Rita Ora Net Worth

Net Worth: $34 million

Date Of Birth: 26th of November, 1990

How They Make Money: Touring, record sales, acting, brand endorsements, musical collaborations, real estate investments, fashion design, social media, and reality television appearances.

Rita Ora is a world-famous recording artist, actress, designer, television personality, and model who found fame in 2012 by releasing a hit single in the UK. Rita Ora has an estimated net worth of $34 million.

Here, you will find out the details surrounding her lucrative career, including her income sources, spending habits, and the origins of her success.

How Rita Ora Makes Money – Their Career

How Rita Ora Makes Money

Rita Ora's fruitful career began in music, and has since expanded. Here is a breakdown of her various sources of income.


In 2012, Rita Ora contributed vocals to DJ Fresh's single “Hot Right Now,” which took the number-one spot in the UK. Ora had been working in the industry since 2008, signed to the record label Roc Nation, but it wasn't until this single's release that she found true fame.

Her feature on that song thrust her into the limelight, and she profited off her newfound name recognition by following up the single with her debut studio album a few months later.

The album performed as well as the single, topping the record and singles chart categories. Rita Ora broke the UK's charting record by having three number-one hits within one year.

Recording artists locked into record deals with a major label earn money from music royalties. The royalties come from album sales, recorded performances, digital streaming sales, and other avenues where the public accesses the recordings.

Quickly, Ora began performing live concert events and touring with Coldplay. She won her first award nominations and the gig as Usher's opening act on his European tour.

Touring pays well, making money for the artists off ticket and merchandise sales. Another common way to make money touring is through securing profitable sponsorships.

Over time, she continued receiving critical acclaim and breaking UK chart records. As her fame kept growing, Rita Ora performed feature vocals on several hit singles with other artists famous in the UK, including Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX.

After a long legal battle with her original record label, Ora exited her contract with Roc Nation. She released her second studio album under Atlantic Records. The album brought multiple top-ten hits and broke another record for her by making her the British female solo artist with the most top-ten songs.

Artists receive similar royalty payments from feature performances as they do from their recording contracts. During this time, her vocals also appeared with recording artist Liam Payne on the film soundtrack for “Fifty Shades Freed.” Then, she held the headlining spot for another tour.

Most recently, in her music, Ora signed to a third record label in Berlin and has been recording a third studio album for the past couple of years.

Spotify Earnings

At the time of writing, Rita Ora gets 10,960,897 monthly listeners from Spotify. Assuming she makes $3 for every thousand monthly listeners, she makes $32,882.69 per month from Spotify.

Reality Television

Rita Ora's reality television career began in 2012 with her guest-judging gig on the ultra-popular singing competition “The X Factor.” That job led to working as a judge on another famous talent competition show, “The Voice UK.”

Later, she returned to “The X Factor” as a full-fledged judge. Ora reportedly received £1 million for her judging spot on “The Voice UK” and sparked a bidding war between that show's network and the network hosting “The X Factor,” which secured her £1 million.

Her reality television judging career continued when she joined “The Masked Singer UK” and earned £1 million for the job.

Ora hosted and co-hosted several European awards shows over the years and worked for one season hosting the “America's Next Top Model” reboot on VH1. While there isn't any definitive information about the compensation, it's safe to assume she claimed a hefty fee for each job.


Music is Rita Ora's main career focus and primary income source, but she has been acting since she was a preteen. She appeared in a few different scripted television series and a role in the box-office smash “Fifty Shades of Grey” trinity after approaching the film studio about working on a song for the movie's soundtrack.

Ora also acted in another feature film, reworking the classic “Oliver Twist” in 2021, and streaming giant Disney+ announced her new role in the “Beauty and The Beast” mini-series.

Most actors receive a flat fee for performing in films and streaming series, and television acting generally pays via daily rate.

Brand Endorsements

Rita Ora has been the face of countless brand campaigns in various industries. In 2010, while still signed to Roc Nation, Ora starred in Skullcandy and Roc Nation's headphone collaboration campaign.

As she amassed more fame, she appeared in campaigns modeling for luxury fragrances, makeup and jewelry collections, fashion labels, high-end home products, and more.

Some of the brands Ora has had lucrative endorsements with include Calvin Klein, Rimmel, Samsung, Madonna's Material Girl, Coca-Cola, Roberto Cavalli, Donna Karan, Adidas, and multiple luxury European-based brands.

Celebrities receive income from brand endorsements through many different avenues. Some endorsement deals include profit portions or free merchandise, but it is most common for brands to pay a one-time fee.

The fee covers the celebrity's campaign involvement in ad placements, promotional events, and social media posts. Most details of Rita Ora's brand endorsement deals are not publicly available, but reports claim she was paid £500,000 for her Material Girl campaign alone.

Real Estate Investment

Rita Ora is known to own several luxury properties in Europe.

The full details are unknown, but she did purchase a North London property, rumored to have cost around £1.4 million, and a mansion in her home country of Kosovo for her parents. The Kosovo estate was reportedly worth £1.5 million at the time of purchase.

In 2019, Ora invested in a West London parcel and built a custom luxury home estimated to be worth over £3 million. The property is said to be in an exclusive area that neighbors a property owned by Victoria and David Beckham.

Most recently, she purchased a Victorian North London mansion for an estimated £7.5 million that she renovated to increase its value to around £8 million.

The capital growth on these properties contributes to how her luxury real estate portfolio adds to Rita Ora's net worth.

Fashion Design

Ora's design career began in 2014 with a multi-year Adidas contract for collaborating on designs for the Adidas Originals line. Reportedly, she banked a cool £1.5 million for this collaboration.

Since then, Rita Ora has collaborated with others, including the German luxury fashion line Escada, Italian brand Tezenis, and designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Through these collaborations, she has contributed designs to women's clothing, shoes, and lingerie.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram serve as healthy income streams for celebrities.

Rita Ora's Instagram account has over 16 million followers. Accounts of that scale make bank off of sponsored or branded content, affiliate marketing, ad placements, and Instagram Shopping.

With over 4 million subscribers, Rita Ora's Youtube channel is also a gold mine. Youtube channels generate revenue through ad placements in their videos.

Monetized channels operate on Youtube's thousand-view system, which offers up to $7 for every thousand views per video. Channels at the same scale as Ora's earn hundreds of thousands of dollars annually through this system.

Celebrities can earn anywhere from $1,000 to over $1 million per sponsored Instagram post, depending on their follower count and engagement statistics.

How Does Rita Ora Spend Their Money?

How Does Rita Ora Spend Their Money

How much money does Rita Ora make? The answer is, more than enough to splash out on exorbitant vacations, cars, clothing, and festivities. She also supports a long list of charitable organizations.


We already touched on Rita Ora's affinity for expensive real estate, but she is also known for flaunting her luxury car collection. Ora regularly drives these vehicles and likes to pose with them on her social media accounts.

Ora's collection boasts a Cadillac XTS worth an estimated $60,000, an MP4-12C McLaren worth an estimated $250,000, a Jaguar F Type worth an estimated $80,000, a Land Rover Defender worth an estimated $70,000, a BMW 7 Series worth an estimated $94,000, two different luxury Mercedes worth an estimated $150,000 and $210,000 respectively, and a Ferrari 458 worth an estimated $245,000.


Another lavish benefit to Rita Ora's net worth is the many expensive vacations she takes. Photographs place Ora at countless first-class locations. She favors vacationing in Ibiza, Brazil, and Jamaica, where she always has opulent accommodations.

Some of her most extravagant trips include a visit to Bayron Bay, Australia, where she rented an oceanside mansion for $3,500 a night and a multi-week stay at a private villa in Greece that cost her a whopping $23,000 a night. That one also included total access to a private yacht.

She also enjoyed a birthday vacation to the French Alps this fall, staying in a private luxury chalet with a large group of friends and family. The chalet reportedly costs $22,000 a night.


Rita Ora throws distinctively lavish parties, like the birthday bash in 2020, where she famously paid a venue £6,000 to break Coronavirus-lockdown laws. The stunt cost her a £10,000 fine. Whoops.

Ora is also constantly shopping to expand her ever-growing designer wardrobe and has listed one of her must-have items as a simple $70 vitamin-C supplement. When you are Rita Ora, even the little things boast luxury.

Charitable Donations

Rita Ora's net worth allows her to live the high life and support dozens of philanthropic causes. Reports show contributions from Ora to organizations like UNICEF, the Red Cross, the City of Hope, Greenpeace, and many others.

How Rita Ora Got on This Path

How Rita Ora Got on This Path

Rita Ora was born Rita Sahatçiu in Yugoslavia, now Kosovo, on November 26, 1990. Her family fled their war-torn country for England when Rita was still an infant.

As refugees, the family worked hard to build a new life. Her parents changed their last name to the more easily-pronounceable “Ora” to ease the family's transition into a new culture.

Her mother studied psychiatry and waited tables at night. Her father bought a local pub, which became the first place Rita Ora sang live. She studied at a theater school in West London and continued following her passion for performance by auditioning for “Eurovision” in 2008.

She found a successful manager, who also worked with UK recording artists like Jessie J and Ellie Goulding, and connected with Roc Nation, where Jay-Z offered Ora her first record deal.

She made some music video appearances and spent years recording but struggled to create a debut album with which both she and the label were happy. Meanwhile, Ora performed cover music and posted personal videos about her challenging experience with the industry on Youtube.

Her Youtube account caught recording artist DJ Fresh's attention, who was seeking the right female vocalist to appear on “Hot Right Now,” which ended up becoming the number-one single that introduced Rita Ora to the world.

Rita Ora’s Net Worth Final Thoughts

Rita Ora came from humble and difficult circumstances. By embracing her talents and relentlessly chasing her ambitions, she navigated the treacherous music industry and propelled herself to international stardom.

Her career as a musician, actress, television host, model, and designer, paired with savvy wealth management, gives her an estimated $34 million net worth.

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