Can You Learn To Sing Within A Month?

Can You Learn To Sing Within A Month?

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A month seems like an awfully short amount of time to learn to sing well.

Some of the world’s best and most popular singers tend to have a decade (and sometimes decades) of experience behind them. They make it look easy because they’ve worked at their craft.

You can’t expect to go from knowing nothing to learning to sing in 30 days, can you?

Here’s what you need to know:

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No One Learns To Do Anything Well In 30 Days, Do They?

Sure, there are plenty of budding vocalists, instrumentalists, and artists looking for a bit of instant gratification in developing their skills as a musician. It’s understandable.

Some musicians can seemingly pick up just about anything without much effort. Prodigies and geniuses are rare, and generally the exception rather than the rule, but the passionate ones always find a way.

It is, however, generally a misnomer that any musician learns and improves rapidly without putting some serious time and energy into their craft. The learning curve only gets steeper as you go, which means you need to spend incrementally more time developing new techniques and skills, because they increase in complexity and difficulty as you improve.

That said, while expectations do need to be set, it is entirely possible to learn to do something well in 30 days. You may not become the best singer in the world in that time, but can you work your way through the fundamentals, learn a few techniques, and even manage to sing a few simple melodies and songs in that time? Absolutely.

I mentioned earlier that the learning curve only gets steeper as you improve, but this also means the learning curve is quite shallow early on. So, the amount of material you can learn and cover in 30 days, if you’re consistent, is considerably more than you might expect.

For that very reason, one of the most exciting times in a singer’s development tends to be in the first few weeks and months. Imagine going from not knowing the first thing about how to sing to vocalizing your first scale in just a few days!

The only other factor, then, is whether you have access to the right materials and/or coaching. Wading through free video lessons, low-cost books, and lessons from a friend might see you spinning your wheels (unnecessarily).

And hiring a vocal coach, while generally a good idea, is likely to be slow going as you might not be able to access them for more than 30 to 60 minutes per week.

Basically, without the right structure, you may not get access to the right information, your progress could be slower going, resources could be expensive, and you might even pick up some bad habits along the way. These habits will need to be corrected later if you want to sing well and maintain good vocal health.

But Doesn’t It Take Talent To Sing?

You either have it or you don’t, right?

Not so fast.

If you can speak and change your pitch, you can absolutely learn to sing. You probably won’t sound like a choir of angels at first (very few do), and you should not expect to be a virtuoso overnight, but the simple truth is – anyone with a voice can learn to sing.

Talent certainly doesn’t hurt. There are plenty of talented people out there, both famous and not. You might know a local nine-year-old who can blow the lid off the roof with her pitch-perfect Christina Aguilera impression.

But if you don’t use your voice, you can lose it relatively quickly. Meaning – you stand to benefit more from regular practice and performance than not.

It’s also easy to mistake talent for skill and guaranteed some of the top singers you know didn’t have much talent when they were first getting started. Singing is a skill, and it can be learned.

You don’t need to have talent to learn to sing well or improve your singing voice in a month or less.

Is Singing Easy?

As any singer worth their salt will tell you, learning to sing isn’t specifically “easy.”

There are certain techniques, breathing exercises, scales, and melodies that aren’t necessarily hard to learn. But they are all steppingstones onto building a voice that’s capable of more. No one is going to be impressed by you humming “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” as an example. But it is an important starting point.

Every voice is unique, be it tone, range, or otherwise. You can learn to tap into different tones of your voice, and you can even extend your range, but some of the basic parameters are set in place post puberty. Your voice is sure to transform and remain relatively consistent from that point forward, even if it’s not specifically in a way you want it to.

So, as with any skill, learning to sing well can – and generally does – take time and a serious commitment to practice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s learning to ride a bicycle, tying a tie, or learning to draw, every skill must be developed, and the amount of time or effort it takes to reach a certain level can vary from skill to skill and individual to individual.

But that also means it gets easier over time. It will take considerable effort to learn more advanced techniques, but not everyone will need or want to learn these. You can get to the point of picking up new melodies of songs more rapidly, simply because you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals to be able to do so.

Learning to sing isn’t always easy. But you can make it fun, and the best lessons are!

What Is The Best Solution I Can Use To Learn To Sing In 30 Days?

How to sing in 30 days

As I’ve hinted at, there are a variety of methods you can try to improve as a singer. These include:

  • Singing to your favorite songs
  • Purchasing and reading low-cost method books
  • Checking free online articles and video lessons
  • Asking a knowledgeable friend to help you
  • Hiring a vocal teacher to assist you

This should not be considered a complete list. But what I can say with certainty is that your mileage is going to vary quite a bit with the above.

Some people are naturals or are quick to “get” things, but for most this simply won’t apply.

As noted earlier, if you try to do it all by yourself, without the help of a qualified instructor, you could end up adopting bad technique, or worse, damaging your voice.

Chances are you will be able to correct bad technique and recover your voice even after damaging it (don’t take this as a guarantee), but all things being equal, it’s better to start off with good habits than it is to try to correct bad ones after the fact.

That’s why we recommend 30 Day Singer as the ideal solution to learn how to sing in a month or less.

First and foremost, they have complete 30 day beginner programs taught by two instructors – Camille van Niekerk and Jonathan Estabrooks.

They also have daily warm-ups and vocal health courses for every level of singer.

Secondly, they have a structured and proven program that has worked for countless students. If it has worked for them, why wouldn’t it work for you? Many singers have found the confidence to perform and pursue their dreams by signing up for 30 Day Singer.

Their structure ensures that you don’t overdo anything, so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’re not putting your voice at risk (but if you’re feeling any pain, stop, and be sure to get your question answered in the forum).

Thirdly, if you ever need any additional support, you can ask your questions in the forum, or even hire an available coach for a private lesson.

And if after 30 days you decide that you want to keep going, there are lessons for practically every style and every level of singer to take you beyond. There are level 2 courses for beginners, advanced courses, and even a tricks and techniques section.

If 30 days is a little too fast for you, or you simply don’t have the time, you can even take things at a pace that’s more manageable for you. Of course, it is nice to get a few quick wins in the first 30 days of singing if you can!

So, if you’re thinking about making fast improvements, have a look at 30 Day Singer.

What Can I Realistically Expect To Accomplish In 30 Days?

This is going to depend a lot on the student.

Although they are rare, there are some students who end up wowing their teachers with their progress, becoming quite accomplished singers in a month or less.

But we do need to be realistic. This simply won’t be the case for most students.

Most students will have worked their way through the fundamentals of a warm-up routine, proper vocal technique, posture, breathwork, vocal anatomy, cord compression, chest voice, head voice, range, tone, dynamics, vocal fry, falsetto, runs, turns, and falls, vibrato, mix voice, phrasing and style, and performance (if they follow the 30 Day Singer program).

This doesn’t mean you’ll have an in-depth working knowledge of each of these topics, or that you will be especially skilled at any of them. But you will have at least a basic grasp of each if you put the time and effort in. It’s a solid foundation to build on.

The amount of progress you make, though, will largely be determined by the amount of time and effort you put in.

Now, at the risk of repeating myself, it should be noted that you can over sing and damage your voice. If you take advantage of the 30 Day Singer beginner courses, then you will be encouraged to adopt proper practicing habits, singing habits, and to rest your voice periodically as well. That’s another reason structure is key to your ongoing progress and ultimate success.

So, it is possible to practice too much, especially early on, and that’s something you will need to look out for, if for some reason you end up taking on this project all by yourself.

You can accomplish quite a bit in 30 days depending on a lot of the factors already covered – natural talent, good or bad singing habits, the state of your vocal cords / voice, how committed you are to the process, proper guidance, and more.

Will you have the best tone, control, dynamics, enunciation, breathing technique, power, and so on, in just 30 days? No, probably not. But you can establish a solid foundation in the craft of singing that will allow you to accomplish more in the months and years to come.

Can You Learn To Sing Within 30 Days? The Verdict

So, can you learn to sing in a month?

This depends on a lot of factors, so the answer is not definitively “yes” or definitely “no.”

Do you possess natural talent? Prior experience with singing or playing an instrument? A knack for whistling and humming?

Chances are you should be able to fast-track your progress if you’ve answered “yes” to some or all the above.

There can still be other extenuating factors, such as whether you’ve previously damaged your vocal cords or if you’ve had surgery affecting your throat. Even then, though, I’ve seen plenty of people either learn to sing well or recover their voice.

A better question might be whether you can learn to improve as a singer in 30 days.

And the answer is, if you put the time and effort in, follow a structured program like 30 Day Singer, and do the course as designed, you can absolutely improve your vocal technique in 30 days.

There will always be signers who tap into their authentic voice in 30 days or less because they’re highly teachable or don’t have any bad habits. But again, even most worst-case scenarios can be overcome, and you can improve and learn to sing well.

Be willing to take things at your own pace. You will improve at your own rate and accepting that will make your singing journey that much more enjoyable.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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