15 Best Rosa Linn Songs & Covers

Rosa Linn is an Armenian up-and-coming recording artist, songwriter, and producer. Her current recording contract is with Columbia Records, after gaining a massive fanbase through competing in Italy's Eurovision Song Contest and going viral on TikTok.

She also holds the title of Armenia's first female music producer. She’s expected to go a long way in upcoming years, based on how popular she’s been recently.

Here are some of the top Rosa Linn songs performed or inspired by Rosa Linn.

SNAP by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2022

SNAP is the song that put Rosa Linn in the spotlight. She performed SNAP at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, bringing her massive popularity.

The official music video for SNAP has racked up 2.3 million views in just three weeks, and the video including lyrics for it has over 8 million views. The song's exposure on TikTok ignited its success, causing it to rank on top-ten music charts all across the globe.

Rosa Linn wrote the lyrics and composed the music for SNAP alongside the songwriters and producers Courtney Harrell, Larzz Principato, Tamar Kaprelian, and Allie Crystal.

These industry professionals boast working relationships with powerhouse recording artists, including Halsey and Ariana Grande. Rosa Linn's vocal, lyrical, and compositional talent is apparent through her success with this team.

The most significant charting victory is when the song hit number 26 on the UK's Singles Chart. This victory is notable because it made SNAP the highest-ranking foreign performance in the 2022 contest SNAP debuted in.

The song features lyrics centering on trusting yourself during a season of struggle and finding the courage to survive a mental and emotional breaking point.

Rosa Linn spoke in an interview about her deeply personal connection to the song and the fact that she believes most everyone can relate to it. She claimed SNAP helped her out during hard times and hoped that it would do the same for those of us who listened to it.

SNAP is not Rosa Linn's first single, but it is the first song to catapult this up-and-comer into the spotlight.

Snap (Fargo Remix) by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2022

Fans went wild when Rosa Linn shared a remix version of SNAP on her social media accounts in June of 2022. The sentimental tone of its original version about bruised self-worth in the face of heartbreak takes on an edgier, more seductive energy in the club-inspired remix.

It's no surprise that Rosa Linn chose the famed music producer Fargo for this collaboration, seeing as both Fargo and Rosa Linn are of Armenian heritage. Although he is an LA-based producer, Fargo works with various recording artists from the European music market.

Rosa Linn's release of this remix gave her fans an extra layer to appreciate by posting it on June 22nd, which is the specific date the lyrics of SNAP reference in the line “Since June 22nd, my heart's been on fire.”

While the original version of the song is more pop-folksy, featuring a lot of guitars, this remix is ethereal and sexy with a completely different vibe that resonates with many other listeners.

KING by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2021

KING is the debut single from Rosa Linn and features American pop recording artist Kiiara. At the time of its release, Rosa Linn was not yet signed to Columbia Records, and it came out under the progressive record label Nvak Collective.

Nvak Collective is a pioneering label that focuses on creating with underrepresented voices. The artists on this label are all LGBTQ+, female, or non-binary.

Nvak Collective also advocates for healthy relationships between record labels and their talent by offering transparent contracts. These comprehensive healthcare benefits include mental health, life-coaching services, and a commitment to ethical business practices in the frequently toxic entertainment industry.

Rosa Linn is one of the very first artists to release music with Nvak Collective, and KING is the premiere track.

KING features meaningful lyrics referencing the political relationship between America and Russia. The song has parts sung in both English and Russian languages.

Rosa Linn says that it is of great importance to her that her music is impactful and that KING communicates that intensely, making it the perfect introduction to her performance career.

Both Rosa Linn and Kiiara have attention as exciting emerging artists, and their collaboration on KING reflects that dynamic's hunger and raw talent.

Snap (Acoustic) by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2022

At Eurovision House Party 2022, an event that the Eurovision Song Contest hosts, Rosa Linn performed an acoustic version of her entry track.

With slight vocal pattern alterations, this version of SNAP is equally as passionate and absorbing as its fully produced counterpart, with an additional element of coziness.

The acoustic rendition receives praise for its level of soulfulness and authenticity, and the intimate nature of this performance is reminiscent of Rosa Linn's performance of My Type of Loneliness.

My Type of Loneliness by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2022

In 2022, after the Eurovision Song Contest, Rosa Linn performed this song for the Wiwi Jam at Home Concert, which hosted 24 Eurovision contestants.

My Type of Loneliness is a soft, acoustic performance that embodies Rosa Linn's hypnotic, breathy vocals and the captivating intimacy she brings to her artistry.

The video of this performance has over three-thousand views on Youtube. The comment section sings overwhelming praise for her easy-listening, laid-back music and the inspiration she brings to her supporters.

Not only does Rosa Linn sing My Type of Loneliness, but she also plays the guitar as accompaniment. The entire song has an authentic and comforting feel to it that some listeners admit brings them to tears.

Euphoria by Loreen (Cover by Rosa Linn and Maléna)

Euphoria by Loreen (Cover by Rosa Linn and Maléna)

Song Year: 2022

Malena, the 2021 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, joins Rosa Linn in this haunting cover of Euphoria by Swedish singer and songwriter Loreen.

In My Type of Loneliness, Rosa Linn pairs her vocals with the guitar, and in this cover, she plays the piano alongside her singing. She takes every opportunity to showcase the extent of her musical talent and impresses every time.

Euphoria is the third track on recording artist Loreen's 2012 debut album, titled Heal. This song also has a connection to the Eurovision Song Contest, being the winning entry for Sweden in 2012. Two former contestants performing a cover of it is a way to pay homage to these singers' entertainment origins.

Rosa Linn performs Euphoria with Malena, who not only comes from the same Eurovision background but is also Armenian. She is the second Armenian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest and is known to make appearances at Eurovision events.

Malena has a massive following on social media. She is the winner of the Armenian Scholarship that the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston offers for a summer contemporary music program.

Even though it is a shorter version of the original song, the pairing of Malena and Rosa Linn for Euphoria highlights each of the artists' exciting talents that lead to dreamy ballads such as this.

Tiezerq (Piano Version) by Rosa Linn

Song Year: 2022

While performing at Eurovision House Party 2022, Rosa Linn did a piano rendition of her Armenian song, which translates to “universe.” This piano rendition is an emotional ballad that pulls on the heartstrings and showcases Rosa Linn’s extraordinary vocal and piano talents.

Snap by Rosa Linn (Cover by Parg)

Song Year: 2022

Next on the list is a different cover of Rosa Linn's hit single SNAP. This version is by the singer Parg and is available to watch on his Youtube channel, which currently has just shy of 600 subscribers.

Despite being a relatively unknown performer, Parg's cover of SNAP boasts over 22 thousand views. His version of the hit song has high audio and visual production levels and gives his individualized spin on the vocal patterns.

Hearing the track done in a male voice with a different accent than Rosa Linn has genuinely made it a standalone performance. The versatility of its versatile style marks SNAP as a musical victory that offers timeless, universally appreciated character.

Nazani by Sayat-Nova (Cover by Rosa Linn)

Song Year: 2020

Nazani is a traditional Armenian folk song that Rosa Linn covers in her own version, which she recorded and produced herself.

The original song dates far back into Armenian history and has vital cultural significance. Rosa Linn is very publicly tied to her Armenian heritage through her entry into the Eurovision Song Contest and representation of Armenia on that global stage.

Snap by Rosa Linn (Cover by Vivian Childs)

Song Year: 2022

Rosa Linn’s hit song, SNAP, got covered by online vocal performer and pianist Vivian Childs. Her cover originated on TikTok but is also available to view on Youtube.

Vivian Childs embellishes the original vocal patterns by adding runs and her overall personal flair.

Snap by Rosa Linn (Cover by YooNat)

Song Year: 2022

Another notable cover of SNAP involves a young, unsigned singer from Ukraine who goes by the online handle YooNat.

YooNat's version of SNAP has over 34 thousand views on Youtube but also originally comes from TikTok. Her voice's energetic and melodic tone perfectly meshes with SNAP's musical design.

Snap by Rosa Linn (Cover by Armine)

Song Year: 2022

Armine posted this cover to her Youtube account arminemusic. Her raspy voice is reminiscent of the delicate breathiness that Rosa Linn possesses but has a deeper tone to it that gives this version a distinctive style.

Snap – Nightcore Version

Song Year: 2022

The Nightcore Europe Youtube account has this version of SNAP available to view on its channel. This is a remix that combines elements of the Fargo Remix and the High & Fast 1-Hour versions we previously mentioned.

Any Nightcore edit of a song requires the music to increase in both pitch and tempo by approximately 35%. This is an entire genre of music born from a performance duo in Norway that is massively popular in both anime and otaku cultures.

Snap – TropicRafael Remix

Song Year: 2022

We list quite a few different remixes of Rosa Linn's SNAP, and this one is another example of how far her viral track reaches and how many different creators take the opportunity to put their own spin on it.

TropicRafaelMusic is a Youtube account with a significant following of over five thousand subscribers. His remix of SNAP currently has over 30 thousand views. This producer's take on SNAP is funkier than most of the other remixes, which either stick to Rosa Linn's softer vibe or take it in a more sultry direction.

Snap – Live at Israel Calling

Song Year: 2022

To finish out the list, we are putting the live performance version of SNAP done by Rosa Linn herself at the 2022 Israel Calling promotional event.

Israel Calling is a concert that happens every year in Israel, starting in 2016, which hosts different contestants of that year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Rosa Linn's performance of her Eurovision entry song at this event is special since she doesn't play any instruments and solely focuses on her vocal performance.

This version also carries totally different energy than the acoustic version we list earlier because this one happens in front of a massive live crowd. Rosa Linn is extremely engaged with the fans who are singing along, and her excitement translates directly from the performance to the listener.

Top Rosa Linn Songs, Final Thoughts

Rosa Linn is still an up-and-coming recording artist, but she’s already made a name for herself as a force to be reckoned with in over 28 music markets across the globe. Her continuing work with American music producers, songwriters, and singers is sure to push her success to new levels and result in a powerful legacy of authentic, meaningful music.

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