21 Best Songs About Glasses

Best Songs About Glasses

Everyone has that one pair of sunglasses that makes them feel like a movie star or boosts their confidence whenever they wear them.

To get you in the right mood to strut your new or old sunglasses, here are some of the best songs ever made about sunglasses and shades.

“Cheap Sunglasses” by ZZ Top

Song Year: 1979

We had to put ZZ top at the top (get it?) of our list. Many people grew up with their parents playing the raspy and cool sounds of ZZ Top. If you’ve heard ever had a hangover, you can certainly relate to the lyrics.

And while there are gorgeous RayBans and Dior sunglasses, we all have that one favorite pair of cheap sunglasses! So throw on your groovy if inexpensive sunglasses and vibe out to this classic song.

“Sunglasses” by Tracy Ullman

Song Year: 1984

For something bubbly and oh so 80s, put on this fun tune that encapsulates the feeling of a summer beach day. Have you ever laid in the sand and pined after the strangers walking on the beach? Maybe you’re going through a summer breakup, and an excellent way to hide your tears is behind some stylish sunglasses.

In this fun song, Tracey Ullman manages to use melancholy lyrics about moving on from a lover packaged in an upbeat and catchy tune that makes you want to choreograph a dance.

“Future So Bright I Have To Wear Shades” by Timbuk 3

Song Year: 1986

First off, we have to commend Timbuk 3, always, for their clever name. And we also have to thank them for this comical song that could put anyone in a good mood. It combines a bluegrass country vibe with some modern pop. If you want an anthem to commemorate what a great job you are doing in life, throw on your shades and jam out to this gem.

Once you hear the harmonica solo a minute in, you will be sold on the song and won’t be able to help but put a smile on your face when hearing the cheeky lyrics.

“Sunglasses at Night” by Skepta

Song Year: 2009

Skepta is a popular English rapper known for his trappy vibe and clever lyrics. If you want a song that is more appropriate for the club or a night out, this is it. It is a fun and hardcore song that combines Skepta's trap style with a sampling of classic songs.

He samples a classic song about sunglasses that is also on our list! But Skepta does such a stellar job on this remix and sampling and adding his own lines that we had to put this one near the top so more can enjoy it.

“Sunglasses” by Rick Ross

Song Year: 2008

Another popular rapper, Rick Ross, has been making music for years and consistently drops bangers for everyone to party to. Taking a sample from another song on this list, you’ll begin to see that sunglass song seems to make it into other sunglass songs a lot.

This song has the classic gruff Rick Ross tone with hard beats and a slow pace. The lyrics are certainly a bit raunchy, but the song's focus is his beloved sunglasses, which we get!

“Heart-shaped Glasses” by Marilyn Manson

Song Year: 2007

Marilyn Manson is an acquired taste, but this song works for us. It has a funky, upbeat tune that makes you feel like you are in a futuristic movie or something. His voice is quite aggressive, but if you enjoy grunge, you’ll be obsessed with this song.

Manson focuses on begging a girl not to break his heart-shaped glasses, and in return, he won’t break hers, a metaphor for their actual hearts and emotions. Be warned, this song has some sexual references, so it’s not ideal for the kiddos!

“Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner

Song Year: 2010

Cooler Than Me was a hit on the radio in the early to mid-2000s. Although the title does not reference sunglasses, a main part of the chorus is the artist (Mike Posner) saying the girl wearing designer shades has a sense of arrogance and thinks they’re the coolest.

We get what Mike is saying here about people being stuck-up, but we can't deny that stylish sunglasses make you look cool.

“Past My Shades” by B.o.B. Ft. Lupe Fiasco

Song Year: 2010

The artists famous for many early 2000s hits also gave us this banger that many people neglected to appreciate. This B.o.B. song is all about people not understanding the person behind your facade and how no one knows what each other goes through.

With a deep meaning, the song offers the perfect balance between a fun, dance beat and serious lyrics with meaning and emotion behind them. After all, you can’t see past someone’s shades.

“Neo Sunglasses” by PIKOTARO

Song Year: 2016

If you haven’t seen the Matrix movies, we highly encourage you to do so when you’re done with our sunglasses song list! It’s a classic, and one of the most iconic parts of the movie is Neo’s sleek black sunglasses that become very hip when the movie came out.

This song is exactly 38 seconds but has a cute little beat and happy energy. The song is perfect to start your morning or have as a quirky interlude on your playlists.

“Rose Colored Glasses” by Kelly Rowland

Song Year: 2011

Kelly Rowland is that girl, and this song proves that. Every song she puts out is a bop, and this is certainly no different. The song has a soft sound with a strong beat behind it, creating a cool R&B sound backed with deep lyrics.

Like the saying about rose-colored glasses, Kelly sings about a relationship people praise from the outside, but it is a toxic relationship she knows she needs to leave. According to Ms. Rowland, sometimes you should take off your sunglasses to see everything a bit clearer!

“No Church in the Wild” by Kanye West

Song Year: 2011

Okay, so this song is not necessarily about glasses, but we had to include it because of one of the best lines ever written. The line “Sunglasses and Advil, Last night was mad real,” will forever live in infamy, exemplifying the feeling of a rough night out followed by an even rougher morning.

From the beautiful crooning of Frank Ocean to the distinct voice of Jay Z and Kanye’s powerful lyrics, the sing is a masterpiece.

“Shades” by Iggy Pop

“Shades” by Iggy Pop

Song Year: 1986

Iggy Pop is quite the celebrity personality with a unique career in music. Shades is one of his most serene and comforting songs about a girlfriend gifting him a pair of new shades he loves! How wholesome and pure!

Like most Iggy Pop music, the meaning goes much deeper, and his lyrics are complexly poetic and enticing. If you love Bowie and other 90s music, you should add this to your library right now.

“Boys of Summer” by Don Henley

Song Year: 1984

An anthem of summer, Don Henley’s Boys of Summer is an absolute jam that has stood the test of time. If you have ever had a passionate summer fling, you will be able to relate to this song. The song sounds like it would fit perfectly into a Foot Loose scene, as Henley describes his beautiful love tanning in the sun with her sunglasses on her face.

The entire song is just the perfect encapsulation of summer and his description of his girl, right down to her sunglasses, makes her sound insanely cool and gorgeous.

“Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart

Song Year: 1983

This is one of those songs you may think you’ve never heard before, but you most definitely have. It has a sultry and mysterious sound paired with Hart’s easy voice that keeps you intrigued. The lyrics are about being fooled by a girl that does not care about him.

He sings throughout the song that he wears his sunglasses at night to forget his name and separate from his identity that he isn’t happy with at the moment. This is the song about sunglasses sampled in lots of new rap music like Skepta’s song.

“Pink Sunglasses” by Miranda Lambert

Song Year: 2016

Miranda Lambert is one of the most successful women in country music, and we love this adorable, uplifting feeling. This song is 100% about how she loves her plastic pink sunglasses. She gives a sort of Barbie feel at the beginning of the song that is cute and endearing.

She sings about how the world looks a little better when she puts on her pink sunglasses, and they always do something to lift her mood. Sometimes it is as simple as throwing on your favorite shades!

“My New Sunglasses” by Freedust

Song Year: 2021

A charming song by Freedust, a unique artist that explores a range of sounds from trap to indie to alt-rock. My New Sunglasses is a happy song about enjoying the sunshine, even though you have your new sunglasses. The artists sing that they aren’t hiding from the sun, but embracing it with their shades on.

Like so many songs on this list, the new shades seem to give the singer a new feeling of self-confidence, so they strut their stuff down the street.

“Dior Shades” by Ray Webster

Song Year: 2020

Ray Webster raps about the love of his life in this song, in which he identifies her as having a full closet and having designer Dior Shades that make her the boujee girl she is. He prides himself on individuality in this song, which is ironic as Dior shades could be considered mainstream.

But we love a man that supports his woman’s retail therapy, so consider this song a tribute to his girl’s fantastic style taste.

“Shades” by Dean Martin

Song Year: 1966

A song popular in the late 1960s, Dean Martin’s Shades is a melancholy song about a man with a broken heart, wronged by the girl he loved. But at least he has his shades to hide his tears! But while they hide tears, they can’t hide a broken heart.

In the sing, Dean vows to keep the shades on, covering his eyes, until his love for his unfaithful lover dissipates, and he can move on. We don’t think that’s necessary but we know break-ups can be dramatic.

“Loom” by Ani Difranco

Song Year: 1998

Loom is a very interesting song by the eccentric artist Ani Difranco. She sings, wavering her voice up and down in a unique manner that you don’t often hear. In the lyrics, she begs someone to remove the dark shades that they always wear and cover their face with. She promises not to be disappointing when they do finally take their shades off.

For people that love alternative, this song has a very distinct sound and meaningful lyrics that will hit home for many.

“23” by Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus

Song Year: 2013

A super fun song featuring the iconic Miley Cyrus along with her favorite producer MikeWiLL and other artists, 23 was a super popular song when it came out in 2013. The energy of the song is very much ‘we’re too cool for you’ with Miley singing about being high and wearing sunglasses in the club.

If you want a song to get you hyped or during pregame before a fun night, this is a fantastic song to lift your mood and get you ready to party with your shades on!

“Sleep With My Shades On” by Jae Millz

Song Year: 2013

Jae Millz is a pretty hardcore rapper delivering awesome lyrics and great beats. In this song, Jae Millz explains one of the best nights of his life, in which he fell asleep with his sunglasses on because he was so messed up.

He raps about having a dope crew that makes his life awesome. In general, the entire song is just Jae Millz rapping about how cool his life is and how happy he is partying all the time!

Top Songs About Glasses, Final Thoughts

So whether you’re enjoying your life, hiding a heartbreak, or just tanning on the beach, don’t forget your fave sunglasses and these fun songs so you can jam out while rocking the glasses.

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