23 Best Recording Studios In Las Vegas

There are only three cities in the United States with the distinction of being called “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” and Las Vegas, NV is one of them.

There are musical performances occurring around the clock, and artists like Keith Urban, Usher, and Adele even have residencies. Some artists, like Tom Jones, have a near permanent association with the city in a desert.

With a population of nearly three million in the Las Vegas metro area, it should not come as a surprise there are recording studios to meet a variety of artistic needs as well. In this guide, we’ll look at the best recording studios in Las Vegas.

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Studio1212 Las Vegas

Studio1212 Las Vegas

Open 24/7, Studio1212 Las Vegas is just the place for hip-hop and R&B oriented projects and the late-night hustler. In addition to recording, mixing, mastering, and music production, Studio1212 also handles artist development. Their commitment is to showcase every artist they record in the best light possible.

While most studios don’t have any information regarding accessibility, Studio1212 does, noting their facility is wheelchair accessible.

Studio1212 loves working with Las Vegas locals, and you can book a recording session in any studio for any length of time for a $43 deposit (of course, we expect you’d need to pay for the session in full the day of). Their hourly rate is $60.

It’s clear that Studio1212 has a passion for helping artists learn the ins and outs of working in a studio environment, so if you’re still learning the ropes, this may be an excellent studio to reach out to. You can also find sound clips on their website.

Reviewers found Studio1212 Las Vegas comfortable, loved the professionalism of the engineers, and enjoyed the good vibes too.

Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas

Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas

Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas is the place to go for rap, hip-hop, top 40 (pop), and voiceover related recording services.

They’ve got some way to go to figuring out their online presence, though, because they only have a Google Business Profile as a website, and when you click on “make an appointment,” you’re taken to an Indiesound profile, which does not appear to have any booking options (they’re probably in there somewhere but don’t think we should have to hunt around for them).

At least they’ve got a phone number on their site!

Customer reviews, however, are mostly positive. They found the studio homey and comfortable, the engineer talented and professional, and the sound remarkable. It also sounds like artists come from all over the U.S. to record at Platinum Recording Studio Las Vegas, and some even managed to crank out some hits.

The Omnitone Recording Studios

The Omnitone Recording Studios

The Omnitone Recording Studios offers recording, mixing, mastering, song writing, production, lyrics, and custom beats services.

The Omnitone team consists of owner / songwriter / producer Darren Sher, mixing engineer Sam Polizzi, songwriter / arranger / producer Steve Skinner, songwriter / lyricist / multi-instrumentalist Tony Barboney, and mastering engineer Brad Blackwood.

The award-winning team was carefully chosen for their credentials as well as their love of the craft. Omnitone handles all types of genres and they’ve worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Celine Dion (well, they say “from Celine Dion to Snoop Dogg” but we would love to know all the in betweens).

Their facilities are comprised of Recording Studio A, Production Studio B, and Mixing Studio. While there are no descriptions to be found for each room on their website, there are pictures showing exactly what these environments look like.

Overall, Omnitone has a very polished online presence, and their reputation isn’t too shabby either – customers loved the comfortable recording environment, state of the art equipment, and fast-moving engineers.

Digital Insight Recording

Digital Insight Recording

Digital Insight Recording has worked with plenty of recognizable names, including Kanye West, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Ice-T, Christina Aguilera, and many others.

Their website features plenty of pictures, which gives us a bit of an idea what their rooms look like as well as the gear they use, but not much else. I think they might have gotten carried away with listing celebrity clients instead of telling their story, sharing sound samples, or highlighting their rooms.

Some of their happy customers call Digital Insight Recording among the best studios in Las Vegas. They enjoyed the professional staff, reasonable rates, and high-quality sound.

MGB Music

MGB Music

MGB Music is a 2,000 square-foot recording facility handling audio and video production. Their facility includes multiple vocal booths, live rooms, and recording studios with a mix of modern and vintage gear.

MGB Music has worked with the likes of Tiffanne LeMay, Juan Pablo, and Kenzie Hall.

MGB is owned by Michael Binder, also known as “The Surgeon.” He has over 30 years of industry experience and has worked with award-winning artists and major labels. He offers a mix of music production, mixing, mastering, vocal production services, and session work.

We also suspect Michael might be the namesake of the studio.

MGB is home to both Studio Z and Studio X, which feature a Pro Tools Ultimate rig, along with plenty of drool-worthy gear from the likes of Universal Audio, Apogee, Neumann, Neve, and more.

Customer sentiment for the studio is very positive, and reviewers praised the knowledgeable and creative staff, location, and equipment.



caverecstudio (or Cave Rec Studio – we’re not sure which they want to be called) works on a variety of projects, so it’s no surprise that they offer an array of services, including recording, mixing, mastering, production, voiceovers, SFX, commercials, and podcasting.

Rates start at a reasonable $60 per hour, with an engineer, for a minimum of two hours. Their rooms seem to emphasize function over form, but that means they should make for great spaces to get some work done.

Reportedly, caverecstudio has talented, experienced, and responsive staff, and customers also loved the sound quality they delivered.

The Sound Gallery Studios

The Sound Gallery Studios

The Sound Gallery Studios has locations in Philadelphia, PA, Tampa, FL, Houston, TX, and of course, Las Vegas, NV, in case you’re also looking outside of Las Vegas to work on your projects. Their booking rates are very reasonable, starting at $40 per hour.

Their website, however, leaves something to be desired. They have the bear essentials, including booking links, policies, and contact information. But we’d sure love to see a lot more information about their facility, services, and maybe even their gear! Oh well, their site seems to be a work in progress either way.

The Sound Gallery Studios is a highly rated customer favorite, however, and reviewers said they liked the professional staff, welcoming facilities, and sound quality.

MAD Records

MAD Records

The Vegas based MAD Records offers recording, mixing, mastering, and music production services. The studio is located 15 minutes from the strip and has been in existence since 2020 (a tough time to get a studio up and running). They utilize a mix of Pro Tools, Live, and Logic Pro depending on your project requirements.

From their website, it’s evident that they have a Studio B, but we have no idea whether there’s a Studio A. We assume so, but there’s no mention of it. Their rates start at $120 for two hours of recording, with an engineer. All told, very competitive.

Customers were impressed with their professional staff, customer service, as well as the clean and private environment.

Junxion Søund

Junxion Søund

Junxion Søund was founded quite recently in 2017, and they’ve already worked with the likes of Boyz II Men, Jack Harlow, Samantha Mumba, and many others.

There isn’t much about their facilities on their website, but as we understand it, they have a Studio Z and Studio X, where Studio Z offers better quality sound. Rates start at $150 for two hours in Studio Z and $100 for two hours in Studio X.

They do have a mailing list, however, so if you’re curious to learn more about them before committing to booking with them, you may want to sign up to receive updates.

Customers loved the professional, energetic, and efficient engineers, as well as the clean and welcoming environment.

Wall of Sound Studios

Wall of Sound Studios

Wall of Sound Studios (we love the name!) was originally established by Joey Grillo in Anaheim, California, in 2008. The Las Vegas location was later set up in 2013 thanks to his ongoing successes.

Rates start at a nominal $55 per hour for a minimum of a three-hour booking. Wall of Sound Studios also has rehearsal space, which they book out at $40 per hour for a minimum of three hours.

If you’re looking for backline gear and music equipment rentals, guess what? Wall of Sound Studios offers that too. This could come in very handy for touring groups and acts playing in bigger venues for the first time.

Reviewers found the studio clean, enjoyed the array of available equipment, and praised the professional staff too.

Reportedly, Wall of Sound does charge extra for anything that could be considered an “add-on,” like microphones, cables, mic stands, and more. We can’t confirm or deny, but if you’re on a budget, it’s worth inquiring about before booking and plan your project ahead of time.

Electricshop Recording

Electricshop Recording

The Electricshop Recording website looks nice enough, but it is missing some basic context and information. What we can tell from the photo gallery is that there’s a lounge, live room, control room, and vocal booth. Very good.

Their studio features plenty of quality gear, including Neve and Universal Audio preamps, various Solid State Logic and Drawmer equalizers and compressors, Neumann and Electro-Voice mics, and more.

They are obviously forward looking in their client interactions, as they also accept text messages for inquiries.

Clients loved the knowledgeable and friendly owner, top tier equipment, and beautiful space.



STUDIO1920 was originally founded in 2019 (probably only a coincidence that it’s an anagram of 1920), and they’ve worked with both independent and major artists.

Their facility includes the A Room, which is decked out with Neve, Avalon, and Manley gear, as well as the B Room, which is equipped with Apogee, Presonus, and Avantone gear.

Rates start at $120 for a minimum of three hours in the B Room, and $165 for a minimum of three hours in the A Room.

We’re not too sure why the website has a splash screen (with an “Enter Site” button), but they are on the right track in most other regards.

Customers loved the chill atmosphere and great sound at STUDIO1920.

We Shine Studios

We Shine Studios

We Shine Studios offers recording, mixing, mastering, photography, video, and event hosting services.

We do wish there was more information on their website, but alas, they are using a Google Business Profile as their website, which only displays a limited amount of content to begin with. Your main options are to read their testimonials, call them, or get a quote.

Their reviews are still solid, though, and customers loved the professionalism, fast delivery of projects, and quality sound they got at We Shine Studios.

The Tone Factory

The Tone Factory

The Tone Factory has been around for over 20 years. They offer recording, mixing, mastering, photo shoots, video shoots, video production, and even listening party services for all styles of music.

The Tone Factory is home to Studio A and Studio B. We don’t know much about each room or how they’re different, but there are pictures on their website.

They also have an exhaustive list of backline equipment, including guitars, basses, drums, snares, keyboards, guitar amps, bass amps, and PA gear. Would you expect any less from a place called The Tone Factory?

Reviewers said they loved the energy, clean environment, array of equipment, and superfast engineer.



LEVEL 9 STUDIOS offers audio and video production services, though one of their main focuses today appears to be podcast production. Either way, we do like to highlight a few unique recording environments in our guides, so we have nothing against highlighting a podcast studio.

The facility features two podcast rooms, and rates start at $80 per hour. Their facilities appear neat and clean, with all the necessary equipment already set up – mics, tables, chairs, all the essentials.

What stands out about LEVEL 9 STUDIOS is their professional and knowledgeable staff, great vibes, and great rates.

OverDubb Studio

OverDubb Studio

OverDubb Studio offers a combination of music recording, mixing, mastering, podcast recording, interview recording, voiceover, and ADR services. They have experience creating music, TV, film, podcast, audiobook content, and more.

OverDubb has worked with big names like VH1, HBO Max, iheartMedia, and other major brands.

Their facility includes creature comforts like Wi-Fi, free beverages, snacks, roving security, and covered parking.

The “Book Now” button on their website does not appear to work, but they do have a contact form and relevant contact information towards the bottom of their homepage, so if interested, this would be the way to reach out.

Their heading, “A Few Of Our Select Projects” is funny, as it should either be “a few of our projects,” or “select projects.” Writers notice these things.

What’s best about OverDubb Studio is they are professional, their environment is safe and clean, and you get quality results too.

Skeleton Key Recording

Skeleton Key Recording

Bobby Ferrari is the producer and designer of Skeleton Key Recording. Ferrari has worked with the likes of Alan Parsons, Akon, Quiet Riot, Wayne Newton, and many others. The website focuses heavily on Bobby without much mention of the facility, though, and we think that could be an oversight.

Anyway, their team also includes producer / engineer David Grants, and multi-Platinum producer / engineer Bjorn Thorsrud.

Their equipment list is impressive, just as you would expect – Pro Tools Ultimate, Neve and Summit Audio gear, and a great deal more.

Customers loved the selection of equipment, as well as the professional and experienced engineers.

Studio77 Recording Studios

Studio77 Recording Studios

Studio77 Recording Studios is a multi-Platinum recording, large scale 2,800 square-foot studio with two control rooms, two isolation booths, and a live room. Their service offerings include tracking, mixing, mastering, band recording, beat production, and more.

Studio77 has worked with the likes of Jake E. Lee, Ace Frehley, Corey Taylor, Papa Roach, and Five Finger Death Punch, among many others.

What will immediately catch your attention on their website is the HD virtual studio tour video. It flashes a little too much, I think, but its flashiness is an attractive quality (if you get my meaning).

Reviewers said they loved the customer service, great staff, safe environment, and good vibes.

The Hideout Recording Studio

The Hideout Recording Studio

The Hideout Recording Studio offers recording, mixing, Dolby Atmos mixing, mastering, equipment rentals, and additional services (like vocal tuning, drum programming, audiobook recording, and more).

The Hideout is home to several recording environments.

The first is Studio A, designed with tracking and mixing in mind. It boasts a spacious tracking room for capturing a variety of instruments.

The second is Studio B, a recording and mixing room with an overdub booth and private lounge.

Next up is Studio C, the ideal environment for pre-production, writing, editing, overdubbing, and production related efforts.

Finally, there’s Studio D, which is a multi-function room for song writing, mastering, and production. It has a vocal booth too.

The Hideout has worked with celebrity clients like 50 Cent, Air Supply, Olivia Newton-John, Slipknot, and Usher, among many, many others.

The Hideout is a great place to go if you love professional and knowledgeable engineers, great atmosphere, and amazing equipment.

You’ll find The Hideout Recording Studio in Henderson, NV, a little under 20 minutes from central Las Vegas.

Sweetland Music

Sweetland Music

Owned and operated by producer David Sweetland, Sweetland Music is a recording, mixing, and mastering studio. Sweetland’s industry experience spans multiple decades, and he’s worked with the likes of David Rice, Alexis Breau, District 7, and others.

At Sweetland, they offer song production (from recording to mastering – the whole works), mixing, mastering, song writing, arranging, and consultation services. The song production service would be especially attractive to anyone who’s interested in learning the ropes and seeing the process unfold from start to finish.

Reviewers say David is a gifted producer, the rates are fair, and Sweetland’s equipment is just what you need to get the quality result you’re looking for.

If you think Sweetland might be the right place for you, their contact information is displayed prominently on their website. Get in touch to see if they’re the right fit for your project.

The Yo Music Studio Las Vegas

The Yo Music Studio Las Vegas

The Yo Music Studio Las Vegas has a multi-genre focus and offers audio tracking and recording, mixing, remote mixing, mastering, and beat production services.

Their studio rates start at $40 per hour, but The Yo Music Studio also has package deals for those with bigger projects – Rising Star at $465 for 16 hours, VIP at $840 for 30 hours, and Icon at $1,300 for 50 hours of studio time.

They also have singer-songwriter packages for singles, EPs, and albums. While we’re sure there are plenty of studios in Las Vegas who are friendly to singer-songwriters, we don’t often hear of packages tailor made for singer-songwriters, so you might want to check out Yo if you identify as such.

Overall, The Yo Music Studio Las Vegas offers quality sound, a professional and comfortable space, and is manned by friendly staff.

Studio 9ine 2wenty One

Studio 9ine 2wenty One

Besides having an awkward name, Studio 9ine 2twenty One caters to both independent artists and professionals. They offer recording, mixing, mastering, pre-production, post-production, vocal recording, podcasting, film editing, and scoring services.

Their recording rates start at $60 per hour, but their mastering rates are quite noteworthy too, at $30 to $35 per song. For a full listing of their rates, be sure to consult their website.

They do have a great website and a nice-looking recording environment, but they also appear to be relative newcomers to the scene as they do not have many reviews yet. We also can’t confirm or deny, but they apparently have two studios.

Still, customers were happy about the engineer and availability of the studio.

Grove Studios

Grove Studios

Grove Studios offers recording, mixing, mastering, and custom production services.

Studio A starts at $65 per hour with an engineer, and is home to Neumann, Neve, Avalon gear, and more. You can book the room without an engineer for $30 per hour. Studio B starts at $50 per hour with an engineer, and features gear like the Neumann TLM 103, Avalon VT-737sp, and Apollo Twin X. You can book the room without an engineer for $25 per hour.

Grove Studios also has one of the most robust booking systems we’ve seen. In addition to providing your contact information and requests, you can also choose which studio you want to use and for how long, which engineer you’d like to work with, and date and time you want to book.

They also have a newsletter you can sign up for, so if you’re looking for special offers, you may want to sign up to receive updates from Grove Studios.

Customers liked the vibes, equipment, staff, as well as the clean and professional working environment.

Top Recording Studios In Las Vegas, Final Thoughts

Las Vegas may well be one of the most creatively inspiring destinations in the world. From performances to casinos to food, Sin City has made a production out of everything! Whether you’re planning to visit Las Vegas or are a Vegas native, there are many great recording studios to choose from for your next project. Have a great time and let us know how it goes.

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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