17 Best Country Songs About Brothers

Most genres of music have songs related to that brotherly bond, and country music is no different. Whether this song is to play to a sibling, or you just want reminding of your own, here are the best country songs about brothers ever.

“Brothers of the Highway” by George Strait

On his 2008 “Troubadour” album, George Strait brings forth the camaraderie of truck drivers in the heartfelt song, “Brothers of the Highway.” This country tune resonates with anyone who has spent long hours bonding and touring behind the wheel.

Brothers of the Highway” by George Strait

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by Glen Campbell

“He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother” is one of Glen Campbell's most iconic tracks in the world of country music. Initially released by Kelly Gordon and followed by covers from The Hollies and, ultimately, Campbell himself, this song speaks to the powerful bond between siblings.

With its captivating melody and heartfelt message about family loyalty and unity, “He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother” has become a timeless anthem for celebrating brotherhood.

Even Elton John contributed his talent to this classic hit by playing piano on The Hollies' 1969 version.

“Blood Brothers” by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan, an accomplished country artist, was able to captivate his audience by exploring the theme of brotherhood and friendship in his 2013 hit song “Blood Brothers.” Featured on his critically acclaimed album “Crash My Party,” this touching ballad perfectly exemplifies why it ranks among the 17 best country songs about brothers.

The emotional connection and companionship portrayed in “Blood Brothers” resonates with listeners who have experienced similar friendships built on loyalty and trust. By reflecting on shared memories from the past, Luke Bryan skillfully evokes emotions ranging from joy to melancholy within those who listen to this heartfelt melody.

“Brothers” by Dean Brody

Canadian country music artist Dean Brody crafted a masterpiece with his song “Brothers.” The lyrics focus on the bond between siblings and how it grows stronger.

“Brothers” has been included on various lists of the best songs about familial love and relationships, cementing its place as an iconic tune. The Canadian artist showcases his prowess for storytelling by weaving together anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of brotherhood and solidarity.

“Brothers” by Dean Brody

“Brother” by Brett Eldridge

Brett Eldredge's contribution to the best country songs about brothers is “Brother.” The song tells the story of two siblings growing up and experiencing life together, from playing catch in the backyard to dealing with heartbreak and supporting each other through tough times.

As a famous country singer/songwriter, Brett Eldredge has garnered numerous accolades for his music, including CMT Music Awards and Country Music Association nominations.

“Brother to the Blues” by George Jones

“Brother to the Blues” is a classic country ballad that showcases the powerful vocals of George Jones. The song depicts the strong bond between two brothers who love honkytonk music and find comfort in each other's company.

Released in 1980 under Epic label, “Brother to the Blues” has become an iconic piece of male-vocalist country music. At just 2 minutes and 52 seconds long, this track packs an emotional punch with every note.

“Brothers” by Greg Bates

“Brothers” by Greg Bates is an emotionally-charged ballad that tells the story of two brothers who may have grown apart over the years but still hold a special place for each other in their hearts.

The lyrics describe how they used to be inseparable, playing together and always having each other's backs.

Despite this separation, the song recognizes their bond remains unbreakable and unconditional. They may not see eye-to-eye on everything anymore, but deep down, they know they will always love one another as true brothers should.

“Does to Me” by Luke Combs

“Does to Me” by Luke Combs, a collaboration with Eric Church, is a standout track on his 2019 album “What You See Is What You Get.” The song is an expression of gratitude towards the bond between brothers.

The relatable lyrics and storytelling approach make it one of the best country songs about brotherhood. The memorable third verse in this song has struck a chord among universal sentiments that listeners have appreciated worldwide.

“Brotherly Love” by Dean Dillon

“Brotherly Love” is a timeless country classic that tells the story of two brothers who have grown apart over time but find their way back to each other.

The lyrics are simple yet poignant, perfectly capturing the brotherly relationships' essence. It highlights how despite the ups and downs, brothers will always have each other's backs through thick and thin.

“Brotherly Love” by Dean Dillon

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