37 Best Songs With Brown In The Title

There are many beautiful songs with brown in the title. Check below for songs which refer to brown eyes, brown skin, brown liquor and more. Enjoy!


“Brown Skin” By India Arie

Song Year: 2001

“Brown Skin” is a soulful song whereby India Arie shows her partner some love by highlighting the beauty of their melanin-rich skin, and she compares it to that of a Hershey's kiss.

India Arie describes her excitement regarding the beauty of their complexion, and she celebrates his kisses, deeming them as a form of brown skin magic.

“Charlie Brown” By Coldplay

Song Year: 2012

Although the title of the song “Charlie Brown” directly references the popular Peanuts character with a melancholy disposition, the song does not name-check the character whatsoever. During the songwriting process, the lyrics would change; however, the original title remained.

The song encourages the listener to overcome the restrictive expectations of society and fulfill their true potential and dreams.

“Brown Sugar” By The Rolling Stones

Song Year: 1971

“Brown Sugar” is possibly The Rolling Stones' most disputed song. The controversial song describes an underage enslaved girl being forced into an inappropriate relationship.

“Brown Sugar” is regarded as one of Rolling Stone magazine's “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” and is said to be somewhat inspired by a Black actress who would eventually have one of Mick Jagger's children.

“Brown-Eyed Girl” By Van Morrison

Song Year: 1967

Regarding beauty, it's no secret that blue eyes are standard. With that said, this song is a reminder that brown eyes are beautiful, too, even if they are more common. This classic rock talks longingly about a beautiful brown-eyed girl from the songwriter's youth.

Interestingly, the song was initially entitled brown-skinned girl. However, the song was modified to be more suitable for radio stations.

“Plain Brown Wrapper” By Gary Morris

Song Year: 1987

“Plain Brown Wrapper” is a mellow country love song about aging lovers sharing an intimate moment, and the husband instills confidence in his wife by reassuring her that she's beautiful.

The husband persuades her to discard her dress and jewels, which are merely the encasing of the beauty she still has on the inside. The husband reaffirms his wife's innate beauty.

“Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” By Jim Croce

Song Year: 1973

Leroy Brown was a fictional bully hailing from the south side of Chicago. He stood at 6'4″ and was respected as the baddest man in town.

However, there's always someone badder than the baddest man, and Leroy Brown would eventually meet his match. One day Leroy decides to flirt with a married woman, and her husband destroys him. Guess he's no longer the baddest man in town!

“Mary Brown” By Dave Alvin

Song Year: 1998

“Mary Brown” is a song of fatal attraction. There wasn't a thing that the narrator wouldn't do for Mary Brown, including murdering her husband, who she told was a monster.

After a brief affair between the two, Mary would betray him by denying their relationship, sentencing him to a harsher murder sentence. Sadly, he foolishly pines over her from behind bars, even though she has remarried.

“Brown Eyed Blues” By Adrian Hood

Song Year: 2007

“Brown Eyed Blues” is a pop love song from 2007 describing a lovesick narrator that doesn't feel that they measure up to their partner in some way.

The narrator is a man with brown eyes besotted by a gorgeous woman with brown eyes. He is just smitten, and he wants to be around her 24/7. Despite feeling unworthy, the narrator wants to know if his love will take a chance on him.

“Brown Skin Girl” By Beyoncé, Wizkid, and Saint Jhn (feat. Blue Ivy Carter)

Song Year: 2019

Beyoncé and crew pay homage to the beauty of dark-skinned women with an empowerment R&B tribute. The song engenders cultural pride for brown and black girls, strengthening the most oppressed women with the darkest skin shades.

Beyoncé acknowledges prominent successful black women who have endured such an unfortunate reality and become successful despite it.

“Charlie Brown” By The Coasters

Song Year: 1959

Let it be duly noted that the Charlie Brown in this sound has nothing to do with the Charlie Brown character from the Peanuts comic strip.

The Charlie Brown in this song is a prankster and class clown that launches spitballs and addresses his teacher disrespectfully. Interestingly, the BBC once banned this 1959 pop and R&B song because of the belief that it affected the youth negatively.

“Sweet Georgia Brown” By Anita O'Day

Song Year: 1958

“Sweet Georgia Brown” was originally written in the '20s. The more subdued version of the song is about a new girl who arrives in town and gets all the boys' attention and all the girls jealous.

In 1958, Anita O'Day delivered a spectacular performance at the Newport Jazz Festival. Her performance was being documented for the Jazz on a Summer's Day documentary.

“Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” By Crystal Gayle

Song Year: 1977

“Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” is a country-pop crossover ballad that became a hit globally for Crystal Gayle. The narrator, who has brown eyes, is depressed because she mistreated her lover, and he has finally found a new interest and is moving on from her.

Out of remorse, she begs him to leave; however, it appears she's too late.

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