37 Best Songs About Being Rich


“Gold Digger” by Kanye West Featuring Jamie Foxx

Year: 2005

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx tell the story of how women act when they are gold diggers. Rather than work hard to earn money themselves, they rely on the riches of men to get them everything they want in life. The only reason they are with someone is to have access to their money.

West tries to give this girl the benefit of the doubt. However, everyone knows that she goes after the richest men and nobody is broke. He even lets everyone know that she will go as far as to get child support from a man who is not the biological father of her son.

Despite all the warnings, the song narrator still loves this female gold digger. Hence, this shows the blind ignorance of some rich men who do not recognize the signs of dealing with one of these women.

“Make the Money” by Macklemore Featuring Ryan Lewis

Year: 2012

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stress how important it is to do what you can to make money without it negatively changing who you are. Alter your life’s story for success without letting these changes make you a different person.

In the second verse after the first chorus, Macklemore prefers to not focus on being a celebrity and seeing himself on television. He believes doing so will cause too much of an ego where he loses his humble personality.

“Money” by Pink Floyd

Year: 1973

Pink Floyd illustrates the different uses and personalities of money in this song. It’s a positive entity allowing you to enjoy higher-scale amenities such as expensive restaurant food and lavish hotel stays.

Money is something that should belong only to the person making it. The band tells others not to touch the funds they have made. They also acknowledge how money can contribute to evil if people are too greedy with it.

The song briefly touches on how people ask for raises at the job. However, most of them know that their boss won’t want to give them one anyway. If they do, then it would be a very small one.

“Mo Money, Mo Problems” by the Notorious B.I.G. Featuring Mase and P. Diddy

Year: 1997

Three rap icons touch on how having more money can create more problems in life despite the perks of being rich. Sure, they can enjoy rides on yachts and buy whatever they want.

However, there are haters in the world ready to take their money because they do not want to work for it. Government entities are after you if you don’t pay your taxes. Getting caught up in gang life can complicate things further when fighting over money, drugs, and women amongst different feuds with competing individuals.

“Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper

Year: 1983

“Money Changes Everything” opens with a brief story of a woman leaving her current male significant other to go with someone else. The only reason she is doing this is because this new suitor has more money than her prior boyfriend.

The chorus can be interpreted as some people believing that a relationship thrives on love. However, some people start to realize that part of that happiness is because one or both people in the relationship have money for more monetary support. 

“She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer

“She Works Hard For the Money” by Donna Summer

Year: 1983

Money is mainly obtained through hard work. Donna Summer sings about a woman who is doing just that.

The song highlights the story of a woman named Onetta. She tirelessly works with her clients to earn money for her business. Meanwhile, she ponders why many people seem to have everything they want and need while she is still struggling to obtain these monetary funds.

The lyrics fast forward a few decades where Onetta continues working for pennies on the dollar with subpar tips. However, she would prefer to make money honestly.

“Material Girl” by Madonna

Year: 1984

This is one of the other songs about being rich with the theme of staying in a relationship for money. The narrator, a self-proclaimed material girl, is only happy when the man she is dating supports her monetarily.

The men with less money ask to reconsider a relationship with them. However, her desire for possessions outweighs the love felt for poorer men.

This female narrator proclaims she only gives a man a chance if he can raise her investment interest and if he properly saves his money. Even in the 80s, many people were more focused on the number of possessions they owned than the quality of relationship bonds shared.

“It’s All About the Benjamins” by Puff Daddy and the Family Featuring Mase

Year: 1997

Collecting the Benjamins, or those $100 bills, is the name of Puff Daddy’s game. Besides his rapping career, Puff Daddy also owns the Sean John clothing line and the Bad Boy Entertainment record label.

Hence, his ability to hustle in business created more wealth for him. The song highlights what it's like in gang life on the streets. Being a leader as a man with money, driving the best cars, and doing whatever it takes to keep the wealth coming in are the main themes of the lyrics.

“Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar

Year: 2012

Kendrick Lamar speaks of his dreams of becoming a rapper. He highlights his previously poor lifestyle of eating Top Ramen while having his friends over and navigating relationships.

In the chorus, Lamar shows the different meanings of money trees. Shooting other people to get their riches, continuous hustling, and putting oneself over their homies are just a few meanings of money trees.

Then, the second verse shows how he has still kept his dream alive of being a rapper. His life of being in the streets and defending himself to make come-ups is his current lifestyle.

“I Get Money” by 50 Cent

Year: 2007

Money makes people frivolous. He boasts in “I Get Money” about having a new girlfriend and a new vehicle thanks to his money. He talks about his life in the streets before he became a rapper.

His daily life was killing people in opposing games to get his money. Now, his rapping career sustains him. His bankruptcy has caused him to live with less, but fans still remember his best rap songs. 

“Rich Rich” by Clem Hits Featuring Rico Maz

Year: 2022

These rappers love getting money and driving their upscale Mercedes Benz. Their one-track mind is to make money and do it as fast as a track star. They like to attract women with riches and buy them whatever they want.

The song narrator loves how his girl loves him for what he has. He is happy to provide her with a larger home and a better vehicle. Hence, the narrator believes money buys happiness for himself and his significant other.

“Mouth Full of Golds” by Gucci Mane Featuring Birdman

Year: 2011

Gucci Mane and Birdman love to flaunt their rich. Their wealth status is represented by a mouth full of gold teeth. The first half of the song speaks about bonding with their crew and staving off the haters around them. The second half repeats how rich they are based on how much gold is in their mouths. Hence, they are proud of their monetary worth and how great they look with gold in their mouth.

“Money Talks” by Rick James

Year: 1982

Rick James shows the power of money in his song, “Money Talks”. It influences the clothes and footwear people have and what type of food people eat.

However, money is difficult to come by for poor individuals. When taxes rise, it makes it harder for the poorer population to live life, but it barely affects richer people. “Money Talks” is a timeless song that speaks to the difficulties people still have with monetary funds in their lives.

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