37 Best Songs About Being Rich

Many people dream of becoming rich one day. Others are already rolling in cash. Whatever your situation, here are the best songs about being rich.


“Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani Featuring Eve

“Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani Featuring Eve

Year: 2004

Gwen Stefani and Eve collaborate in “Rich Girl” to show some girls’ thoughts on what it’d be like to be super wealthy. It touches on daydreaming about what wealth could yield physically and emotionally in one’s life. Despite having these riches, the narrator acknowledges that they will not bring the same happiness as her significant other.

“Got Money” by Lil Wayne Featuring T-Pain

Year: 2008

Lil Wayne and T-Pain are proud to flaunt their cash in “Got Money”. They call on other rich people to do the same thing. Sure, people may get jealous looking at the VIP section while flaunting that money, but the song teaches them to be proud of having these riches. The rappers teach people to be proud of their riches when they are in the club’s VIP section.

“Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” by Lady Gaga

Year: 2008

Lady Gaga touches on obtaining riches in ways other than being monetarily wealthy. Embrace what you have and who you are to find riches more powerful than money. Integrate your style and opinions into your definition of what it means to be rich.  The alternate meaning is Lady Gaga’s memory of kids from the Lower East Side that would ask their parents for money so that they could go purchase drugs.

“Billionaire” by Travie McCoy Featuring Bruno Mars

Year: 2010

Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars sing about their perceived experience of being a billionaire. They imagine themselves on the front of Forbes magazine next to celebrity icons such as the Queen of England and Oprah.

Granting somebody their last wishes before death, giving away vehicles, and sharing a game of basketball with the President are other experiences they believe would happen if they are billionaires. Splitting their money with loved ones who have less than them and feeding those who are hungry are other ways they would spend their money.

“Team Rich” by Meek Mill

Year: 2017

Meek Mill highlights the importance of everyone in the gang having riches. If one person has it all and they die unexpectedly, then the entire community falls apart. He mentions the importance of backing up your homies when one member is at their lowest.

Unity on the streets is more important in building riches than one head honcho receiving all the monetary benefits. Together, a group obtaining riches will be more successful than someone attempting to do it alone.

“Let’s Get Rich” by Lil Yachty

Year: 2017

Lil Yachty lets in listeners on a couple of key secrets to getting and staying rich. Don’t spend money on a partner unless you love that person. Always invest your money rather than spend it frivolously.

The rapper rallies his gang to maintain the get-rich mentality by following these principles. He highlights how he and his friends have been dreaming about wealth since they were young. Now they have the opportunity to obtain these riches.

“Rich” by Kid Ink

Year: 2019

Kid Ink loves the fact that he can keep adding to his riches with his rap career. He acknowledges that having such wealth can create more issues. However, he likes having this problem so to speak because he can support all his desires. He strives to be so rich that he can give tips in cash and keep his mind only on the money.

“Be Rich” by Last King 193

Year: 2019

Last King starts the song by self-proclaiming that he will be monetarily rich. He talks himself through how he desires these riches and speaks his dream into existence.

The rapper recalls how far he has come from being in poverty. He touches on how there were people on the journey with him out of poverty who gave up along the way. Girls played loyal to him and his gang. He had hard work on his mind to get more money rather than relaxing.

“Yeah We Gettin Rich” by Playaz Circle Featuring Ludacris

Year: 2009

Just like Meek Mill’s hit, Playaz Circle and Ludacris express how important it is to support your crew when rich. Tity Boi compares his plentiful riches to the money that is inside an armored vehicle carrying cash. Dolla Boy shows how obtaining riches is a mature man’s venture and not for immature individuals who act like children. Ludacris’ Hook proudly proclaims how he owns multiple houses while other people around him are still paying rent.

“Broke” by Lecrae

Year: 2017

“Broke” by Lecrae is a song about being rich because of once being broke. Taking risks in pursuing his rapping career and never giving up helped him obtain riches.

He recalls attending school as a poverty-stricken child eating free lunch and wearing knock-off brand shoes. Despite this, he tried to act like he was a cool kid. Lecrae is thankful for where he came from because it motivated him to seek better for his life.

“Rich Girl” by Justin Beiber Featuring Soulja Boy

Year: 2010

Justin Beiber and Soulja Boy describe a rich girl’s wardrobe choices. She wears golden chains on her wrist to have more than enough money in her pockets.

Beiber describes trying to treat this rich girl to dinner, and she picks up the tab instead. He admits that he likes being around a girl who has class and control. Soulja Boy chimes in saying that he likes how it looks when this rich girl shops with her credit cards purchasing the best clothes.

“Easy Money” by Billy Joel

“Easy Money” by Billy Joel

Year: 1983

Billy Joel tells a story of what many people wish they could make rather than working a 9-5. This easy money, he says, can be obtained from different betting rings at local parties. He describes his mind like a slot machine always trying to find the next big money hit without working too hard for it.

Joel is ok with engaging in a risky endeavor if it means it will yield him more monetary return. It’s to the point he would even phone his wife to let her know he would be late coming home that night. He is fine doing whatever it takes to get that easy money.

“Hey Look Ma, I Made It” by Panic! At the Disco

Year: 2018

Panic! At the Disco sings about the hard work it takes to become an artist in the music industry. From listening to music producers tell you everything they want you to do, to attending many practice recordings, there is a lot of responsibility involved in becoming famous.

He acknowledges that some friends are there for them while others are going to fall off the bandwagon in supporting him. The pop sensation even refers to the music industry as an evil entity where he is striving to be the best among the contenders.

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