20 Best Central Cee Songs

Central Cee is a British rapper from an area of London. Born in 1998, he began recording music when he was only 14 years old. He accredits his style to the mixture of genres his father exposed him to growing up and the many lessons he learned on the streets of West London.

“Loading” by Central Cee

Song year: 2020

Central Cee’s breakthrough song, Loading, is a song about the criminal activity he witnessed in his neighborhood. He expresses that he has no desire to live a gangsta life and wants to settle down and get married. The expression loading refers to him having a lot of money.

His music is unique and always showcases his talent, and he is sure to keep loading.

“Day In The Life” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

Day in the Life is a song Central Cee wrote about his life as a drug dealer. Many rappers have their claims as to what their life was about before they started rapping. In this song, Central Cee calls out rappers who claim they are better than him or have the experience that he doesn’t.

Thankfully today, a day in his life is better than before.

“Commitment Issues” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

Released February 12, 2021, Central Cee talks love right before Valentine’s Day. He talks about having commitment issues but makes it clear that he loves his girlfriend. But because of his level of commitment issues, he can’t say the words, and sometimes he is unfaithful.

“6 For 6” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

Once again, Central Cee comes with a narrative from his past life of crime. But this song talks about his transition from a life of crime to a legitimate artist. He recalls how hard he had to work to get to where he is today. The name 6 for 6 refers to Michael Jordan’s NBA final record of winning six straight championships.

“Overseas” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

This song is a collaboration of three artists: Central Cee and artists from D-Block Europe, Young Adz, and Dirtbike LB. Have you ever heard of trap wave? Maybe you don’t know the term, but you have probably heard it. This song is performed with piano and trap wave beat. Trap wave is a combination of hip-hop, trap, and R&B music. It gives this song a unique sound.

“Khabib” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

This song gets its title from a retired mixed martial artist named Khabib Nurmagomedov. He was undefeated and known for adhering to the Islamic faith. However, this track does have the same theme of coming up from the bottom. It also brings in a different element than Cee’s other songs, the topic of God to handle his enemies or people who wish him harm.

“Little Bit Of This” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

All Hail the mighty twerk! In this song, Central Cee talks about his life dealing with newfound fame and women. He expresses his love for women and the way they twerk for him.

“Molly” by Central Cee

Song year: 2020

Central Cee talks about the party being lit because he arrived and started passing out Molly. For those of you who don’t know what Molly is, it is a party drug also known by the name Ecstasy. The theme of this song is in line with a lot of his other tracks. He gives the listener a view of his life as a drug dealer before he started rapping.

“Cold Shoulder” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

In this song, Central Cee talks about people who become famous or start making money, but they forget the place they came from. In his own personal life, he has reached back to the neighborhood he was raised in and helped others. He also talks about people who didn’t believe in his talent and considered him to be a one-hit wonder. But his track record as a solid artist has been proven.

“Ungrateful” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

On this track, Central Cee talks about his lack of motivation to live because nothing in his life had changed. So he says he doesn’t want to seem ungrateful to God. He reflects on past sins and how he regrets a lot of things that he did, things that he cannot forget. He also mentions the hardships of his life growing up in West London and the frustration of his mother when he dropped out of high school.

“Retail Therapy” by Central Cee

“Retail Therapy” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

This song talks about something many of us are familiar with, retail therapy. He talks about lifting his spirits with a dose of shopping. He reflects on a time when he wore shoes until his feet got blisters, and now he can afford to buy clothes and shoes for himself and also treat his mom by buying her a house. He also mentions his transition from drug life to becoming a rap artist. As he got started, he still dabbled on the streets.

“Mad About Bars” by Central Cee

Song year: 2020

There are very few people who shoot straight up the success ladder. Central Cee talks about the struggle to succeed. He also talks about what his version of success is versus others who may already see him as successful. He mentions life on the streets and his realization that no one around him was faithful, not his woman or his friends. So, he could only depend on himself.

“Ruby” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

The main theme in this song is about people who struggle and have bad things happen to them. As a result, they do bad things to cope with the shame. The message is for us not to judge a person by their actions because no one knows what the other person has been through.

“Doja” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

The song Doja is named after an American rapper who goes by the stage name of Doja Cat. Central Cee expresses a romantic interest in her throughout this song. Cee has established himself as a Drill rapper, and he frequently talks about violence and drugs. Ironically, he also admits in this song that he does not want to die.

“Fraud” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

This song has a sampling from Bob Marley’s classic Jamming. This song talks about the singer's days of committing credit card fraud.

“Straight Back To It” by Central Cee

Song year: 2022

The message in this song is short and simple. No matter what you are doing in life, push so that you can succeed. You may have obstacles and sidetracks, but you get right back on track and succeed.

“Tension” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

You can feel the tension in this song. Central Cee describes the life of a drug dealer, and everything surrounding him builds up tension. The life that a drug dealer chooses does not just affect him, but it also affects the loved ones around him.

“Hate It Or Love It” by Central Cee

Song year:2021

The underdog does not always come on top, but when he does, people usually don’t like it. Cee refers to himself as a former underdog who is now on the top and making money. His sentiment is that whether you like it or not, he is on top. Deal with it.

“Gangbiz” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

Central Cee addresses the phenomenon of gangsta rap and gangsta mentality bleeding over into suburban communities. Young generations are so drawn to this lifestyle and its music that it has become a multimillion-dollar business.

“The Bag” by Central Cee

Song year: 2021

This song talks about priorities. The rapper lets his audience know that he is not chasing women but chasing money.

Central Cee is coming up in the rap industry, especially in the UK and the rest of Europe. He draws crowds with his Drill style of rap and stories of his life on the West London streets. The mixture of different genres of music incorporated in his raps makes his music unique.

Top Central Cee Songs, Final Thoughts

Central Cee might be a relatively young rapper with only two mixtape albums so far. However, he already has an impressive collection of songs, lots of which have been well-received by fans and critics alike. Hopefully, this list of his very best songs will give you a good idea of where to start.

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