27 Best Fredo Songs

After some UK trap and drill? We've got you covered. One of West London’s finest, and a Harrow Road / Mozart resident, here are the best Fredo songs ever.

1. “Netflix & Chill” by Fredo

Song Year: 2019

“Netflix & Chill” came out on November 8th, 2019, as a non-album single. The song peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart, and is his highest viewed Youtube video at the time of writing.

With a trap-inspired guitar beat, Fredo raps about his preference for getting rich and smoking instead of casual encounters with women.

The song is gold-certified by the BPI and reached the number 13 spot on the UK charts.

2. “They Ain’t 100” by Fredo

Song Year: 2016

One of Fredo’s classic songs, and one that played a bit part in making him as popular as he is today.

The song’s more minimalist beat was a sign of this period of Fredo songs, and features a simple piano melody over hard hitting lyrics.

The songs is about both being realer than the ops, and also the trapping side to his life.

3. “Like That” by Fredo

Song Year: 2017

Another classic song of Fred’s, and another song talking about him being realer than the opposition; this is the stuff we love!

He also mentions leaving jail and being back out in time for some summer balling. That said, he still makes time for writing to his brothers in the pen.

4. “Back To Basics” by Fredo

Song Year: 2021

“Back To Basics” is one of Fredo's most popular mainstream tracks, hitting the number 20 spot on the UK charts and 39 in Ireland. It's another collaboration with south London rapper Dave, who produced the track.

The song anticipated the album Money Can't Buy Happiness, and you can hear Dave's influence in the mellow, brooding track, a departure from Fredo's typical drill.

5. “Money Talks” by Fredo Feat. Dave

Song Year: 2021

“Money Talks” is one of Fredo's biggest hits, and the track features Brixton-based rapper Santan Dave. It came out the day before Money Can't Buy Happiness, Fredo's second album.

The duo jabs at their haters in this song, saying they aren't worthy because they aren't as wealthy or successful. The music video takes a different turn, commenting on how spending habits can reveal someone's character.

6. “Dave Flow” by Fredo

Song Year: 2023

Fredo and Santan Dave are frequent collaborators, appearing on tracks like “Money Talks” and “Funky Friday.” On “Dave Flow,” Fredo pays homage to the artist, referencing their friendship and the antics they get up to.

The upbeat track details Dave's rise to fame, like how he went from staying at friends' houses to buying a yacht. However, he also talks about how he's done things he's not proud of.

7. “I Miss” by Fredo

Song Year: 2021

“I Miss” is a song by Fredo, released on November 20th, 2021, as a single from his second studio album, Money Can't Buy Happiness. The song features production by Kirk Beats.

It's a slow-paced drill track with a somber mood, and the lyrics are about Fredo's nostalgia for his childhood and his regrets about the choices he has made in his life.

8. “Bad Boy” by Fredo

Song Year: 2021

“Bad Boy” came out in 2021, a drill track with a bouncy and playful mood.

The lyrics are about Fredo's lifestyle as a successful rapper and businessman. He raps about his wealth, commenting on his ability to attract women and friends.

Overall, the song is a celebration of Fredo's success and refusal to conform to the expectations of others.

9. “Do You Right” by Fredo

Song Year: 2021

A celebration of love and commitment, “Do You Right” is the sixth track of his album Money Can't Buy Happiness. Released on January 28th, 2021, it includes production by Mjproductions.

The lyrics are about Fredo's commitment to treating his woman right. He raps about how he will provide for his girlfriend, protect her, and make her happy.

10. “Biggest Mistake” by Fredo

Song Year: 2021

“Biggest Mistake” is a song by British rapper Fredo, released on February 20th, 2021, as the second single from his third studio album, Money Can't Buy Happiness.

The song is a powerful and emotional look at Fredo's life, and he details his upbringing and origins, rapping about his mother, his early voyage into crime, and his friends who ended up in prison.

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