29 Sad EDM Songs, The Saddest Ever

Electronic Dance Music, or better known as EDM, hit the scenes in the mid-80s. Its popularity soared in the 2000s and is now offered as a course at some of the most prestigious universities. However, EDM isn’t just all about the beat. The music has cultivated into one of the best emotion-driven genres about life and love and the loss of it all.

Here is a list of sad EDM songs that can take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

(Sun & Moon) Above & Beyond  by John Bedford

Song Year: 2011

Although every breakup feels crushing and like the pain will never end, sometimes, when a relationship is over, you just know that person has made a permanent mark on your life. Some people are simply more challenging to forget than others.

RAMelia (Tribute to Amelia) by RAM & Susana

Song Year: 2020

This touching song is a tribute to Ram’s wife, Amelia, who unexpectedly passed away. The lyrics are heart-gushing as it speaks volumes about the love and devastation of losing your person. Listening to it will have you grabbing the box of tissues.

Collapse by Zeds Dead

Song Year: 2014

This sad tune is a deep one when listening to the lyrics. Sometimes one might have to leave because their partner has already checked out emotionally. But it’s a reminder that it’s still crushing, even if you are the one who physically left.

Cry (Just A Little) by Bingo Players

Song Year: 2011

The melody was taken from the 1988 hit, Piano In the Dark. Then, in 2012, Flo Rida used the track for his song, I Cry. Cry (Just A Little) encapsulates the feeling of when one might have reasons to leave, but the thought of doing so is heartbreaking.

Destinations by Alesso

Song Year: 2015

Off of Alesso’s debut album, Forever, this instrumental track pulls out emotion for over five minutes. Alesso honed his instrumental inspiration in Tokyo, bringing forth culture and passion in each beat.

Life Goes On  by Dubloadz (feat. Anuka)

Song Year: 2017

The honest lyrics evoke an emotion that anyone who has lost in love has felt. Feeling that none of it’s fair and wanting to sleep to forget the pain is all relatable, but this song reminds us all that life goes on, eventually.

Strobe by Deadmau5

Song Year: 2009

Strobe is the instrumental hit off the Canadian artist’s fourth album and Deadmau5's Greatest Hits, 5 Years of Mau5. The beat hits the soul and can pull out the raw emotions you are feeling.

Lights by Ellie Goulding (Bassnectar Remix)

Song Year: 2010

Exhaustion is a side effect of heartbreak. This song weaves in the rollercoaster emotion that can leave one tired and uninspired to push ahead. However, Ellie Goulding wrote the song about her childhood fear of the dark.

Forgettable by Project 46

Song Year: 2015

Forgettable is an empowerment song. However, this song makes the sad EDM list because it’s heart-wrenching to think that people out there feel this way and think less of themselves. So, if you need to hear this, know that you’re awesome!

Gold by Adventure Club

Song Year: 2013

Words can hurt. They even have the power to cause invisible scars, which is basically noted in this tune. Trying to hold on to someone that doesn’t want to be held onto can cause an internal ache that can last a long time.

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