Bugzy Malone Net Worth


Net Worth: $4.1 Million

Date of Birth: 20th December 1990

How They Make Money: Musician, Actor

Height: 1.83 meters

Bugzy Malone is a renowned musician from the UK who has amassed massive wealth from his music and acting pursuits. His massive wealth is attributed to sponsorships, live performances, record sales, and merch sales. Bugzy Malone’s estimated net worth is around $4.1 million.

Here’s more on Bugzy Malone that you should know.

How Does Bugzy Malone Spend His Money

How Does Bugzy Malone Spend His Money


As is evident among numerous successful artists and musicians in and out of the UK, Bugzy Malone hasn’t been left behind as he also enjoys a few luxuries. In his words, ‘they are a reminder of how far he’s come somewhat, a celebration of his numerous achievements.’

Bugzy has a few luxuries he loves spending money on, and a few of those include:


It is unclear how many homes Bugzy Malone owns, but he has come out publicly stating that he owns at least one home. His Ramsbottom 7-bedroom home is valued at an approximated £1.1 million. He lives here with his mother and girlfriend.


Bugzy flaunts many of his cars in his videos and Instagram posts. They include:  

  • A Mercedes-AMG GT S C190 valued between £118,633.89 and £229,004.32
  • A Lamborghini Huracan valued at £171,314.61
  • A Bentley Continental GT valued at £194,970.39
  • A Mercedes-Benz G-Class (Gelendvagen) valued at £114,450.26
  • An Audi RS 6 valued at £100,611.57


Bugzy owns a Yamaha YZ450F Motocross bike valued at £8,104.55. He also has a quad bike, a 2018 CAN-AM F3-S Spyder valued at £18663.99.

On March 2020, Bugzy was involved in a severe accident when the quadbike he was riding at 70mph collided and crushed into an Audi that was exciting a T-junction in Greater Manchester. He sustained serious injuries, including a brain bleed, because he was riding the bike at night with no helmet. He has since regained total health and is back to making great music.


There’s no doubt that Bugzy owns a massive collection of jewelry that he adorns in the ring when boxing, at home, or out and about. Pretty much everywhere he goes. His decent pieces include statement neckpieces, watches, rings, and bracelets.

The value of all his jewelry is unknown, but one can only speculate.

How Bugzy Malone Makes Money – Their Career

How Bugzy Malone Makes Money


Let’s look at some ways Bugzy built up his wealth.

Spotify Earnings

Bugzy Malone gets around 3,608,951 monthly listeners from Spotify. Assuming he makes $3 for every thousand monthly listeners, he makes $10,826.85 per month from Spotify alone.


Bugzy Malone has a thriving clothing company dubbed B Malone with an extensive fan base. The company designs and produces quality street and casual wear for men, mainly teens, young adults, and older.

The clothing brand started as a collaboration between Bugzy and another renowned brand JD Sports UK. They manufacture B Malone Hoodies, Joggers, puff jackets, and Compass Stretch Cargo Pants. Recently, the brand released high-quality shoes, gym trainers.

While Bugzy’s popularity in the music industry grows, his clothing collection is almost always sold out, thanks to a rich local and international fan base.

His Music Career

Aaron Davis, famously known as Bugzy Malone, an English rapper from Manchester, is giving other renowned artists in the grime music genre a run for their money.

Grime is an intriguing music style that engulfed London during the early 2000s. Its distinct electronic sound developed due to the UK garage dance style, which borrows beats from dancehall, hip-hop, and jungle music genres.

From a tender age, Bugzy would watch documentaries of legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. He would envision himself as one of them and dream of a bright future despite his unfavorable circumstances in childhood.

He yearned to become a boxer and even took it up seriously as an amateur. Meanwhile, he also liked listening to grime music which was far from what everyone else was listening to. During Malone’s teenage years, people his age and around the neighborhood preferred hip-hop and other mainstream types of music.

This influenced him to create his music in an attempt to try his hand at rapping. His earliest release is a mixtape dubbed ‘SwaggaMan’ that debuted in 2010.

Bugzy also appeared on the popular YouTube channel ‘Grime Daily’ where he would upload videos of himself freestyling.

He would continue mastering his art and release, ‘Why So Serious,’ another mixtape that gained plenty of attention. By the time Bugzy released his third mixtape, ‘Lost in Meanwhile City’ in 2012, he had made enough noise to get people to pay attention.

In 2014, Bugzy released his fourth mixtape, ‘Journal of an Evil Genius,’ which not only turned people’s heads but also showed how serious and consistent he was with his music. His quality releases got people listening to and streaming his music which somewhat popularized a little-known grime genre.

Youtube Earnings

Over time, his YouTube channel would attract more attention, and his uploads would gather millions of views. He earns from Youtube Ads, aka Adsense.

Today, Bugzy Malone continues to hold the top post as a revered MC creating a niche for himself in an otherwise infiltrated grime music scene. He seems to etch a new direction by straying away from commercial music to a more influential edge.


Notable achievements in Bugzy Malone’s Music career include:

  • ‘M.E.N,’ a hit song he released in 2015
  • ‘Facing Time,’ a top-performing album he released in 2016
  • ‘Moving,’ a hit song he released in 2016
  • ‘We Don’t Play,’ another hit single he released in 2017
  • ‘Run,’ a hit song he released in 2018

Other famous songs under his belt include:

  • ‘Out Of Nowhere,’ released in 2022
  • ‘Boxes of Bush,’ released in 2020
  • ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ released in 2016

How Bugzy Malone Got On This Path

How Bugzy Malone Got On This Path

Born in Crumpsall, Manchester, Davis, a.k.a Bugzy, was born on December 1990.

Davis’ rough childhood took a toll on his mental health, taking him on a self-destructive spree. His criminal escapades fueled his thirst for some excitement and worked as an outlet for pent-up pressure. A good number of people from his family were known criminals, which is the natural example, and path Bugzy had to follow. In one of his songs titled ‘M.E.N.,’ he mentions how he struggled after witnessing his uncle’s death.

Music was his saving grace because it helped him decompress and express his hardships. It was the outlet he needed to switch from destructive criminal activities to a more productive endeavor.

Bugzy’s music career started quite humble. He would freestyle over downloaded instrumentals and play the music to his friends via headphones.

Soon he would save enough money to pay for studio time and professionally produced music. He would get invites to places and gain more playtime on Grime Daily and Flush Media. Something that would increase his following in leaps and bounds.

Bugzy would feature among other rappers, compete in the spitfire series, and perform exceptionally well. One of his spitfire videos has over 15 million YouTube views and counting. JDZ Media would help expand his predominantly local following, opening him up to the international scene.

He also participated in Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth, opening him up to many significant opportunities and garnering over 23 million views of his video.

Bugzy’s ability to spark feuds with other artists gives him even more fame. In his second Fire In The Booth appearance in 2016, Bugzy ruffled some feathers by dissing Chip, a top grime artist, by referencing ‘Chipmonk’ in some lyrics. The ‘diss’ song gained 12 million views.

The feud between the two would go on for over a year, and a whopping 14 ‘diss’ tracks were released between them before they called a truce. The two have since been seen taking pictures together on social media.

Malone went on to release his album ‘B Inspired’, which had no lyrics or references that aimed to aggravate any rappers in the grime music scene.

Bugzy has become a household name in and out of Manchester and the larger UK, influencing budding artists and getting plenty of recognition worldwide.

Bugzy Malone’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Bugzy is a famous grime artist that continues to break barriers in the UK entertainment scene, attracting massive attention to his epic music. He now has three Eps topping the UK Album Top 10. His latest Album, ‘The Resurrection’, is a masterpiece that continues to awe the masses in Britain and beyond. No doubt, the only way for Malone’s career is up!

Bugzy Malone’s net worth is $4.1 million

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