17 Best Meaningful Songs With A Message Or Life Advice

Songs have the wonderful ability to spark emotions when you listen to them. Within the lyrics, there are often messages that are best brought to the ear through music. Many have messages and advice for life that can be useful for those who listen to them.

Keep on reading to learn about some of the most meaningful songs in the music industry. These have incredible messages and notes on making your way through life. Perhaps these can help you through some moment in your life in the past, present, or future.

“Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera

The first song up on this list is “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. Released in 2002, this song was immediately recognized as an incredible and inclusive melody for all. The words follow the shame that the singer experiences with the way she looks, and the power and strength she should be feeling instead.

“Beautiful” has a wonderful message. It tells you that:

  • Everyone feels ashamed of themselves at one point or another
  • Everyone is all beautiful, inside and out
  • No one can tell you how you are supposed to feel about yourself except for you

Through Aguilera’s wonderful words, anyone can find themselves feeling stronger and more confident than they ever have before. There is a good reason why this pop wonder has lasted for so many years.

Being beautiful and acceptable will always shift and change according to the standards that are set by society. You can all listen to Aguilera and learn that, no matter what the current standard is, you should not decide your self-worth based on what others decide to think.

“Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson created many memorable songs. A lot of them have powerful messages hidden beneath the catchy tunes that carry the lyrics forward. His 1987 creation, “Man in the Mirror”, is no exception. Through his singing, Jackson teaches a lesson about life reflections and how this impacts society.

“Man in the Mirror” talks about how:

  • Change comes with inner reflection
  • If you want the world around you to become better, you need to start with yourself
  • Improvement is easy if you are looking at it the right way

Anyone who is feeling the devastation that comes with looking at the state of the world should listen to this song. Change can happen. All it takes is looking at yourself in the mirror, and moving forward from there.

This song has continued to stand through time as it has changed, shifting from one societal issue to the next. Its message persists as the world continues to segregate itself based on various disagreements based on the color of one’s skin.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers is an excellent life lesson about the risks and rewards that come with life. Life is unpredictable, and you do not know who you are going to encounter or the dangers you will face. You need to be smart enough to understand what to do in your everyday interactions.

“The Gambler” informs you:

  • That there are times in life where you will have to suck it up, fight or give up
  • Greed will not get you far in your life, especially if you do not know when to be greedy
  • Only you can know what you should change and what you should not

There are many other lovely lessons hidden in this song. Kenny Rogers has done an excellent job of advising on the unpredictable thing known as life, creating tools that you might be able to use.

The unpredictability of this song’s advice is what makes it so wonderful for life. You have no idea what is coming next, or how you can prepare yourself to handle it. All you can do is take your acquired knowledge and do what you can in the moment.

“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

This 2011 pop hit has become a staple for outsiders and dreamers over the last ten years. Its lyrics preach about embracing who you are, who you were born to be. Gaga claims that it does not matter who you are or where you come from. You were born this way, and you should flaunt it with all that you are.

Mostly, “Born This Way” helps its listeners:

  • Embrace who they truly are
  • Empowers individuals to stand up to injustice fighting who they are

“Born This Way” will likely stay a powerful anthem for the oppressed as long as discrimination exists in the world. Those insecure in who they are can feel confident and powerful listening to this song.

Lady Gaga’s powerful anthem speaks to generations of people who have felt ashamed of who they are. Through this song, she asserts that you should be proud of who you are. You have come this far, and should not hide it from the world.

“Hey Jude” by The Beatles, Another Song With Meaning

“Hey Jude” is a very mellow song compared to many others on this list. Those listening to it might not even realize the message that it holds, entranced by the feeling of unity that the chords produce as they are strummed. This song serves as a comfort song for those going through a tough time.

“Hey Jude” spreads the message that:

  • Everything will be alright in the end, no matter how hard it seems in the moment
  • Peace is just a moment away if you allow it to come

Those experiencing moments of turmoil can listen to “Hey Jude” for a break from their ailments. This masterpiece, though often debated in meaning, is a major comfort song for many who have listened to it over the years.

Anyone who is struggling to find peace can listen to this melody and find their center once again. The world is a vast and wild place, but you can find rest in a few simple chords.

“Firework” by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s creation, perhaps the most popular of all her songs, is another anthem that calls for the listener to celebrate themselves and all of their victories. Those listening to the notes will hear calls of celebration, acknowledging that everyone feels down in the dumps sometimes.

“Firework” talks about how:

  • It is okay to not feel your best all that time
  • That you are beautiful even if you do not feel like it
  • You are capable of overcoming anything that you set your mind to

“Firework” is an anthem that can get anyone through their hardest days. No trial is too big when you know that you are capable of doing anything you desire. You are worthy of what Katy Perry is singing about in this song.

Overall, you should not hesitate to explode with the energy that is inside everyone. Like a firework, you should be on display in front of the entire world. You are powerful and worthy of being strong, no matter how you feel or what others decide they want to say.

“Let It Be” by The Beatles

This is the second Beatles song that has appeared on this list. “Let It Be” is another melody that promotes the idea of peace and security. No matter how hard life can be, you can all choose to let it be. “Let It Be” is an anthem worth repeating.

The song tells about how:

  • All will one day be okay if you just let things be
  • There is someone out there who is caring and loving
  • Darkness will come, but you can embrace it rather than fear it

If you simply let it be, all will be well. This song was written in response to the death of Paul McCartney’s mother, Mary. His grief brought forth the wisdom poured out in this melody. Others going through the trials of life can depend on this song to get them through whatever comes their way.

Deciding to let it be can get you through the most troubling of times. It can be hard to do this, but it is worth it. In times where it seems impossible to move forward, you can simply decide to let it be. All will be well as the universe works out the ways of life by her own means.

“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

This one's a real song with meaning we all know. Gloria Gaynor is best known for this song, a powerful ballad centered on the strength and endurance of the human spirit. In her song, she discusses the wrongs that have been committed against her and how she has conquered them, regardless of how impossible it seemed at the time.

From Gaynor’s impactful voice, you come to understand that:

  • You have the power to stand up to those who try to put you down
  • Human endurance is a powerful thing that will allow you to get through tough times

“I Will Survive” holds a message of ferocity that few other songs have been able to match since its initial release in 1978. With its catchy tune and ground-breaking lyrics, this masterpiece will help any individual conquer their challengers.

You can push through if you just take on the strength of Gloria Gaynor’s powerful ballad. You will survive. You will follow through and you will continue to persevere, no matter what is going on.

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson

“Black or White is a song about inclusion, fighting against discrimination against people based on their color. Not only was this 1991 song a complete hit, but it also spread a wonderful message that brought people closer together in times of turmoil. It still stands strong as a message of unity in a world so set on diving itself in half.

“Black and White” provides a strong message that listeners can use for the rest of their lives. This song promotes:

  • The idea that it does not matter where you come from, it matters how you treat others
  • Discrimination based on the color of your skin should not exist

Michael Jackson’s song is popular, powerful, and a great listen for anyone who decides to give it a chance. The tune talks about how everyone should love each other, no matter skin tone, size, or shape.

In a world that continues to separate person from person and judge based on appearance, you can take this song to heart. Jackson’s message should inspire you to pull together and love, rather than trying to drift apart in a world determined to continue to divide.

“Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen

This song by Bruce Springsteen made quite the impact when it was released back in 1984. “Dancing in the Dark” was formed out of the singer’s frustration after his hits, diving into the concept of burnout and darkness that often follow success. It can provide a great lesson to anybody who feels worthless after a temporary high of any kind.

Bruce Springsteen’s deep and honest song lets you know that:

  • Even the highest of highs can result in the lowest of lows
  • Inspiration can be hard to find for even the most talented of people
  • It is okay to feel as though you have lost yourself sometimes

In life, you will have moments where you are bound to feel low. It does not matter how successful you are, or what you have done with your life. The ups and downs are inevitable. Springsteen’s honesty reveals that in a way that everyone can understand.

In times of turmoil, you should be comforted by the fact that it is temporary. There will come a time when the ruckus will be over and you can be at peace with yourself once again. The darkness will eventually fall to the light, no matter how hard it tries to beat you down.

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