Mark Ronson Net Worth

Net Worth: $21 million

Date of Birth: September 4th, 1975

Gender: Male

Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

How He Makes Money: Producer, Professional DJ, Family wealth

Mark Ronson is a professional DJ, songwriter, producer, and occasional singer famous for his collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, and more. Mark Ronson's estimated net worth is approximately $21 million US dollars.

Learn more about Mark Ronson’s early history, how he earned his wealth, and how he currently spends his money below.

How Mark Ronson Makes Money: His Career

How Mark Ronson Makes Money

Mark Ronson’s musical career began in his university days while attending New York University. At 18, Ronson frequented the New York hip-hop scene and began charging $50 a show as a DJ in 1993.

By 1999, Mark Ronson was a highly-regarded DJ and got featured in a Tommy Hilfiger advertisement. However, he transitioned into producing in the 2000s by producing albums for  Nikka Costa. Using his connections with the denim brand, Mark Ronson helped promote artists who he’d produced by getting the songs featured in ads.

In 2004, Mark Ronson created the record label Allido Records with his manager Rich Kleiman, but it wasn’t until 2007 that Ronson saw chart-topping success when one of his songs peaked at number two in the UK. This success was soon to be eclipsed by even greater achievements.

Ronson produced most of the songs on Amy Winehouse’s album Back to Black, earning him a 2007 Grammy nomination for Producer of the Year in the non-classical category. By February 2008, Ronson could boast three Grammy Awards for the following categories:

  • Producer of the Year
  • Best Pop Vocal Album
  • Record of the Year

His first three Grammy Awards were in connection with his work on Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and his second album, Version. That same year he was also honored with a Brit Award for Best Male Solo Artist.

Alongside his success in the music industry, Mark Ronson was voted the most stylish man by UK GQ Magazine in 2009.

In September 2010, Ronson released his album Record Collection, which featured himself as a singer. Record Collection was Ronson’s third studio album. Previously, he released Here Comes the Fuzz in 2003 and Version in 2007.

Mark Ronson is most known for his radio hits, but in 2011 he produced the score for the movie Arthur featuring Russel Brand.

In 2014, Mark Ronson saw huge success as a co-producer on the hit song “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. This chart-topping song dominated downloads, streams, and radio play for most of the year. The song made Ronson one of the Guinness World Record holders for Most Weeks at No. 1 on the US Digital Song Sales for “Uptown Funk.”

In 2016, Ronson won two more Grammy Awards for his collaboration on “Uptown Funk” and performed the song with Bruno Mars at the half-time show of the 2016 Super Bowl 50.

Mark Ronson was an executive producer on Lady Gaga’s 2016 album Joanne. Later, Ronson co-wrote the song “Shallow,” performed by Gaga in the 2018 movie A Star Is Born. Ronson also worked with artists Diplo, Duo Lipa, and Miley Cyrus in 2018.

Duo Lipa and Mark Ronson collaborated on the chart-topping song “Electricity,” marking one of the top five most successful songs of Ronson’s career so far.

While “Uptown Funk” remains Ronson’s most well-known song, his second most commercially successful song is “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” sung by Miley Cyrus.

Throughout his career, Ronson has collaborated with industry heavy-hitters like Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Adele, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Diplo, Queens of the Stone Age, and many more.

How Much Money Does Mark Ronson Make?

How Much Money Does Mark Ronson Make

Mark Ronson’s net worth is approximately $21 million, though it’s estimated he earns around $7.5 to $10.5 million yearly.

Learn more about how Mark Ronson earns his money through social media channels, publishing royalties, and more.

Spotify Earnings

Mark Ronson has over 19 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Typically, artists earn around three dollars for every thousand monthly listeners, meaning Mark Ronson makes an estimated $57,000 monthly from Spotify.

In 2015, “Uptown Funk” achieved just over 15 million new Spotify streams weekly. Every stream typically earns an artist 3 cents, suggesting that this chart-topping song earned around $45,000 per week from Spotify streams alone.

Of course, not all of this went to Ronson, but he did get a cut. Plus, every time one of Mark Ronson’s songs gets played on commercials, movies, and TV shows, he earns income from licensing fees.

YouTube And Instagram Earnings

“Uptown Funk” reached four billion Youtube views in 2020, meaning Ronson’s Youtube channel is another major source of revenue for the DJ and producer.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Ronson has just shy of one million followers. Mega influencers (those with one million or more followers) typically see around $15,000 to $250,000 of monthly income from Instagram views and sponsored posts. On TikTok, Mark Ronson has approximately 250,000 followers.

Mark Ronson’s Youtube videos earn approximately $2 for every 1000 views. However, he has nearly seven million followers on his Youtube channel.

Though he’s only uploaded around 20 of his videos since joining in 2007, they’ve been streamed nearly six billion times – 5,916,731,251 views at the time of writing. This works out to be $11,833,462.502 total.

Publishing Royalties

The 11 co-writers of “Uptown Funk” earned 1.9 million dollars in publishing royalties. Of that, Ronson took an 18 percent cut, translating to an estimated $342,000. 

While Ronson’s publishing royalties are not always disclosed, his work on award-winning songs and albums, like “Shallow,” “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart,” “Electricity,” and Back to Black suggest that he earns more and more publishing royalties as he continues to produce more chart-topping songs.

How Does Mark Ronson Spend His Money?

How Does Mark Ronson Spend His Money

Mark Ronson typically spends his money on lavish houses, musical equipment, and charitable foundations. He’s also had two divorces and three weddings with lavish engagement rings that have caught the attention of the paparazzi. Learn more about how Mark Ronson spends his money below.

Music Gear

As a DJ and producer, it’s no surprise that Mark Ronson drops a pretty penny on his musical gear. Followers of his Instagram account @iammarkronson or Twitter account and TikTok account @MarkRonson will find footage of him in his home studio with sophisticated sound equipment only a millionaire could afford in their apartment.

Viewers will see multiple keyboards, mixers, turntables, microphones, guitars, and various other high-quality instruments on his social media accounts.


Lady Gaga’s documentary Five Foot Two features a scene where Gaga accidentally crashes into Mark Ronson’s Mercedez C300. The car itself starts at $43,000, and the bumper replacement was probably around $500, though his insurance premium may have also taken a hit.

Ronson has partnered with the luxury car brand Lexus alongside singer Ellie Goulding.

Designer Clothes

Voted GQ Magazine UK’s Most Stylish Man of the Year, Mark Ronson takes his appearance seriously, so Ronson drops a pretty penny on designer clothes.

His Instagram features pictures of him wearing Tiffany & Co. and other designer brand names. However, Ronson is mainly featured in Gucci attire. A pair of men's Gucci loafers are nearly $1,000, pants are around $1,400, shirts are around $1,400, and Gucci jackets are upwards of $4,000, meaning one outfit likely costs Ronson approximately $7,800.

Alongside designer clothes for himself, his many marriages surely have cost Ronson a small fortune for women’s handbags, jewelry, and clothes.

Ronson is an ambassador for the famous watch brand Audemars Piguet and is well known for having an impressively expensive collection of unique luxury-brand watches. 

Real Estate 

In 2020, Mark Ronson sold his 6,263-square-foot house in Los Feliz for nearly five million dollars, giving a glimpse of the luxurious Mediterranean Revival villa he called home and decorated with leopard print curtains and other funky decors. He originally bought the house for around $4.3 million.

His New York duplex is estimated at four million dollars, with vibrant interior decor by famous New York and global artists. The Manhattan townhouse is a historic 1827 home that Mark Ronson hired designer Brian Sawyer to restore.

The newly renovated home features works from Keith Harring, which sold at auction for over six million dollars. He also has a Robert and Jean Cloutier coffee table estimated at around $5,000 and pottery by Marianne Vissière, which sells for thousands of dollars per piece.

Charity Work

Lavish houses and studio equipment are not the only things Mark Ronson spends his money on. Mark Ronson does a lot of charity work, particularly focusing on at-risk children or youths. For example, Mark Ronson is a patron of the charitable organization in dedication to Amy Winehouse to help vulnerable young people.

Ronson also raised money for Hope and Homes for Children in Britain and has mentored at children’s schools for performing arts.

Mark Ronson also has involvement with charities like Keep a Child Alive, Nordoff Robbins, the Small Steps Project, Trekstock, and War Child. 


Alongside designer clothes, cars, houses, watches, and philanthropy, Mark Ronson has spent a large amount of money on three marriages and two divorces.

In 2003, Mark Ronson married the actress Rashida Jones, only to divorce one year later.

In 2011, Ronson married Joséphine de La Baume with a custom-made ring Ronson designed himself that featured a yellow diamond. After six years of marriage, the two divorced. The terms of their divorce settlement were not made public. However, Joséphine de La Baume asked for child support payments despite them not having any children together.

In 2021, Mark Ronson married Grace Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep, with a three to five-carat diamond ring estimated at around $100,000. The two are expecting a baby, which is sure to bring new purchases Ronson has never spent his money on before.

Law Suits

Ronson has been involved in several lawsuits for breach of copyright contracts which has cost Mark Ronson significantly in legal fees. Most notable is Ronson’s involvement in three lawsuits around “Uptown Funk,” including a copyright infringement suit stating similarities to Zapp & Roger’s song “More Bounce to the Ounce.” The settlement amount is undisclosed.

In 2019, Mark Ronson was involved in a lawsuit around the hit song “Shallow,” performed by Lady Gaga, which Ronson co-wrote. Singer Steve Ronsen claimed the song copied parts of one of his songs written in 2012. He sued Gaga and the writers for several million dollars, though information regarding the settlement is undisclosed.

Early Life: How Mark Ronson Got On This Path

How Mark Ronson Got On This Path

Mark Ronson was born into one of the wealthiest families in Britain on September 4th, 1975, in Notting Hill, England.

His father is a former music manager and publisher, giving Mark Ronson an early musical influence. Meanwhile, his mother had the talent to express herself artistically as a writer and jewelry designer.

At eight years old, Mark Ronson and his family moved to New York after his parent’s divorce. His mother remarried the famous guitarist Mick Jones, furthering Ronson’s connection to the music industry and his future career as a professional producer, DJ, and songwriter.

Ronson was brought up in a conservatively Jewish household and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on his thirteenth birthday. In 2008, Mark Ronson obtained dual citizenship in the UK and America to vote in the US presidential election.



Discover more about Mark Ronson's net worth and his life with answers to frequently asked questions below.

Is Mark Ronson married?

Yes. Mark Ronson is married to Grace Gummer, an American actress who is expecting her first child with Mark Ronson. Previously Mark Ronson was married to actress Rashida Jones and French actress Josephine de La Baume.

What is Mark Ronson most known for?

Mark Ronson is most known as a co-producer on the hit song “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. However, his second most popular collaboration is the song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” by Miley Cyrus.

Mark Ronson’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Mark Ronson is currently estimated to have a net worth of around $21 million, with multi-million dollar houses, an expensive watch collection, various streaming incomes, and hit songs that continue to get airplay on radio stations. As a famous producer and professional DJ who’s an asset to the music industry, likely, Mark Ronson’s net worth will only grow with time.

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