popularized the concept. The song has managed to have over 2.7 billion views on YouTube. The upbeat melody and memorable chorus will get you moving and pumped up. Adding it to your playlist will help you pass the time and inspire you to take your next tasks positively.

Work Hard, Play Harder by Gretchen Wilson

Song Year: 2009

Work Hard, Play Harder is the first song by Gretchen Wilson from her very own label, Redneck Records. It has an up-tempo rhythm backed up with fiddle and electric guitar. Her song tells the story of a hardworking girl who works hard to make ends meet. It is also part of her album, I Got Your Country Right Here.

Door to Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Song Year: 1972

Unlike most of the songs about working hard, this track focuses on a specific job. The lyrics make a lot of references to those who do door-to-door work, such as those in the delivery industry and sales. It highlights that some jobs, such as door-to-door sales, require hard work and some manipulative selling techniques.

Back on the Chain Gang by The Pretenders

Song Year: 1982

Other than the song being an emotional tribute piece for the band's guitarist, who passed away the same year it was released, it captures the feeling of wanting to be unstruck.

If you have ever been stuck in the rut of day-to-day work and you have a feeling that the hard work you do is no longer enjoyable, break out and start enjoying your job by listening to this song. It will inspire you to move on forward and get back to work.

Cardiac Arrest by Madness

Song Year: 1981

Not all the hard work we do is satisfactory, and this story tells a story of a man who took drastic measures to get a job he was no longer interested in. The song shows he is too fed up until he fakes a cardiac arrest. The protagonist describes the monotony of his work as soul-wrenching. 

Cleaning Windows by Van Morison

Song Year: 1982

Being a window cleaner himself in the sixties, Van Morison got the inspiration for the song from his own life. The upbeat rock track pays homage to the hard work of fellow window cleaners. The lyrics look at the bright side of the job despite its numerous challenges by finding funny moments in life, thus encouraging him to work with a smile.

Shuttin’ Detroit Down by John Rich

Song Year: 2009

The singer John Rich addresses the government bail for the automobile industry during the recession. It tells the stories of hardworking people of Detroit who lost their jobs while politicians and conglomerates used the bailout money for lobbying and bonuses. The artist expresses his indignation that most hardworking people would not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cost of Livin’ by Ronnie Dunn

Song Year: 2011

Ronnie's song is the second single after the disbandment of his partnership with Brooks, with whom they made an iconic country music duo. The retrenchment of 1900 workers after the closure of a tire manufacturing company inspired the singer to write the song. It is from the perspective of one of the laid-off workers trying to convince a new employer to hire him because he is a hard worker.

Cumberland Blues by Grateful Dead

Song Year: 1970

Cumberland Blues is a song to give hope to all those who are unemployed. It narrates about a hardworking man who is tired of searching for a new job to bring him stability in life. The lyric gives hope that no matter how hard the struggle is, through perseverance, eventually, it will all pay off.

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  1. I know Buck Owen’s sang a song about hard work. It was on an A long play record in early 60s but I haven’t heard it any were since.

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