5 Way To Get Beats For Your Mixtape, Single, Album, EP Or LP (Video)

How To Get Beats For Your Mixtape

Want to know how to get beats for your next project? Then you're in luck, as I've just made a video that will teach you just that. This video contains three top tips for finding backing tracks for your next project, whether it's a single, album, mixtape, EP or LP.

In the transcript below, I've also included two bonus tips not seen in the video, bringing the total number of tips up to five. Be sure to read it after you've watched the video for the links mentioned in this guide as well as some additional info.

But anyway, here's the video:

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How To Get Beats For Your Next Project (Transcript)

Hi guys, my name's Shaun Letang from MusicIndustryHowTo.com, and today I'm going to let you know how to find beats for your next project, whether it's a single, album, mixtape, EP or LP.

1. Get Free And Paid Beats From SoundCloud

The first option is to get beats from SoundCloud.com. On SoundCloud there are plenty of producers with good quality beats that will be more then willing to work with a artist like you. You can simply download their tracks for free if they allow it, or you can get in contact with them and see if they want to work with you.

2. Quality Instrumentals From All Genres At Royalty Free Stock Website Premium Beat

The next, and probably better, option is to check out a site called Premium Beat. Premium Beat is a good quality royalty free stock website. On there you can find beats in loads of genres, whether it's rock, hip hop, pop, indie music, or whatever type you desire. You can buy them for a very low cost.

The beats are extremely good quality, and due to the fact they're paid, are less used by other musicians. So I suggest you check them out if you want to stand out from the crowd.

3. Search Google For Producers Willing To Give Your Backing Tracks

Search For Beats Online

The final option is to do a Google search for the type of music you want. For example if you want hip hop beats you can search for ‘free hip hop beats'. Or if you want a rock instrumental, you can search for ‘buy rock instrumentals'.

A good tip is to not only check the first page of the results, but also check pages two, three and four (And even further), as they often have good quality beats from producers that just haven't managed to rank in Google.

Bonus Tips: How To Get Beats For A Mixtape, Album, Single Etc

Ok, so here are two more top tips I didn't put in the video. These tips will help you get beats not freely available to anyone searching the internet, so be sure to read on:

4. Negotiate Your Way To Those Never Used Before Beats

While the above ways of finding beats are great, you'll generally find the beats that are also available to other musicians, so won't really be exclusive to you. One thing you could do if you find a producer whos style you like, is ask them if they have any instrumentals which haven't already been showcased online.

By doing this you'll get your hands on backing tracks that no one else has heard or used before, and that hopefully will be kept exclusive to you (You'll have to negotiate the terms of use with the producer personally).

5. Work With Live Bands

While pre-made instrumentals are all good, something you may want to think about is working with a live band to get your beats made. While this can take a lot more time (And sometimes finances) to organize, you can end up with quite a special sounding project with the instrumental easily being adapted to fit your needs. Further more, the band may be able to perform live shows with you, which can make a great show for your audience.

Three of the best way to find instrument players is by:

  1. Searching online (Search ‘find a band member' for sites in your country),
  2. Going to open jamming sessions and seeing who's there, or
  3. By placing an advert in your local paper.

How To Get Beats Conclusion

So there you have it, 5 ways to get backing tracks for your next project. I hope you found them useful, if so please share this guide using the below social networking buttons. The more you share the guides, the more I add. 🙂

P.S. Remember though, none of what you've learned will matter if you don't know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career' ebook emailed directly to you!

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  1. I appreciate the advise! As a new rapper trying to scrap together whatever I can and starting from nothing, this page was a good first step. I’ll try SoundCloud and hopefully find some good beats, but if there’s any producers that are looking to collaborate with new rappers, please feel free to email me or dm me on Instagram @ george__antu

  2. I have the opposite problem, finding rappers, songwriters, and singers to work with. Very informative post for up and coming artists. Alot of people be sleeping on the great advise this site has.

    1. Hi Antonio, glad you like the site! SoundCloud is still a great site for finding musicians, so give that a go? There are a lot of people ready to collaborate if they feel you’re right for their project, or would be willing to work with you if you give them the opportunity to jump on some of your beats. Let me know how it goes.

    2. Hmu, I’m always looking for new beats and producers. Not just for me, but other artists as well.
      If you’re on IG DM me @photograph_fresh, and let’s see what we can put together!

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