31 Best FIFA Songs EVER

Best FIFA Songs Ever

Nothing makes you feel like a genuine, world-renowned soccer star, quite like having the perfect soundtrack to go with your game.

And what better songs to blast in the background than the best FIFA songs that you can find?

With some of the best FIFA songs readily available, there’s no reason you can’t feel like a superstar and rock out to some sick jams simultaneously.

Send Them Off! by Bastille

Song Year: 2016

Kicking off the list of great songs for the soccer game of a lifetime, here is one that starts with a heavy beat and jumps right into the meaty content.

There’s no question that Bastille carries out an almost spiritual theme through this song. And it’s filled with interesting literary references that are almost worth studying.

As a FIFA song, this one takes the cake for having great rhythm and compelling lyrics. It’s hard to get better than this.

Ghosts by The Presets

Song Year: 2012

In this tune from The Presets, we are reminded that young men are not the most clever, and neither are they the most responsible.

Sometimes, things of the past come back to haunt us in unexpected ways, and we need something special to keep us moving forward.

And what if that something special just happens to be the World Cup? Who cares if it’s a video game, it’s still a good time.

Tighten Up by Black Keys

Song Year: 2010

Just like the last song reminds us that young men aren’t always the wisest, this song reminds us that growing up brings lots of learning, experience, and wisdom.

When the past starts to weigh us down, we must remember that we’re no longer the people we once were, and the changes matter.

You don’t have to be a soccer superstar to understand the importance of growth and maturity. But it might help you have better sportsmanship.

Nothing in My Way by Keane

Song Year: 2006

Keane’s alternative pop song from the early 2000s doesn’t seem like the power ballad you might expect for a FIFA song, but it delivers on something much more powerful.

Through its twists and turns, it reminds us of humanity and the realness of life.

Sometimes life is hard. And going on is a slog. But then we remember the things that make life worth living, and we find the strength to carry on.

Town Called Malice by The Jam

Song Year: 1982

One of the older songs on our list, The Jam comes through with a classic 80s, well, jam. It’s a thoroughly rocking beat that pairs perfectly with your favorite soccer game.

The British band released this song on their last album, and it became the most popular of their songs in the United States.

The album landed on the New Music Expression’s “Tracks of the Year” for 1982.

Natural by Imagine Dragons

Song Year: 2018

This hit anthem by Imagine Dragons is one of those songs that you want to play in the most intense moments of the game.

This song resonates with sounds of heroism, courage in the face of great adversity, and the strength of the human spirit.

Nobody is going to claim your victories for you. It’s up to you when everyone else faces you down, takes charge, and heads for the goal.

No Roots by Faithless

Song Year: 2004

Not all soccer ballads have to be explicitly about soccer, victory, and success. Sometimes, a good tune you can kick the ball to is just about love and life.

As long as it has a good rhythm, who really cares? What Faithless has accomplished with this particular driving song is the creation of something worthwhile, fun, and entertaining.

Sometimes a love song works perfectly as the soundtrack for your road to victory.

Call It What You Want by Foster The People

Song Year: 2011

Sometimes a song is so complex that dissecting every little piece of it doesn’t make much sense. Sometimes a song is just a song.

And sometimes, that song pairs perfectly with your FIFA game, and that’s alright.

Foster The People doesn’t deliver something so vague that you can’t get some sense of what’s happening. But more than anything, it’s a lot of fun to rock out to the groove while you play some sports.

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

Song Year: 2014

What better way to focus on the world of sports and soccer and all the accolades that come with it than Jungle’s anthem?

Sometimes the things we work hardest for in this life are the things we end up wasting the most time on – and we don’t even realize it.

This simple song is remarkably powerful, but it’s also got a sick dance beat that makes you want to get those feet moving.

The Nights by Avicii

Song Year: 2014

Everyone wants their name remembered for something. Some people are destined for greatness, and others for the mundane.

But both can be noble, and both can be memorable. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have something worth remembering. This song by Avicii reminds us of those times.

It really comes down to how hard you’re willing to work for the things that matter. If you want something bad enough, then chase after it. It’s within your grasp.

Love Me Again by John Newman

Song Year: 2013

This pop song received the prestigious nomination for the Brit Award for Song of the Year and the World Music Award for World’s Best Song in 2014.

If that doesn’t tell you something about the song, it probably should. John Newman is one of those artists that just delivers no matter what you ask of him.

What makes this a great FIFA song is definitely its driving beat. It makes the song immediately recognizable no matter where you are.

Goodbye Mr. A by The Hoosiers

Song Year: 2007

If anyone knows how to write a great FIFA anthem, it’s The Hoosiers. In this great story of the mysterious Mr. A, The Hoosiers deliver a great performance that gets you moving.

Although the song's meaning remains in contention, one thing we can all agree on is how great this song is for the FIFA soundtrack.

Every good soundtrack needs a tune that’s a little bit vague but gets you moving anyway. And that’s what The Hoosiers have provided.

The City by The 1975

Song Year: 2013

Some might call this dance number a little cacophonous, but I like to think that it’s just epic. You can feel the electronic beats pulsing through.

This is what makes it such a great song for FIFA. It feels a little bit indie-pop and a little bit EDM, but it all works.

The 1975 is a trustworthy group that always provides exactly what’s needed. And this song is needed for a great anthem.

Lyla by Oasis

Song Year: 2005

There are all kinds of love songs out there, and plenty of them have made their way into the FIFA soundtrack.

None of those songs are quite as interesting as what Oasis offers here. It’s a powerful song about the illusive Lyla and her power.

It’s pretty similar to soccer: an elusive mistress that provides fleeting pleasures and more than a little bit of excitement.

Mercy by Duffy

Song Year: 2008

Duffy brings a funky groove that you can get down to if you want. It’s more than just a nice dance tune; it’s a real jam.

It’s easy to see this one blaring through the speakers of your basement while you navigate your FIFA team to victory at two in the morning.

Even though this is technically a love song, it works as a great FIFA anthem.

We Used To Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols

Song Year: 2003

There’s quite a wide variety of tunes that combine to make this interesting, grunge-style dance-pop song.

It might be subtle for a FIFA song, but something about the rhythm makes it work regardless.

You don’t have to work too hard to imagine rocking out to this grunge hit as you dive in front of would-be goals.

Found What I’ve Been Looking For by Tom Grennan

Song Year: 2017

We all have things in life that we’re searching for, constantly scouring the horizon to see what might come our way.

We all have hopes and dreams, and aspirations. We all long to be better, work harder, learn more, and grow.

But do we ever find it? Can we ever find it all? These are the questions that Tom Grennan tries to answer.

Protocol by Society

Protocol by Society

Song Year: 2015

Sometimes life can feel like a one-person show. It can feel like we bear the whole weight of the world on our shoulders.

That’s rarely true, especially not in a team sport like soccer. But sometimes, we can’t help but feel it.

Society reminds us that we can’t do anything on our own. And that’s a reminder the world could probably benefit from right now.

Isombard by Declan McKenna

Song Year: 2016

Declan McKenna released this song to great success, and it made it on the FIFA soundtrack in 2017.

What could be better for the FIFA soundtrack than a little bit of healthy rebellion and government mistrust? Something about that just feels right.

Red Morning Light by Kings of Leon

Song Year: 2003

The Kings of Leon are known for delivering intense, driving, guitar-heavy alternative indie-style music.

One of the things that makes this such a great game song is that you can’t always understand what the singer is saying, but you know that it’s something impactful.

It gets you moving and grooving. And you can easily imagine it gracing the background of any FIFA game.

No Problem by Chase & Status

Song Year: 2011

This song starts with some great bongos. Then the vocals come in, and the rhythm takes you away on a musical journey.

It almost feels out of place on a FIFA soundtrack, yet something about it weirdly makes sense.

This song is as much about soccer as it is about life. Sometimes you have to roll with the changes and accept that you’re different. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Fools Gold by Stone Roses

Song Year: 1989

This song by Stone Roses is more than just slightly dance-techno-pop: it is very dance-techno-pop.

Whatever your preferences, you have to admit that this tune has a nice groove. If nothing else, it gets you moving.

More than that, it lets you get down with friends. And isn’t that what FIFA is all about?

Beautiful Goal by Paul Oakenfold

Song Year: 2005

The title gives this great anthem by Paul Oakenfold, the upper hand over every other song we’ve talked about so far.

This is all about the goal, but it’s about the beautiful goal that brings the whole game to a close and makes the fans go crazy.

It could all be a metaphor. But the fact that this song specifically is featured on the FIFA soundtrack makes us think it’s probably pretty straightforward.

Black and White Town by Doves

Song Year: 2005

Besides Paul Oakenfold, this one by the Doves probably comes as close as any song to getting straightforward.

This song could be talking about a lot of different things. But something is telling about the rhythm and the lyrics.

It’s a great FIFA song because it’s obviously the perfect FIFA song.

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Song Year: 2006

Being caught in a black hole of any kind is terrifying. But a super massive black hole? That just doesn’t sound pleasant at all.

This song could be talking literally about the outer space phenomenon, or it could be speaking more figuratively.

Whichever it is, we know for sure that this is a great FIFA song.

One Loaf of Bread by Damian Marley

Song Year: 2008

As far as interesting FIFA songs go, this one might be at the top of the list. There’s a little bit of reggae, a little bit of spiritualism, and a lot of vague imagery.

But it’s a beat you can get down to, which makes it so fun as a FIFA soundtrack. The 2009 version was definitely a jam with this on deck.

Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

Song Year: 2013

Capital Cities delivers on more than just a great soccer anthem with a funky dance groove that’s subtly mixed with a real vintage quality. It has elements from across the decades and incorporates them to create something truly unique.

It’s easy to imagine scoring the winning goal with this song playing in the background. Everyone wants to get to their feet when this turns on.

I Can Talk by Two Door Cinema Club

Song Year: 2010

Two Door Cinema Club has put together an interesting variety of sounds, lyrics, and instrumentation to make something truly unique in this one-of-a-kind FIFA song.

It’s a little repetitive, but the more you listen, the more you begin to understand what they’re talking about.

On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons

Song Year: 2012

Imagine Dragons makes a list twice because they’re just that good.

There’s no better place to be than higher than all the rest of the world. That’s probably how most professional athletes feel on a daily basis.

And with the great beat in this song, that’s how anyone playing FIFA can feel from the comfort of their own home.

Good Music From FIFA

Club Foot by Kasabian

Song Year: 2004

This song leans more into the metal side of things and tells a story that could be taken in many different ways.

Everything about this song screams soccer: it’s fast-paced, aggressive, and gets the blood pumping.

There are few anthems quite as powerful as this one.

Magic by Olympic Ayres

Song Year: 2013

Sometimes time just flies by and we don’t know where it goes. But we can always count on our best pals to stick with us no matter what.

There’s something special about believing in magic. Maybe that’s what FIFA and life have the most in common.

Top FIFA Songs, Final Thoughts

Yes, our best FIFA Songs ever!

The most obvious thing learned from this list is that there are a lot of great FIFA soundtrack songs out there. Many of them are worth listening to, even if FIFA isn’t your game.

A good anthem is inspiring, motivating, and a little bit punk. And these songs definitely check all of those boxes.

So queue up your favorite one and take a listen. Who knows what feats of strength it might inspire?

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