41 Best Songs About Flowers

Flowers are beautiful. To look at, to smell, and now, to listen to. Whether you feel like someone should have bought them for you or you can buy them yourself, here are the best songs about flowers ever.

Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee

Song year: 2018

Are your spider senses tingling at the mention of this song? “Sunflower” is the first song to play in the highly acclaimed animated film “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse”.

Sunflowers are resilient and beautiful flowers- this song is a metaphor for how you are like a sunflower. The song is meant to make you feel beautiful and resilient.

Nominated for two Grammy awards, you know it is going to be a good one. This song will have you push the replay button again and again.

Flowers by Miley Cyrus

Song year: 2023

It makes perfect sense that this chart-topping hit would make the top of our list as well.

“Flowers” is a self-empowerment ballad that many can’t help but sing along to. The rumors surrounding this song as being a “payback” anthem to Miley Cyrus’ ex sure do make a juicy story.

This is the perfect track for when you need a dose of flowery self-love. The powerful lyrics and vocals are sure to give you the boost of confidence that you need.

If you are hung up on an ex? This song will show you that you can let go!

Dead Flowers by Miranda Lambert

Song year: 2009

If you are in your feelings, or going through a breakup, “Dead Flowers” is one that you’re going to want to turn up.

The lyrics tell a story and get stuck in your head. Sometimes love stories don’t have happy endings, and this is a beautiful tribute to that. 

Flower Shops by Ernest

Song year: 2021

Sometimes sorry just isn’t enough. That is the theme for “Flower Shops”.

Ernest explained that the inspiration for this song came from running out of apologies and not being able to do anything to make things better but still trying.

Trying to express how sorry you are if you no longer have the words can come in the form of a bouquet.

Sometimes, however, apologies just aren’t enough.

Roses by The Chainsmokers featuring ROZES

Song year:2015

Released in 2015, “Roses” was at the top of the song charts for MONTHS.

With a catchy beat and lyrics, this one will have you dancing. A sweet and simple love song that

is as good now as it was when it was released.

“Roses” is one you will want to have on repeat, which is how The Chainsmokers intended it to be.

Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran

Song year: 2017

Do you need a good cry? Turn on “Supermarket Flowers” and let the tears flow.

A song that many of us can relate to, it is centered around the loss of a loved one. Ed Sheeran wrote this song about his grandmother, who passed away while he was finishing his album. I am not crying, YOU’RE crying!

The lyrics are simple yet powerful and are sure to touch your heart.

Flowers by Kelly Rowland

Song year: 2021

Another tribute track, “Flowers” was written in honor of Kelly Rowland’s late mother. While singing about her mother, Kelly was pregnant and preparing to be a mother herself.

You can feel the power behind the lyrics and the vocals.

Inspiring is a good word to use for this song.

Daisies by Katy Perry

Song year: 2020

When you need a self-empowerment song to help you get back on your feet, look no further than Daisies.

Katy Perry wrote this song about all the hurdles and hate she had to overcome to get where she is now. If Katy Perry can overcome obstacles, so can you!

Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Song year: 1994

A classic that you had to know was going to make this list.

Many have wondered over the years what the actual meaning of this song is. Addiction, whether that be drugs or love, seems to be the main message of the lyrics.

This song is a classic that everyone knows. It has been featured on several shows and films and is one of those you know this song songs.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison

Song year: 1998

Another classic on our list.

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” has been a heartbreak go-to for decades. Poison vocalist Brett Michaels reportedly wrote the song after discovering his girlfriend was cheating while he was out of town.

With pleasing vocals and memorable lyrics, this song has lasted for decades and will continue to be a hit for decades to come.

Build Me Up Buttercup by The Foundations

Song year: 1968

You know it, I know it, and we all love it.

Build Me Up Buttercup was a chart-topper in its day and has continued to be a pop culture icon. The song has been in several films throughout the years.

Seeing the name alone is enough to get this song stuck in your head for hours.

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