Jason Aldean Net Worth

Net Worth: $85 million

Date of Birth: February 28, 1977

How They Make Money: Singing, songwriting, music streams, merchandise sales, and business ventures.

After signing with Broken Bow Records, Jason Aldean released multiple albums, which cemented his legacy as one of the best country song musicians. As he continues singing, Jason’s estimated net worth of $85 million may increase.

This article will depict Jason Aldean’s growth in the country music industry, how he spends money, and his income sources.

Continue reading to know more about Jason Alden’s net worth.

How Jason Aldean Makes Money – Their Career

How Jason Aldean Makes Money

So far, Jason Aldean has had a fantastic career. Twenty-seven of his music singles have ranked number one on the music charts immediately after their release. He has also won several ACM awards and has been nominated for the Grammy Awards multiple times.

As such, Jason Aldean is a household name in the country music industry, and it’s no surprise that most of his income comes from singing. Additionally, he makes more money from other avenues, such as selling merchandise, touring, business ventures, and streaming.

So, how much money does Jason Aldean make? Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Album Sales

Like other musicians, album sales are Jason Aldean’s primary source of income. He has released more than ten studio albums since his debut, with some receiving platinum certifications. Overall, Jason Aldean has sold approximately 12,853,000 albums.

However, some albums performed better than others and earned him more money.

For instance, “Hicktown” was Jason Aldean’s first album, which was ranked number ten on the US country music chart. He sold more than 1,000,000 album copies, and it became platinum in 2007.

“My Kinda Party” is Jason Aldean’s best-selling album. He released it in 2010 and was immediately ranked number one on the US country music chart. It propelled Jason to sell 193,000 album copies in the first week and 81,000 copies in the second week. Ultimately, he sold 4,000,000 copies, making “My Kinda Party” a four times certified platinum album.

“Night Train” is Jason Aldean’s fifth album, released in 2012. He sold approximately 409,000 copies in the first week, breaking his previous projects’ record.

Furthermore, the album was ranked number one in Canada after its release, allowing him to sell 80,000 copies. Ultimately, Jason Aldean sold 2,082,000 “Night Train” album copies by 2014.

“Wide Open” is another Jason Aldean album that sold approximately 2,036,000 copies after its release. This 2009 album is double platinum and was ranked number two on the US chart after its release.

Besides the albums, some of Jason Aldean’s singles have earned him a lot of money. For instance, his single “Johnny Cash” became a fan favorite immediately after its release. As such, the song is constantly played on multiple radio stations, earning him royalties.

Since Jason Aldean has sold over 12 million albums since his debut in the country music industry, it’s no surprise that his music career contributes immensely to his wealth.

Music Streams

With the internet taking center stage in today’s society, everyone is rushing to put their products and services online. As such, the music industry hasn’t been left behind as many streaming platforms allow artists to earn money every time someone listens to their music.

Like other artists, Jason Aldean hasn’t been left behind and is taking advantage of these streaming platforms to make money.

For instance, he gets approximately 8,098,272 monthly listeners from Spotify. Assuming that each artist on Spotify makes $3 for every thousand monthly listeners, Jason Aldean takes home $24,294.81 per month from Spotify.

Jason Aldean also earns money from YouTube based on the views he gets from his songs. His YouTube channel currently has 2.42 million subscribers and over 2 billion views.

Music Tours and Shows

Music Tours are essential for all musicians. Besides interacting with many fans, they are a good way for artists to make money.

Jason Aldean has earned a lot of money from music tours. From May 2014 to August 2015, he headlined the Burn It Down Tour, which was sold out in most cities. For instance, he held a tour at Gillette Stadium, Foxborough and sold 120,206 tickets, which generated a staggering $11,624,917 in revenue.

Additionally, Jason Aldean’s We Were Here Tour earned him $9,335,231 as he sold over 172,000 tickets. In 2017, he also went on another tour, which earned him approximately $1 million in each city he performed.

Besides tours, Jason Aldean makes money from private concerts. If you plan a wedding, anniversary or birthday, you can request him to perform at your event. However, depending on your event’s logistics, it may cost you between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Merchandise Sales

Jason Aldean has a website containing all his music and various ticket announcements. However, he also uses this platform to sell his merchandise.

For instance, you can acquire a Jason Aldean beanie at $25.00. The t-shirts go for $35.00, while the hoodies cost $60.00. Ladies aren’t left out; they can buy a Jason Aldean tank top at $35.00.

Ultimately, Jason Aldean earns a lot of money from his apparel store as most of his fans buy these clothes to wear at his concerts.

Other Business Ventures

In 2018, Jason Aldean partnered with TC Restaurant Group and opened the Jason Aldean’s Kitchen and Rooftop bar. The bar has an expansive menu, selling beer, greens, main meals, and other specials. If you visit Jason's restaurant, you may spend $15 on a meal. 

Additionally, Jason Aldean owns a hunting company with other celebrities called Buck Commander. The company sells various items online, such as apparel and hunting wheels.

How Does Jason Aldean Spend Their Money

How Does Jason Aldean Spend Their Money

Like most musicians, Jason Aldean has a lavish lifestyle. He spends millions of dollars to sustain his lifestyle and maintain his family.

For instance, he bought a rural mansion in 2016 that was worth $5.35 million. The house was an 8,900-square-foot mansion that resembled a castle. It has nine bathrooms, six bedrooms, and other amenities, such as a bowling room and wine cellar. However, Jason Aldean sold this house in 2019 for $7 million.

The same year, Jason Aldean started building his dream house on a 120-acre land. He spared no expense because of the consistent furnishing throughout the house. The mansion has a bowling room, a bar, an oasis backyard, and multiple bedrooms. The mansion is built on a 20,000 square feet area, making it worth millions of dollars.

In 2020, Jason Aldean bought a beach house in Florida worth $4.1 million, which he is planning to sell, but hasn’t found a buyer.

Jason Aldean is a family man, and since he is always on tour, he makes up for his absence by spoiling his kids. He spends money on his children by buying them expensive gifts and toys.

Additionally, Jason spends money on trucks. For instance, he owns a Ford Raptor that may have cost him $78,480. He also owns a Chevy Silverado that may have cost him $62,000. He also has a Ford Branco but only spent money customizing it after Luke Bryan gifted him the car.

Jason is also philanthropic. He has helped raise $4 million for Susan G. Komen, a breast cancer organization. He also supports other non-profit organizations, such as Red Cross, ACM Lifting Lives, and MusiCares.

Jason Aldean also spends his money on business expenses. As mentioned earlier, he has a restaurant and bar and is also the co-owner of a hunting company.

How Jason Aldean Got on This Path

How Jason Aldean Got on This Path

Jason Aldean was born in 1977 in Macon, Georgia. He has been interested in music since childhood, and his parents played a crucial role in his music career. Jason’s father taught him how to play the guitar, and his mother encouraged him to pursue his talent.

Before going solo, Jason was initially part of a band which performed in clubs and other ceremonies and attracted multiple record labels.

In 1998, Jason Aldean signed his first record label contract, which the record label later cancelled. However, this didn’t stop him from releasing music, and his big break came after he signed with Broken Bow Records.

This record label released his debut album “Hicktown,” which ranked number ten on the US Billboard chart. It had several hit singles, which ranked high on multiple music charts.

Since “Hicktown” was a success, Jason got more fans after releasing “Relentless.” However, “My Kinda Party” was the album that propelled him to success. He sold over 4 million copies and was nominated for several individual awards, thus cementing him as one of the country music legends.

Jason Aldean’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Jason Aldean has sold more than 12 million albums, making him one of the best musicians in the country music industry. Some of his singles also became hits immediately after their release and have helped him to earn multiple individual awards.

Besides selling albums, Jason earns money from music streams, business ventures, tours, and merchandise sales. He also spends a lot of money, which is evident from his luxurious homes and philanthropic work.

Ultimately, Jason Aldean’s net worth of $85 million will increase since he is still releasing more music.

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