31 Best Funeral Songs For Dogs

As dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans, chances are, as someone with a dog, they’ll pass before you.

Losing a friend can be heartbreaking, but listening to music can help deal with the grief. In this article, we’ve the best funeral songs for dogs.

“It's Just a Dog” by Mo Pitney

Song Year: 2016

“It's Just a Dog” was featured on Pitney's “Behind This Guitar” album and is one of the best songs about losing a dog due to its deep lyrics.

In this song, Mo Pitney talks about saving a stray dog and how he raised it as his own. He talks about all the good and bad memories he shared with his pet and his pain after losing her.

“I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever” by Tyler Farr

Song Year: 2020

I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever” is a country song written and sung by Tyler Farr. The song describes the intense love that pet owners share with their furry buddies.

It features simple yet poignant lyrics conveying the anguish and grief caused by losing your pet and the wish that dogs could stay alive forever. The slow melody and Farr's powerful vocal delivery also help convey the song's message.

“I Want a Dog” by Hobo Johnson

Song Year: 2019

“I Want a Dog” is a unique and amusing song by Hobo Johnson released as part of his famous album “The Fall of Hobo Johnson.” This song is about the desire to keep a dog as a pet and the joy that comes with it.

The lyrics and unique vocals depict a lonely individual seeking love and how a pet might fill that vacuum. Listening to this song will lift your mood if you've lost a dog. 

“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” by Jane Siberry

Song Year: 1989

“Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” is a sad yet lovely song about losing a pet featured on Jane Siberry's “Bound by the Beauty” album. It explains how losing a pet causes pain and how everything can always make you think of your dog.

The song's lyrics and Siberry's emotional delivery resonate with anyone who has ever felt the pain of losing a pet, offering you the consolation you need.

“Old Grey Dog” by Jimmy Scott

Song Year: 2010

Opening our list of best funeral songs for dogs is “Old Grey Dog” by Jimmy Scott, released as part of his Rhymes and Times album. The song is a tribute to his dog, who passed away.

This song talks of the good memories he shared with his dog and their bond. It also talks about the emptiness he is feeling after losing his buddy. The lyrics will encourage you to remain strong despite your loss.

“Little Boys Grow Up, and Dogs Get Old” by Luke Bryan

Song Year: 2015

“Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old” by Luke Bryan is a poignant country song released in 2015. Bryan's heartfelt delivery and the song's soft melody made it a hit, making him one of the best country song artists.

This song mainly talks about growing up and how time passes quickly. It expresses the unconditional love between a dog and the owner despite getting separated, offering consolation to the bereaved.

“Good Dog” by Oliver Houston

Song Year: 2017

“Good Dog” is a country-pop song by Oliver Houston featuring an upbeat energy and catchy melody. This song reached the top of the chart, making Houston famous in the modern country music industry.

Its lyrics talk about the joy that dogs bring into our lives but also acknowledge that they have a short lifespan, which is unfortunate. However, you may feel better each time you remember the good times you shared.

“Your Dog Loves You” by Colde (feat. Crush)

Song Year: 2018

Your Dog Loves You” by Colde featuring Crush is another perfect funeral song for a dog. It mainly talks about how dogs love us unconditionally and are always there for us whenever we need comfort. However, we normally take them for granted and only realize when they're gone.

Its smooth melody makes it a timeless classic that can be listened to by people of all ages.

“Goodbye My Friend” by Linda Ronstadt

Song Year:1989

Linda Ronstadt released the song “Goodbye My Friend” in 1989 in her album “Prisoner in Disguise.” It mainly talks about bidding farewell to a friend, and its lyrics clearly express the pain of losing a friend. Nevertheless, you can still use it during your dog's funeral.

Many artists have recorded this song in different versions, and it's normally used in farewell services to console bereaved people. It says our loved ones will always be there with us in spirit, even if they're gone.

“My Dear Helen” by Andy Shauf

Song Year: 2015

Next on our list of the best funeral songs for dogs is “My Dear Helen” by Andy Shauf, released as part of his album “The Bearer of Bad News.”

This song features sad lyrics from the beginning to the end and reminds us of dogs' significant role in our lives. When you listen to the lyrics keenly, you'll realize the strong bond between the owner and his pet and the pain of losing a dog.

“Martha, My Dear” by The Beatles

Song Year: 1968

“Martha, My Dear” is a cheerful ballad that depicts a strong connection between a man and his dog.

Paul McCartney originally wrote this song to dedicate to his sheepdog, Martha. He then gave it to his music group, popularly known as The Beatles, and they included it in their self-edited album “The White Album.” Its arrangement features McCartney's iconic piano playing and the lush harmonies of the Beatles.

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