George Strait Net Worth

Net Worth: $313 million 

Date of Birth: May 18, 1952

How They Make Money: Singing, Songwriting, Acting, and Music Production.

Since the 80s, George Harvey Strait Sr. has been considered one of the most popular and influential country musicians in the United States. George Strait has an estimated net worth of $313 million thanks to his impeccable talent.

This blog shall explore George Strait’s life in the music industry, including how he makes and spends his money.

Keep reading to learn more about George Strait’s net worth.

How George Strait Makes Money- Their Career

How George Strait Makes Money

George Strait is an American country musician with many accomplishments in his career. He is regarded as one of the most famous and best-selling recording artists, having sold more than 120 million records globally.

The sensational musician is referred to as the “King of Country Music” for his musical prowess and legacy in the neotraditionalist country music style. His ascendence began in 1981 after releasing his hit single, “Unwound.”

Since then, the recording artist has won several accolades, including The Academy of Country Music Artist of the Decade.

He has also been nominated for several Country Music Awards and American Country Music awards, more than other artists. He is also a one-time Grammy Award winner.

This country musician is also an accomplished music producer, philanthropist, businessman, and actor.

His net worth of $313 million means he has multiple income streams. Although a considerable chunk of his earnings comes from his music, it is also generated through album sales, touring, streaming, merchandise sales, and numerous business ventures.

So, how much money does George Strait make?

Album Sales

George Strait is an acclaimed best-selling country artist; it is only fitting to assume that most of his net worth gets generated through his music. Being in the music scene for thirty years, Strait amassed more than 60 number-one singles, granting him the name “King of Country Music.”

Fortunately, Strait has successfully sold more than 120 million records worldwide. According to RIAA, Strait’s albums have been highly certified. He has 28 gold albums, 33 platinum, and 13 multi-platinum album records. 

He released his first album, Strait Country, whose single, “Unwound”, in 1981 became a hit song portraying Strait’s neotraditional music style. The song became number six on the Billboard Hot Country Songs. The album also featured “Down and Out”, which became a number 16 hit for Strait.

Strait released his second album in 1982, referred to as Strait from the Heart, which featured his first hit single, “Fool Hearted Memory.”

His best-selling album was Pure Country, released in 1992. The album garnered 6.1 million record sales becoming his best overall. For ten years, Strait had amassed ten albums.

Something Special, released in 1985, sold over 1 million record sales that year and was regarded as his third-straight number-one album that presented “The Chair” as one of his number-one hit songs. Later, in 1995, his box set, Strait Out of the Box, was certified platinum for selling 8 million records in the US.

In 2008, Strait released his most iconic album, Troubadour comprising 12 tracks. The lead single, “I Saw God Today,” ranked number 19 on the Billboard charts and Radio and Records.

Troubadour sold over 160,000 copies in the first week of its debut. Also, through the album, Strait got his first Grammy Award. Other notable albums contributing to George Strait’s net worth include Time Machine, which topped the country music albums in 2019. It debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Country Music Albums chart with an equivalent of 51,000 sales during the release week.

Subsequently, the album went ahead to sell 69,000 physical copies putting the album on the 2019’s best-selling albums list.

Given the number of album records and millions of sales, George Strait became revered in the country music scene, granting him the opportunity to amass fame and fortune in the music industry.


George Strait’s net worth is also generated from ticket sales and royalties earned by holding concerts and tours for his fans. A stand out show was one where he had a 360 seating plan, which allowed him to get more fans and viewers attending his shows.

Strait earned $99 million from touring through this approach. His concerts, including the Cowboy Rides Away Tour held in Arlington, Texas, in 2014, drew more than 104,000 fans.

In addition, Strait held a concert at RodeoHouston, drawing a crowd of 79,452 fans, which could mean the attendance record and ticket sales would earn him good money.

Strait’s ticket sales statistics and ability to draw in large crowds in a concert or tour cement his position as the “King of Country Music.”

Music Streams

Like other musicians, George Strait has multiple online platforms that support his music. For example, he has a YouTube channel with 1.04 million subscribers and over a billion views from his music videos and streams.

With such a massive following and views, Strait can use YouTube as a potential income source. This is because YouTube potentially pays creators through Google AdSense.

In addition, Strait currently has 6,740,336 monthly listeners on Spotify. So, assuming artists make approximately $3 for every thousand listeners, he makes $20,221 a month.

George Strait’s songs can also get purchased through Amazon or his website.

Merchandise Sales

George Strait is both an accomplished singer and a business mogul. One of the many ways he makes his money is through his online website, which sells various merchandise such as beanies, hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and ball caps. For example, you can get a George Strait zip-up hoodie for only $60 or a custom t-shirt for $17.50.

Strait also has a few sponsorship deals. For example, he is an ambassador for Wrangler Jeans. He partnered with the company to raise awareness for their National Patriot Program. Additionally, he also makes a fortune from his tequila brand, Codigo 1530. In a recent article, George Strait claimed that he was inspired to invest in the tequila brand because of its unique taste.

How Does George Strait Spend His Money?

How Does George Strait Spend His Money

Many people may assume that because a celebrity is rich, they spend on lavish things; however, Strait is an exception.

Strait opted to invest his music earnings in the aviation sector. He owns a Gulfstream G450 business Jet for traveling across the country for concert sites, appearances, and charity events. According to Strait, having a private business jet boosts punctuality and public image.

Based on different reports, he has several estates and properties for which he pays taxes. For instance, Strait owned an 8,000-square-foot home in San Antonio that previously got listed for $6.9 million. The mansion was purchased in the mid-1990s and overlooked the Texas hills and city.

The Grammy award-winning King of Country music is also a philanthropist and loves supporting the community. First, he partnered with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to offer disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey. His fundraising efforts for the disaster earned Strait massive recognition. The Texas Legislative Conference named him the 2018 Texan of the Year.

In addition, after losing his daughter Jenifer, he set up the Jenifer Lynn Strait Memorial Foundation in her memory, which bequeaths funds to children's charities in San Antonio. Some include ACM Lifting Lives and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

He is also a spokesperson for the National Patriot Program, supporting and raising awareness of America’s veterans, especially the fallen and wounded.

How George Strait Got on His Path

How George Strait Got on His Path

George Strait was born on May 18, 1952, to his father, John Byron Strait Sr., and mother, Doris Jean Couser. His father, Strait Sr., owned a large cattle ranch acre where the family worked during the weekends.

He first began loving music in high school due to the Beetles' influence and was able to perform in the rock and roll garage band. In 1971, Strait enlisted in the United States Army, serving up to 1975. He ranked Corporal before leaving the army. However, while serving in the military, he performed with the “Rambling Country,” an army-sponsored band.

Later after enrolling at the Southwest Texas State University for a degree in agriculture, he joined the Stoney Ridge band as a vocalist. He was able to tour and perform in central and South Texas.

Despite garnering local followers while with the Stoney Ridge, Strait decided to try his luck in a solo career. He released “Unbound,” which became a top hit single, granting him the fame and recognition he deserved as a country singer.

George Strait’s Net Worth, Final Thoughts

A corporal in the army and a global country musician, George Strait’s resilience and talent has earned him the recognition and fame he deserves. It has also allowed him to amass his fortune of $313 million over the past few decades.

The King of Country Music also earns his music from tour and concert ticket sales, merchandise sales, brand endorsements, and online streaming sites such as Spotify.  

Regarding how he spends his millions, Strait is not extravagant or reckless. He believes in investing in properties, his businesses, and his community. As a philanthropist, Strait has donated to many charities and events under his daughter’s foundation and was involved with disaster relief after Hurricane Harvey.

Ultimately, Strait has a high net worth owing to his talent and business ventures. His undying dedication to his music career has set him as a star amongst other worldwide country music stars. Although he is currently 70 years, Strait remains a force to be reckoned with.

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