Reba Mcentire Net Worth

Net worth: $101 million

Date of birth: March 28, 1955

How they make money: Singing, acting, music streams, merchandise sales, and business ventures.

Reba Mcentire is a famous country music artist who has sold many albums and has many businesses that have helped her amass an estimated net worth of $101 million.

This article will discuss Reba Mcentire’s net worth by depicting how she makes money, how she spends it, and her journey to fame.

Continue reading to get more information about Reba’s net worth.

How Reba Mcentire Makes Money – Their Career

How Reba Mcentire Makes Money

Most people in the entertainment business know Reba as a famous country music artist. She started recording music in the 70s, making her music career her primary source of income. 

Besides singing, Reba is an actor and has starred in several lucrative film and acting roles. She also earns from music streams and has several businesses that generate additional income.

So, how much money does Reba Mcentire make? Let’s discuss her sources of income in detail.

Album Sales

Like all music artists, Reba Mcentire generates most of her income from album sales. She has sold approximately 75 million copies globally.

Her best-selling album is Greatest Hits Volume Two, which she released in 1993. The album was ranked number one on the U.S. album charts and remained in the top ten for three months.

Additionally, she sold 183,000 units in the first week, an upgrade compared to her previous projects. Ultimately, Reba sold 5 million copies in the US and 300,000 copies in Canada.

For My Broken Heart is Reba’s second best-selling album and her 17th album overall that she released in 1991. Most of the singles in the album were healing songs; Reba released it after her touring band died in a plane crash.

As such, her fans sympathized with her situation, leading to a gigantic sales jump because she sold over 4 million units.

For My Broken Heart also broke various ranking records. For instance, the album was ranked number four after its release and remained in the top 20 for five months.

With approximately 3 million album sales, Rumor Has It is one of Reba’s highest-grossing albums. She released it in 1990, and it was her 16th album. Though the album debuted at number 17, some singles performed better on the music charts.

For instance, the album’s best song, “Fancy,” was ranked number 27 on the list of 100 best country songs in 2003. “Climb” was also used as a theme song for an ABC sitcom, which earned Reba extra money and helped market her album.

Additionally, we cannot leave out Read My Mind, which is a three-times certified platinum album. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard chart and number one on the Canadian Chart. Ultimately, Reba sold over 3 million units in the USA and 100,000 copies in Canada.

Another high-grossing album was It’s Your Call, which Reba released in 1992. The album was number one immediately after its release, and Reba sold 104,000 copies in the first week. Furthermore, it’s a three-times certified album because she sold approximately 3 million units in the USA and 100,000 units in Canada.

Ultimately, Reba Mcentire has earned a lot of money from album sales and singles because she has released an astonishing 34 studio albums and 126 singles.

Music Streams

Today, all music artists have streaming platforms that allow fans to access their music easily. As such, they usually earn money for all their streams.

As for Reba Mcentire, she earns $7,278.10 per month from Spotify. This is because she has 2,426,035 monthly listeners from Spotify, and most artists are paid $3 for every thousand monthly listeners.

Reba also earns from YouTube. Her YouTube channel has 769,000 subscribers and has achieved 503,681,894 views.

Music Tours and Concerts

Reba Mcentire also earns money from music tours and concerts. She has headlined various tours, such as the North American Tour 88, Reba Live, Summer Tour, and Rumor Has It Tour, where she earned a fortune.

She has also co-headlined other tours, such as the 2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour with Kelly Clarkson. The tour grossed approximately $7 million as they sold out all the shows.

Reba Mcentire also earns money from concerts. She is usually paid $300,000 to perform at a show, the same amount you must pay for a private event.

Merchandise Sales

Reba earns money from selling various merchandise on her platforms. She has a website where you can buy her CDs and other accessories.

For instance, you can acquire the Reba concert t-shits that cost $35.00 per piece. Other apparels include the Reba Dolman, which goes for $35.00. The Reba Crewneck costs $60.00, the Reba Ombre long sleeve costs $65.00, and a denim jacket goes for $160.00.

For the ladies, you can acquire the Reba tank top that costs $35.00 and the Reba V-neck t-shirt that goes for $35.00.

Besides apparel, Reba also sells customized accessories. For example, the Reba tumbler goes for $40.00, the Reba Tote costs $20.00, and the Reba mugs cost $18.50.

Acting and Other Income-Generating Avenues

Besides music, Reba Mcentire is a renowned actor. Since her acting debut in 1990, she has starred in various movies and TV shows. She has also appeared in several TV series as a guest actor, including The Voice, Baby Daddy, and Young Sheldon.

As such, Reba is usually paid a lot of money to appear in these films as she is a household name in the entertainment industry.

Reba is also a businesswoman. She owns several restaurants, such as the Fat McEntire burger shop. She also has a restaurant in Oklahoma where you can get all the New Orleans popular dishes. Additionally, Reba has a clothing line and perfume collection, which she sells globally.

All these businesses earn her a fortune and immensely contribute to her net worth.

How Does Reba Mcentire Spend Their Money

How Does Reba Mcentire Spend Their Money

Like other celebrities, Reba Mcentire doesn’t hold back when spending her money. Being a millionaire, she spends a lot of money on various luxuries.

First, she spends money on real estate. She initially lived in a mansion in Nashville before selling it for $5 million in 2017. The mansion was a 12,816-square-foot house with eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It also had other amenities, such as an outdoor pool, a wine cellar, and a theatre room.

In 2003, Reba purchased another mansion in Beverly Hills for $9 million. The mansion had six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and was a 9,242-square-foot home. However, she later sold the house for $22.5 million.

Second, Reba spends her money on cars. Her garage boasts various expensive vehicles that may have cost her a lot of money to acquire and maintain. For instance, in 1995, she bought a Lamborghini that cost her $246,000. The car has a powerful engine and requires high maintenance, which is why few people own it.

Reba also owns a Chevrolet Tahoe that may have cost her $72,600. This is an expensive machine that allows her to travel in style.

Reba also spends money on charity. She supports various charities and foundations, such as Red Cross, ACM Lifting Lives, Feeding America, Smile Train, The Salvation Army, and Special Olympics.

Reba also has a charity organization called Reba’s Ranch House. This house provides hospitable care to those who cannot afford these services. It also offers shelter and food to those traveling who don’t have a place to sleep.

The house consists of 12 guest rooms and bathrooms and other amenities, such as television screens and furniture. She also hosts various tournaments to help raise money for charity. Additionally, Reba participates in multiple charitable events to help people raise money for a specific course.

How Reba Mcentire Got on This Path

How Reba Mcentire Got on This Path

Reba Mcentire was born in 1955 in McAlester, Oklahoma. She grew up on a ranch where everyone in her family contributed to managing the cattle ranch.

Reba’s interest in music began at a young age, and she made her first solo performance in fifth grade, where she sang at a Christmas pageant.

However, Reba later formed a band with her siblings, and they started singing in bars and other events. They even released a music single honoring their grandfather.

Reba’s professional music career began in 1975 when she signed with Mercury records. The record label helped her release her first single and album, but they didn’t receive the recognition they expected.

As such, she toured frequently and performed in various events to boost her fame.

Reba became more famous in 1978 when she released two songs with Jacky Ward. Their songs ranked number 20 on the US chart and increased Reba’s fan base. She then formed her band and continued touring to capture more bands.

In 1983, her hard work paid off after her single, “Can’t Even Get the Blues,” was ranked number one on the music chart. This established her as one of the best upcoming country music artists.

Reba later cemented her status as one of the best female country songs musician when she released Greatest Hits Volume Two in 1993. The album sold over 5 million copies and ranked high on the US music charts.

Ultimately, Reba Mcentire didn’t have a smooth journey to stardom since she worked hard to be successful. 

Reba Mcentire’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

Reba Mcentire is considered the queen of country music because for winning many accolades. This has helped her sell many albums as she became a household name in the entertainment industry.

However, she has other sources of income. She makes money from music streams, tours, and concerts and sells various merchandise. Furthermore, Reba earns from acting and is a businesswoman.

As she continues with her music and acting career, Reba Mcentire’s net worth of $101 million may increase.

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