43 Best Songs About Personal Growth

When you feel down and frustrated, the right song can instantly get you back to your good graces. This read focuses on songs that remind you of your abundance and beauty. Tunes that help ignite your inner power and steer you on a positive trajectory.

Here are some top songs about personal growth to remind you of your true worth and potential.


1. Who You Are – Jessie J

Year- 2011

Known for her unique voice and breathtaking hits, Jessie J released ‘Who You Are’ a powerful song encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality.

Some others may point out negatives that make you stand out from what’s considered standard. Jesse recommends love and acceptance for oneself, reminding you that you needn’t conform to other people’s expectations of you.

2. Pretty Hurts – Beyoncé

Year- 2013

Everyone has their own idea of pretty. In a society with such a textbook idea of what it means or looks like to be pretty, more people look down on their unique features instead of embracing them.

In this song, Beyoncé discourages women from trying to conform to shady beauty standards and prompts them to otherwise work on building solid self-esteem. ‘Pretty Hurts’ tells you to focus on self-love and reflect on achieving growth.

3. Scars to Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Year- 2015

Beauty to one person may be different from what others perceive. Either way, Alessia uses this beautiful ballad to tell you to boast about your uniqueness and do nothing to conform to society's beauty standards.

This soft, soulful melody preaches a message of acceptance and self-love in a world where people strive to fit in and look like everyone else. If you struggle with insecurity and self-doubt, this song will quickly get you feeling confident despite your inner and outer irregularities.

4. Perfect to Me – Anne Marie

Year- 2018

‘Perfect to Me’ is an iconic tune with soulful vocals and inspiring lyrics. In this song, Anne Marie encourages listeners to recognize and love their imperfections while embracing great things about themselves.

It speaks to people who struggle with body image issues or have insecurities. A perfect anthem for everyone who has self-esteem issues considers themselves a misfit, or suffers from mental struggles.

5. I Can – Nas

Year- 2002

Nas is better known for his rap songs that flaunt his lifestyle, which identifies with people who are, more or less, financially underprivileged.

In a surprising turn of events, ‘I Can’ is a song that assures kids that they can be what they want to be if they work hard. It’s an inspirational song meant for kids but can also apply to the general audience.

6. Confident – Demi Lovato

Year- 2015

It’s hard to consider yourself capable of doing great things or facing your fears if you distrust your abilities. ‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato snaps you right back to reality, telling you to believe in yourself even when it seems complicated.

In the lyrics, she tells you to unapologetically celebrate your uniqueness and plunge into the unknown without submitting to the demands/expectations of others.

7. I – Kendrick Lamar

Year- 2014

Kendrick Lamar is a lyrical powerhouse who can evoke a strong emotional response through his music. In this song, Kendrick explores overcoming obstacles to achieve personal growth.

Believe in yourself, embrace your abilities, and love your flaws. Imperfection is something everyone deals with. Kendrick flawlessly performs the song in this timeless, empowering tune that boosts listeners' confidence.

8. You Get What You Give – New Radicals

Year- 1998

The laws of Karma dictate that what you dish out is what you receive. If you dish kindness, you’ll receive it back one way or the other. Part of personal growth has much to do with how well you treat others around you.

In this song, New Radicals prompts you to be true to yourself when others do little to be authentic.

9. Slow Down – Nichole Nordeman

Year- 2017

This upbeat and passionate instrumental wonderfully conveys a message of appreciation for life and the good things you may not usually recognize.

In a society where everyone seems to be in a hurry to get to the peak in life or is in competition with everyone else, ‘Slow Down’ is a wake-up call to aim for growth which comes with time.

10. Return to Innocence – Enigma

Year- 1993

Enigma’s passionate delivery of this song urges you to return to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable and need to pretend to feel accepted or worthy of being in a particular space, this song asks you to beat the fear of showing your emotions.

Through this song, you’ll realize that embracing your deepest feelings and showing up as your authentic self requires you to return to your innocence.

11. Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

Year- 2012

‘Everything Has Changed’ talks about two lovers who evolve through time, realizing how much their life changes and transforms when they meet a new romantic partner.

Many people struggle with transformations triggered by the relationships they form in life. This song urges listeners to take time to know each other irrespective of whether the result of the relationship is good or bad.

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