34 Top Songs About Water

Songs About Water

Songs about water can mean all kinds of songs. This is because water is very symbolic and can have many different meanings attached to it. Water can mean emotionally cleansing, emotionally drowning, or just feeling blue. Water can also mean the beautiful nature that gives us life or the beautiful nature to kill us.

Below you will find a detailed list of songs that are about the sea, oceans, rain, rivers, or even swimming. Keep reading to find the best songs about water, all with different tones and meanings.

“Rain on Me” By Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande

Song year: 2020

Being drenched in a terrible rainstorm feels pretty bad, and when you feel like that inside, emotionally, it is worse. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's upbeat song turn this feeling around and let us be grateful for being alive anyway! This song came out in a perfect time when quarantine had us all in a sudden lockdown.

“I Can Walk on Water” By Basshunter

Song year: 2008

Need a motivating workout song that makes you feel like you are invincible? “I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly” is the perfect song for that! Besides the music, the lyrics themselves are very uplifting. This techno music gets addicting fast yet hard to get bored of.

“Set Fire to the Rain” By Adele

Song year: 2011

Water and fire are usually contrasted. The amazing Adele's masterpiece song is about the impossible, setting the water on fire. Adele's astounding vocals sing about contrasts relationships can hold. A great song with meaningful lyrics. It is no surprise this song was a US number-one single.

“Singin' in The Rain” By Gene Kelly

Song year: 1952

Who says rainfall always means blue moods and down days? “Singin' in The Rain” can bring out our jolly sides no matter the weather. This old but gold song reminds us of the man happily dancing in the rain, carrying his umbrella (though not using his umbrella).

This classic song is as beautiful as its performed scene. You could say it is one of the best Hollywood has ever made.

“Pool” By Woodz

Song year: 2018

“Pool” is the second digital single by WOODZ (actual name is Cho Seung-youn), the K-pop singer. This alternative R&B song is great for a cozy day in, a long drive, or even by the swimming pool.

You might need translations for the lovey-dovey lyrics (except for the “pool” part), but even without understanding the lyrics, this song is heavenly.

“WATER” By Beyonce, Pharrell Williams & Salatiel

Song year: 2020

The only thing you could hate about this song is how short it is. The African-themed song is a great hit for good reason. The three talented artists make this song popular and loved.

“Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid)” By Alan Menken, Samuel E. Wright

Song year: 1989

When thinking of a water-themed Disney song, how can The Little Mermaid not pop into your mind? A fun song that makes you want to dance is about the sea critters teaching Ariel to be happy where she is and not dream about the world out there.

We might not be mermaids and mermen, but many of us still can relate to Ariel in this song.

“Just Around the Riverbend (Pocahontas)” By Judy Kuhn

Song year: 1995

Another Disney song we all love. This song talks about water in Mother Nature, how the water is always changing and how “Just Around the Riverbend” and beyond the shores something exciting awaits us. The lyrics also touch upon how we have to choose different streams in life, all based on our decisions and choices.

“Reflection (Mulan)” By Chistina Aguilera

Song year: 2020

This recent Disney song is a remake of the 1998 Mulan song of the same name. Water has the captivating quality of reflecting moonlight, leaf shadows, and…our appearances. This song, with Christina Aguilera's stunning and mature voice, dives deep down into self-reflection.

“Sea of Love” By Phil Phillips

Song year: 1959

This song was the only top-40 chart song by Phillips. The lyrics of this song are dedicated to a lover of Phillips. This deep song almost has a feeling of danger to it, but the mesmerizing tunes and chords keep you drawn to the song. Fall in love with “Sea of Love” as you hit replay over and over again.

“Where the River Meets the Sea” By Icehouse

Song year: 1990

This song truly is a masterpiece, although it is not as popular as it could be. Though this particular song was not a hit for Icehouse (no idea why), fans love this song greatly. Icehouse sings about holding on to hope and waiting for desires to come true one day.

“Come Clean” By Hilary Duff

Song year: 2004

Just like a shower cleanses us, Hilary Duff sings this brilliant song about the clear, pure rain cleansing her. Not a physical cleanse, of course. The song is about how the girl wants to “come clean” with her lover in their overwhelmed relationship.

Just as you feel relaxed after getting something off your chest, this song will relax you too.

“Summer Rain” By Gfriend

Song year: 2017

Cool water droplets hitting us on a hot summer's day can feel amazing. Simultaneously, unexpected rain on a day you thought would be all sunny is a bummer too. The K-pop girl group band Gfriend sings “Summer Rain.”

This song is bittersweet. These impressive lyrics are about memories of last summer, how the memories were so beautiful but still causes pain in the present.

“Underwater Love” By Oh My Girl

Song year: 2019

This slow, soothing and heavenly Kpop song is by the girl group band Oh My Girl. This R&B and soul genre song is beautiful. When you are falling in love or staying in love, even though you don't want to, it is almost like you are drowning. Hence the title “Underwater Love” about thoughts like the endless ocean that pull you down.

“The River” By Delta Goodrem

Song year: 2016

The breathtakingly talented and rather underrated Australian singer sings about surrendering to feelings of love, seduction, and pleasure. Surrendering to such feelings is like being taken down to the river, a kind of powerless feeling.

Delta Goodrem herself says “The River” is about a volatile relationship and removing that person to have a second chance. The song, although referring to giving up, has a sense of power and sense of control.

“Ocean Eyes” By Billie Eilish

Song year: 2016

They say that eyes are the windows to our souls, our deep, profound souls. “Ocean Eyes” sings about a character who possesses such “Ocean Eyes. This is a song that is slow and emotional and touches your soul. To date, people are amazed at how Billie Eilish was only 13 years old when this masterpiece song came out.

“Cold Water” By Major Lazer

Song year: 2016

Sometimes we all need someone who will help us in our time of need. Sometimes we all need to be someone that will help someone else in their time of need.

This touching song sings about stepping up and diving in for a person that is sinking and drowning in life. This song, relatable during our darkest moments, gives you glimmers of hope.

“Something in the Water” By Carrie Underwood

"Something in the Water" By Carrie Underwood

Song year: 2014

This country song reminds us how heartbreaks and griefs make us stronger in the long run. This song is religious, but it doesn't matter whether you believe in God or not. One songwriter of “Something in the Water” states that the song's name and lyrics refer to baptismal water.

This song is powerful enough to give you the chills and remind you that whatever you are going through will only make you stronger.

“Something in the Water” By Brooke Fraser

Song year: 2010

“Doo doo doo” this song is cute and fun. The music video shows the singer, Brooke Fraser, clothes and hair dampened by water, but her spirit is anything but dampened. This New Zealand singer's voice and the song have the energy to make you feel happier in minutes.

“Underwater” By MIKA

Song year: 2012

This pop song is about the power of love. How when we are in love, we feel like we can do anything! Including the impossible and even the terrible, like breathing underwater. The fairytale-like music video on this song features the singer MIKA floating on a boat on an ocean, and by the end, he is sadly sinking in the ocean.

“My Friend Has a Swimming Pool” By Mausi

Song year: 2014

If you want a fun playlist for a pool party, then “My Friend Has a Swimming Pool” better be in it. This song oozes out summer vibes and youth, and spontaneity. The lyrics and chords of this song are very catchy and will probably get stuck in your head. This is the perfect summer song, but it obviously can be enjoyed in any season.

“A Year Without Rain” By Selena Gomez and the scene

Song year: 2010

This song by the diva Selena Gomez and her band the Scene is another love song. This song is about how missing your lover for one day is equivalent to living a year without rain. No rain for a year makes a very dry, desolate, and almost dead land. This pop song is a great hit and sounds just as great in the Spanish version; “Un Año Sin Lluvia.”

“Cry Me A River” By Justin Timberlake

Song year: 2002

We are familiar with this song where Justin Timberlake sang about his relationship with the singer Britney Spears. “Cry Me A River” implies that the singer's former relationship went bad because she cheated, and he chose to move on.

Water was always symbolic of many things, including sadness, so the title of this song hints at that. Justin Timberlake sings about being betrayed and saying it is now the betrayer's turn to cry.

“Water Under the Bridge” By Adele

Song year: 2016

This song is about someone breaking up with a singer. When you go through a relationship that feels real and true, and then there is an unfortunate breakup, you want the other person to admit the relationship was real.

Adele sings about this relationship and how she does not want the relationship to just be “Water Under the Bridge.”

“Blue Ocean Floor” By Justin Timberlake

Song year: 2013

This song is special. Justin Timberlake describes this song as his Romeo and Juliet song; lovers seek each other but cannot be with each other, and lovers that would die for each other. The title “Blue Ocean Floor” is actually about drowning together because you cannot live without each other.

“Come In With The Rain” By Taylor Swift

Song year: 2008

This catchy song sounds like a girl that has been let down by her lover one too many times. The lyrics sing about when you want to forgive a lover, but also know deep down it is pointless to forgive, but you choose to do it anyway.

Just as if you leave your window open and it starts raining, the water can freely drip inside. The singer chooses to leave her heart open for her lover.

“Swimming in Miami” By Owl City

Song year: 2007

As refreshing as a dip in the water can be, this song is emotionally refreshing. Owl City is known for its jolly wondrous melodies in the electropop genre. This Owl City song takes you away from everyday trouble and stress, even if it is for a few minutes.

The lyrics give a sense of unawareness and disconnection from the real world; you don't know if it is flooding or raining, you don't know if it is day or night, and it does not even matter.

“November Rain” By Guns N' Roses

Song year: 1992

This masterpiece was written by the lead vocalist of Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose. It is a very long song, almost nine entire minutes! Even then, it is only the second-longest song in the album “Use Your Illusion.” The first part of this song is about those hot and cold feelings we get in a new relationship, and the chorus sings about how nothing lasts forever.

“Hymn to the Sea (Titanic)” By James Horner

Song year: 1997

Ocean, seas and the big power bodies of water have, even over the dearest lovers. The movie Titanic is connected to water, the big vast over-powering ocean. The song “Hymn to the Sea” is part of the movie's soundtrack. It is the final song in the film's soundtrack.

“Swim Good” By Frank Ocean

Song year: 2011

Another addictive song about heartbreak. Sometimes our internal feelings are our best guides in life, despite what the world around us says.

Frank Ocean's song teaches us that when we flow with our emotions after a heartbreak, like we would swim downstream a river, we will survive. “Swim Good” is all about new beginnings after a difficult end.

“Umbrella” By Rihanna

Song year: 2007

A song we all sing along to due to its catchy tunes, but all have different ideas in analyzing it. Some say it is about lovers. Some say it is about friendship and others say it is about self-care. Whatever the real meaning is, the lyrics are very comforting, and you can choose a meaning that best resonates with you.

The lyrics are about how she will be there for you during the highs and lows, ready with her umbrella to keep you from getting drenched.

“Purple Rain” By Prince

Song year: 1984

Prince is a musician with many masterpieces, and one of them is definitely “Purple Rain.” Water can be blue, green, or clear; now, what on earth is purple rain?

The lyrics are a little oblique, just as the song title is. This mysterious song is probably about a lost lover and the heartache of the ended relationship.

“Walk on Water” By Eminem

Song year: 2017

This venerated rapper's song “Walk On Water” is about him stating he is not God but a mere human being. Eminem raps that the only way he can walk on water as other godly prophets have done is by only having the water turn into ice.

In other words, he is as human as any person and does not possess superior god-like qualities. On one hand, it is a humble song. On the other hand, it is a song about surrendering to haters.

“Chocolate Rain” By Tay Zonday

Song year: 2007

The first youtube song that went viral is “Chocolate Rain” by Adam Nyerere Baher, who goes by the stage name Tay Zonday. The entire song is supposed to be a metaphor about racism in the USA against African Americans.

This song was uploaded more than a decade ago, but still today, sadly, the song's meaning is very relevant. This song has been viewed more than 129,000,000 times.

Best Songs About Water, Final Thoughts

That wraps up our 33 favorite songs about water… water in any form! These songs refer to rainwater, oceans and seas, rivers, or swimming.

Just as the type of waters these songs are about is varied, each song in its mood and genre is also varied. Some of them are feel-good, upbeat songs, and some of them are more on the emotional and blue side. All these songs, however, are great hits and very popular.

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