37 Best Songs About Being Rich


“Slime” by Zoey Dollaz Featuring Rick Remedy, Smokepurpp, and Lil Yachty

Year: 2018

The term “slime” in rap songs is slang for referring to a group of people who are considered friends, homies, and self-proclaimed brothers. Hence, these four rappers are focused on staying together with their crew because there is power in numbers when becoming rich.

“Money On My Mind” by Lil Wayne

Year: 2005

Lil Wayne constantly repeats the title in the beginning lines of his song, “Money On My Mind” to emphasize how focused he is on getting cash for himself. He thrives on how fans and haters look at him in amazement when he gets out of his car.

The rapper proclaims that he puts money more on a pedestal than women. He knows he has to chase after making the money rather than waiting for it to come to him.

“Rich Girl Mood” by Dounia Featuring Kehlani

Year: 2018

Dounia and Kehlani define what it’s like to be in a rich girl's mood. They enjoy drinking Henny with ice, looking good in their best outfits, and only shopping at the best quality brand clothing stores. The duo doesn’t care how they get their money because grabbing the bag happens by any means.

“Catch Flight” by Kodak Black

Year: 2013

Kodak Black is talking to a girl in the first verse of “Catch Flight”. He reminisces about how he used to sell drugs to get his money. Now as a famous rapper, he has accumulated riches without the hustle of selling drugs. Rather than focusing on relationships, he is more keen on increasing his wealth. 

“Baby You’re A Rich Man” by The Beatles

“Baby You’re A Rich Man” by The Beatles

Year: 1967

The Beatles sang this song to show that being rich is not all that matters. While they did have a lot of money from being a famous rock band, they did not let this change who they were. The melody asks listeners to love what they already have and not let the greed of riches overtake what’s most important in their lives.

“Mad Rich” by Rico Nasty

Year: 2017

Rico Nasty is a young rapper that came into riches early in his life. In the lyrics, he proclaims that he acts twice his age because of how well he manages his money. He loves the fact that he gets respect because of how rich he looks when he steps out of his vehicle in public.

“Kings & Queens” by Lil Wayne

Year: 2020

Lil Wayne loves rapping about what it feels like to go after riches. He speaks about his brothers and sisters in the music industry and other fellow rich individuals, likening them to royalty because of their wealth. The rapper knows his potential for getting money is unlimited.

“Fly Rich” by Rich Gang Featuring Stevie J, Future, Tyga, Meek Mill & Mystikal

Year: 2013

Everyone in the Rich Gang has a different definition of what is the best thing about being rich. Future likes how his best clothes make him cool. Tyga loves the amenities of being rich such as luxury cars, jet rides, and premium dining experiences. Meek Mill prefers to exercise his authority over others and proclaims what’s his when others step out of line. 

“Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates

Year: 1976

The song's narrator shows a rich girl that wealth is not going to get her far in life. They tell her that she is not mentally strong because she relies on her wealth to solve her problems rather than critical thinking. It’s to the point the money is making her more selfish than a genuine person.

“Young Millionaires” by Wiz Khalifa

Year: 2012

Wiz Khalifa reminisces on coming up from nothing into riches in the present day. He claims to have made $100,000 one day and is proud he was able to purchase what he was smoking with his cash. He calls out the Dior brand as one of his preferred wardrobe options.

“FYBR (First Year Being Rich)” by A$AP Mob

Year: 2017

The narrator thinks about starting the year in poverty and how he obtained wealth with his new rapping career. In this case, he discusses buying an expensive home and boat, purchasing estates, and indulging in expensive jewelry. Reminiscing a lost homie makes the transition harder, but he still tries to enjoy his new life.

“Big Homie” by Symba Featuring 2 Chainz

“Big Homie” by Symba Featuring 2 Chainz

Year: 2020

“Big Homie’s” song narrator admits he is conceited, but he cannot help himself because of his riches. He lavishes staying at the Ritz Carlton on vacations, driving his Mercedes Benz, and purchasing Cartier jewelry for his mother. Wealth means doing for yourself and not worrying about the success of others along the way.

Top Songs About Being Rich, Final Thoughts

Do you still dream of being rich? We hope that these songs about being rich have motivated you on the right path to obtaining long-term wealth. Work hard, find your passion, and never give up!

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